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The Commonwealth of Poliskar

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Official Name: The Commonwealth of Poliskar

Official Short: Poliskar


Official Language: Polyar (English-Polish Combination)

Capital: Warsaw

Currency: Zwoty

National Motto: For the Unity of Our Kind!

National Anthem: "March of the Flag"



Head of State: Chairman

Head of Government: Worker's Congressional Council (Serves as senate, Referred to as the Sejm Senate)

Form of Government: Social/Popular Democracy

Separation of Powers: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary

Government Type: Federalist composed of 16 Provincial Governments (called "Voivodeships") run by worker's councils (called "Sejmik") all elected by popular vote.



Ethnicities: 82% Domestic, 18% Foreign

Religions: No State, Free Religion



Social Worker Industries: Worker's control the resources and the means of production and distribution. Popular elections are held in the provincial counties which elect councils and leaders for the corporations that are based in those areas. The counties altogether elect the provincial councils that run the province overall. This way the people control who is in charge of the production and distribution as well as the supply, and the people have an impeachment process to take inefficient and corrupt people out of control.



Sejm Senate: Two senators elected from each province, all by popular vote, for a total of 32 senators. The senators form many councils that control things such as environmental protection and foreign relations.



Aside from the ceremonial purposes of the Chairman, the Chairman resides over several different councils, however his voice carries no special power when compared to majority votes, such as the foreign relations council, which the chairman presides over yet has no special powers, such as the ability to veto the popular decision of the majority vote.



National Court Council

Provincial Court Councils

County Court Councils

City Court Councils

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I wasn't sure if this was the right place to put this, but I thought it'd be interesting if we could create a list of our biggest cities and put them out there, just to see what other people have.


Note, that since my nation is based off of Poland, I obviously use Polish cities and names. I try to keep the spellings with how things are pronounced, not how they are truly spelt. For example, złoty is pronounced something like "Zwoty". However, as of now I'm still not completely sure on all the pronunciations, so I may spell things the way they are truly spelt in Polish, and it'll just be a fun mystery for us all on how to pronounce it. If anyone has insights into Polish pronunciations that I'm missing, the advice is welcome.


List of Cities

Warsaw (Capital/Port)

Krakov (Major Industry)

Lublin (Cultural Center)

Vrocwav (Port/Ship Manufacturing)

Radom (Weapons/Agriculture)

Szczecin (Agriculture/University City)

Gdansk (Political City, staff agencies not in Warsaw are here)


Those are all I'm putting for now, I will add more later.

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Again, just to flesh out our countries a little more, we can list provinces and information about them. There may be another thread on this already, but I haven't seen one yet so I'll just try and start it here. I will follow each province with it's abbreviation, for example, the state of Montana is MT.


The Provinces ("Voivodeships") of Poliskar


Lower Silesian (Dolnośląskie) - DS

Kuyavian-Pomeranian (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) - KP

Lublin (Lubelski) - LU

Lubusz (Lubuskie) - LB

Ł?dź (Ł?dzkie, the "Ł" is pronounced as a "W") - LD

Lesser Poland (I use Poland as a province, Małopolskie) - MP

Masovian (Mazowieckie) - MA

Opole (Opolskie) - OP

Subcarpathian (Podkarpackie) - PK

Podlachian (Podlaskie) - PD

Pomeranian (Pomorskie) - PM

Silesian (Śląskie) - SL

Świętokrzyskie - SW

Warmian-Masurian (Warmińsko-Mazurskie) - WM

Greater Poland (Wielkopolskie) - WP

West Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie) - ZP


There you have it, the 16 provinces of Poliskar.

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Ok, here is an updated list of cities with their proper spellings. Pronunciation is not going to taken into account for these, so you just get to guess. Trust me, your guess is as good as mine. Oh, and right now, because I'm strapped for time, I won't be labeling what each city specializes in.


List of Cities in Poliskar













Gorz?w Wielkopolski

Zielona G?ra








I will update this particular post later, and when I do I will outline which cities are the capitals of the various Provinces.

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