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The National Informer (Poliskar News)

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Rise of a "Worker's" Nation


The ballot boxes are closed, and the people have spoken: representative democracy is on the way out, and socialism is on the way in. The newly elected Prime Minister, Stanislaw Kravow, has started a massive government make over that will transform the former so-called "Representative Democracy" into a true democracy of the working class. However this isn't all just good news. Due to the massive publicity and radicalization of the population during the campaign process, an unusual amount of attention was drawn to historically apolitical groups, such as the working classes and unions. It was threatened that if Kravow won, the elite upper class and the CEO's of major corporations, often one in the same, would pack up and head out. Since the election last October, it seems that the upper classes have held to their word. This has caused a massive economic collapse as new social programs are beginning to take the economy on a transitionary process from elitist control to worker councils and boards. Kravow, upon being questioned about the economic crisis, stated that the economy will balance out in time, and that the economic collapse was forseen and will correct itself after the major transition has been completed. A full detail of the changes Kravow plans to introduce into our society will be printed as they are discovered throughout the week.

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A Step Forward in Diplomatic Relations


April - Diplomatic exchanges between the new government and the Syndical Democratic Confederation has created major talk among the people.


Due to the new economic system that is being unfolded, the economy was sitting in shambles. However, in a gesture of kindness and recognition at the governments attempts to socialize the economic system, the Confederacy offered up an amazing series of monthly installments of 1 billion zwoty. The government graciously accepted and began to put the money to use.


The zwoty being supplied to the government is not a loan, it is a gift, and so does not endanger the country with massive debts and interest payments. With the money, the social programs that are unfolding as the months go by seem to be planted on a firm foundation.


A more indepth analysis can be issued once all the governments proposed plans are revealed and potentially implemented.

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Demilitarization in Countries Future


April - In a stream of petition and apparent comfort, the citizens of Poliskar all agreed to have a major demilitarization occur over the course of a year or so.


The petitions all went through the new social political councils up to the Sejm and Chairman Kravow. Upon reviewing them in the span of a week, the government announced that a demilitarization will occur.


The year long process will leave the nation a military, but, it is going to be downsized to half it's current strength and the budget to defense will be dramatically cut. "Sustaining a massive military that just sits there is ridiculous," says Minister of National Defense Aleksander Kwaśniewski, "So we are going to cut the budget and put what's left in a stand-by mode."


The National Defense Corps will recieve the biggest cuts. The National Navy will have many vessels changed into temporary cargo vessels that can easily be converted back to military status. The National Aero Force will also have most of it's missions be cargo or transportation/rescue missions.

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City in Combat!


Late April - Due to the recent decision to demilitarize Poliskar's military to a minimum level, a rebel group has decided to take advantage of it.


The group, calling itself the "Son's of Vladislaus" struck at Krak?w on the morning of April 21st. Half the city was taken in just one hour as military forces struggled to fight back under the demilitarization. Ironically, they had just made the shift to the peace time mode two days before.


The Son's of Vladislaus claim that their leader, Vladislaus Jogaila, is a direct decendant of the Emperor of the same name, dating back to the 1400's. Their claim is that Poliskar has no right to be led by anyone except the royal family, which was ousted from control hundreds of years ago when Poliskar experienced it's first occupation.


Troops have been reissued their weapons and a force of 3,000 now struggles in the city with a force of unknown numbers.


The group claims that it's been building "righteous" support from those who seek to have the Imperial Throne reinstated, but officials believe that the force is probably made up mostly of mercenaries or foreign vagabonds.


Krak?w is a major city of industry and political happenings, second only to Warsaw itself. Taking Krak?w would mean a sure foothold against the capital.


The government can only guess as to how it missed this threat, and is baffled by how it came out of now where, but has responded fairly well with a quick evacuation of Krak?w's citizens.


Quite a few citizens have been reportedly injured, some even say a few were killed, but the number is unknown. The proposed air strike was voted on and will not take place, seeing as Krak?w would sustain to much damage and citizens could be hurt.



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