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OOC: I think it would be a good idea to lay out our nations' situations before we get into the actual Rp.


By providing weapons, funding and satellite-obtained intelligence, the Confederacy has manipulated the on-goings of island .31's civil war for the past three years. With Confederate assistance, the rebels have become successful in ousting the legitimate government and installing a pro-Confederate dictator, Igan Brezhnev, as head-of-state. In the months following the change in government, Mr. Brezhnev purged the remaining loyalists (and suspected loyalists) with Confederate blessings. At least 110,000 died in the purge, probably more. Though, no one can be sure as Confederate vessels quarantined the island, preventing anyone from accurately documenting the atrocity, or counting the bodies.


Content with its grasp of the island, the Confederacy has set its sights on expanding Confederate influences eastward. Behind closed doors, the government has decided that plot 27 seems to be the best place to start its eastwardly drive. 27 is lead by a shaky coalition democracy, factionalized by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. Confederate leaders have secretly made plans to break this goverment apart and cause a civil war, then use the ensuing chaos and violence to create a puppet-government in the territory.


Adaptus, a rising power bordering the territory, causes concern for some of the imperialists forming the ploy, though, they have a plan. Should the Adaptons interfere with Confederate engineering in the territory, the Confederacy will tarnish its reputation as a "clean fighter" by placing intermediate range chemical warheads just off the Adapton coast. Hopefully, the threat of chemical attack will mobilize the Adapton people to demand that their government comply with Confederate interests in the region.


OOC: I hope this breakdown works for you, guys. If not, I can change it. Also, please post something similar so that we can all be on common ground from the start.

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The Republic of Tagmatium is a new nation. The Holy Imperial system had been overthrown several years before by a popular up-rising led by a half-Tagmatine Greek military officer, General Leo Trebonianus Sevrunus Konig. The Holy Emperor, Constantius III Carus, was forced into exile, along with any of those in the Imperial Government who decided to remain loyal to the Holy Emperor. Among these were members of the aristocratic Commenus family and a minor foreign ministry official, Commodus James, along with virtually the entirety of the Imperial Household Guard. The majority of the other aristocratic families, especially those based in the military or civil administration, stayed. They would be able to show their loyalty to the new regime and be rewarded by it.


The policies followed by Konig and his government were isolationist. The Republic had a powerful military with modern equipment, but one that had seen little in the way of victory for over forty years. The Sevrun Rebellion had ended with Tagmatium loosing its only overseas colony, and many could still remember the Long War and the Greater Holy Empire?s ignoble surrender and withdrawal. Another military failure could well rock the infant Republic, even though Konig appeared to have the support of all the armed forces and civilian population of Tagmatium.


Instead, the economy was focussed on. The entirety of the industries nationalised by Holy Emperor Constantius III were privatised, many going back to the families who had built them up over the years prior to the nationalisation. Foreign trade was encouraged and new markets were opened up, with Tagmatine coal and minerals being shipped all over Europa, not just to other Occidental nations. Tagmatium is stronger now, and with the people having a better quality of life, than any other time in the previous century. It looked like the rationing and hardship of the Long War had finally passed.

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The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar was at its pinicle of success under the leadership of Secretary General and Premier Cesario Jovtvev. The military dominated the Union government as the machines of bureaucracy were being well oiled. Unlike his father, the founder of the Union, Cesario was more radical and was mainly consentrated upon domestic issues, national security, and covertly funding left movements throught Europa.


The union had remained quiet for several years making itself and its massive power the calm before the storm in the Occident. Cesario only waited for some one to start the storm before his fury was enacted. Tal Shiar calmly waited.

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Adaptus had emerged from the Long War as the new face of Europa, the new power, the new nation for the new era. It had brought o the war Advanced technology and advanced thought, new tactics and new faces. Adaptus itself had benifited from the Long War both politicaly and economicaly. Unlike the others Adaptus had not been economicaly drained, due to it's limited involvement within the early stages. From the war it had drilled up new ways and new paths. t's military was sharp becoming a notable force, and highly advanced. Many nations of Europa of this tie had locked themselves in arms races and cold wars. However after Adaptus lost it's closest ally it found itself isolated, but at the same time un oppososed in the world, with no common enemy, as rifts with Deltania had cooled. It allowed the Adaptons to emerge as a prominent 'hot prospect' for the future.


Until now Adaptus had lefts it's involvment in pre-long war Europa minimal it was not until now the peacful nation would be rocked by foreign outsiders, and an old ally would come back to haunt them.


Adaptus itself in the early 70's found itself the hub of activites, and a place of intrest, especially from foreign investors, it's New Right policies we're truly coming into their own, and business was booming. Apart from some slight mishaps and slip ups, the Federation was in a golden age of itself.

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The Communist Regime had achieved victory in the Long War by the early 1950s, but paid the price. By this point, the economy of Ide Jima is shattered completely, despite the successive economic improvement programmes, the level of production in Ide Jima is still only just beginning to catch up with pre war levels.


With nearly all government resources being poured into heavy industry in a bid to catch foreign rivals, the military has been left neglected. Much of the airforce remains based around piston engined fighters, and the navy operates no aircraft carriers, and very few submarines (of questionable status), and a few obsolete frigates and gunboats. The pride of the Navy, the Battleship Proletariat lays rotting in Serekan harbour. A relatively large army remains, consisting of several hundred thousand, but it is severely under supported and almost totally incapable of deploying outside Ide Jiman borders. Assault capability rests upon a tiny naval infantry corps, consisting of no more than 2,000 troops. Despite this, the government follows the traditional Ide Jiman stance of hostility to foreign nations, especially those that had opposed the Communist regime during the Long War.


By 1970, the Ide Jiman nation is beginning to gather speed economically, but still lags far behind others. Despite economic shortcomings, the regime under the ruthless command of War hero Marshall Ryuzen, remains desperate to export its ideals at any available opportunity. Ironically, at the same time, the government is desperate to make new friends, as the economy requires foreign markets - as it is still unable to process many of the primary resources produced. For the regime, any chance to get attention will do...

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The wheels of war had never stopped turning in Tarentum's hidden society. In their minds they could see a utopian Occident, an island of perfect order and system in the uncertain sea of chaos that was Europa. A place where the sun always shone, and God always smiled. They imagined the Occident as a bastion, where one was free to sell his labor, praise God, and find a wife to carry on his family.


They had brought their civilization to the uncivilized, liberated the oppressed, saved the unsavable. They could do no wrong, God was on their side; the success of their mission thus far seemed to prove it. The Confederate salvation of Nicaros (.31) brought a close to their campign to save the Occident from barbarous communism and godlessness.


All in a day's work, but there's still tomorrow. And tomorrow was coming quickly. With unprecedented success as this, how could they halt their crusade?



With the close of the Nicarosian campaign the Confederacy turned its attention to Arborea. Having already broken their fragile government apart by convincing the right-wing victory was only a coup away, support was on its way in form of surplus weapons and special soldiers. With Confederate help, they would defeat the regual army and create a more proper government that would lead Arborea to freedom.


Aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers and a myriad of other vessels were en route to the troubled territory, ecsorting the transport freighters loaded with the soldiers who were to train the rebels. Their arrival would begin the first phase of the war; stabilization. Once the southern part of the country was firmly in their hands they would push north and topple the leftist enemy.


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While in the Confederation 'one was free to sell his labour, praise God, and find a wife to carry on his family', these subjects where being highly debated about. In Adaptus at this point, Psychology and Sociology where at the hight of their power, and anti-religion was rising, a good thing for the ever more percent Communists within the Federation.


At this time Adaptus was ran by Prime Minister Alfred Copelston, a very Bertrand Russell style gentleman, he ran a hard pressed government where they were only interested in pure facts, and hard data, a government which had little time more anything but progress.


After several days of the events in Arborea Copelston called a cabinet meeting. They determined the troubles to be foreign in origin due to the relative calm from the nation until now, only outside influence could have sparked such a rapid dissolve of order on such a large scale. Now the culprits had yet been determined, that until now. Ships traversing the Kosscow and surrounding waters were largely coming from the location of the Occident, and the majority had ended up in Arobrea. This was stange as the majority of the ships from the Occident had ceased after the turning of Tagmatium, no ships needed to go through that area, as no nations dealt with the Occident any more, well from the area any ways.


Copelston decided to act. Realising something could be up, he and his Cabinet set about attempting to defuse the situation. They replied with a region wide telegram.



To: Nations of Europa

From: Prime Minister Alfred Copelston, The Federated Commonwealth of Adaptus.


It has come to our attentions that the small nation of Arobrea has fallen into dismay. With it's troubles we have taken the liberties of preparing a peace force to enter the territory in case of further dismay , we see that the territory has shown several hostile signs of temperance to other and it's own. Just yesterday several stray artillery shells landed within Adapton boarders, we still have not discovered the origins of these shells, nor there purpose.


The Federated Commonwealth retains it's own right to provide security to whichever legitimate government harnesses the territory, so long as stability is provided for the sake of that territories populace.


Copelston knew this could make him look a bit fishy, but it was worth the price, surly the culprit would have to say something in response. However, the Adaptons had no military mobilised, nor were not prepared to yet. The Adaptons had not even known whether there had been any violence, they had just fired several shells into a field somewhere to make proof. However, the rest of the world never knew that.

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President Sarkozi and his Minister for Defense stood on the North balcony of the Executive Mansion watching as the last band of Alpha Corps soldiers narched by. The Defense Minister saluted while the President simply waved. This was the last contingent of Alpha Corps to be deployed to Arborea on their "peace-keeping mission", and the parade being held in their honor was the last piece of home they would see for a while. Their march through the city would end at the docks, where the Corps Commander would give a short speech before they were herded onto a small fleet and shipped off.


MoD Brekke leaned to the President and asked him what he thought of the men marching past.


"Superb" Sarkozi replied.


"Yessir, these are the finest of last year's recruits. Taken from all over the nation to build this unit. I think they will do well over there."


"Though, what is that rifle they carry? I've not seen it before." Sarkozi inquired.


".480 Kartine. Largest caliber rifle in our armed services. You remember, I had you apporve the change-over two months ago?"


"Ah, yes."


The Kartine, KA for short, became the newest concept in the special forces. Its abnormally large caliber and longer barrel were meant to cut down enemy soldiers from farther away while causing maximal damage to the body. It performed outstandingly while in development and firing ranges, though a real battle field would be a world apart from a firing range. Arborea would be the Kartine's first real test when the Alpha Corps arrived in a few weeks.


Sarkozi and Brekke answered a few questions from reporters as the parade ended, then headed inside the President's office. Two interns closed the doors behind them, drew the shades and departed. Sarkozi took his seat in a plushy leather chair as Brekke opened a case on the desk, setting some papers in front of the President. The first was a copy of the Adapton open communique and the rest was a several page intelligence estimate from the SS.


"Adaptus is already planning to intervene Arborea? That didn't take long. What's it been? Two weeks?" Sarkozi thought aloud.


"Yes, I'm afraid so. Their readiness to send in a military presence made me think they were just as ready for this as we were. The intel you have in your hands is cause for me to believe their 'peace force' is a cover for support of the commies in the north and east of Arborea."


Brekke gave the President a few moments to scan over the intel before he continued. "I am told by Mr. Mirko in the SS his spies are indicating that the Adaptons are pining at putting the Communists in power through a puppet government and may be planning to hamper our efforts to secure the country. I would suggest that you give me authorization to place D-10's in Area 99. That would---"


Sarkozi cut him off, "No, no. I'd rather try to smoke the bees out before I use the pesticide."



At the harbor, the Alpha Corpsmen had finished kissing their mothers goodbye and loaded onto the freighters. The ships sailed out from the docks and rendezvoused with the 3rd Naval Task Force severl miles off-shore. Twenty-two days and the Corpsmen could expect to be in Arborea.


OOC: D-10 is the intermediate range missile discussed in the OOC thread, and area 99 is said island near Adaptus. I didn't want to name it... wink.gif

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OOC: Take this post to be a few days after your last post SDC.




"Do we have some military ready in case?"


Copelston was walking through down the corridor in Hartford Abbey, the old parliament building. He was walking with his defense secretary, they were discussing the possibility of an violent actions actually taking place, and the preconditions for such events.


"We do have several SAR elements ready just in case an event arise. We also have 2 FAF Squadrons ready also, we can bring some more troops to bare within the next few days if you like sir?"


"Yes, bring some of our regiments close to the area up to 'BIKINI Special Black', so they can respond in case of a real threat."


Copelston had arranged for 2of the 4 Special Air Regiments to be brought up to the boarder area, so they could respond quickly to an escalating situation, should one arise. He had also arranged for several other Regiments to be brought up to a sense of awareness, several regiments in close proximity to the boarder were semi-mobilised in case of violence. Two being infantry, and one being Armoured, with plans for the Parachute regiment to join also.


Copelston also had some reconnaissance going on, he had asked for several vessels styled as fishing boats to reverse the course of the ships moving into Arborean waters, however it still prevailed no leads. The vessels travelled as far as they could, but they were only supposed to be fishing vessels, should they stray to far out of the fishing lanes then they could be found out. So other forms of recon were being dreamt up.


Arborean communists were also moving into Adaptus in the form of political refugees, they had requested support, and had even set up a Communist Arborean Government in Exile, however this was yet to be confirmed by the PM. Now Adaptus was not one to help communists, after all it fought against them in the Long War, however, these people could be a good source of information, so Copelston decided to take neutral ground to the influx of communists, neither allowing nor disallowing them.

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Talemanica, Tal Shiar


After the recent publication by Adaptus the entire general staff had been assembled. Premier Cesario Jovtvev was in a deep discussion with his ministers and generals over the course of Arborea. The government had fallen and Tal Shiar was determined to see a socialist government under the leadership of the Union arise in a fellow neighbor.


"Adaptus will not allow us to extend our sphere of influence into their backyards. Nevertheless the reaction of the fascist states for the right-wing reminent will have to be contained." stated the foreign minister.


"Tal Shiar has the might to ensure that Arborea is ours and the no one interfers. Plus, Adaptus is, or seams to be, leftist enough to help us in our cause though when all is said and done Arborea will take its marching orders from Tal Shiar over Adpatus." said the general of the army.


"We need to get into contact with the socialist reminent. Once we do we can recognize them as the legitimant government. But first we must prevent any fascist help from reaching Arborea." argued Premier Jovtvev.


"Well sir I would suggest a blockade of Arborea in an attempt to insure that foreign nations do not cause the nation to further descend into violence. Our navy can prevent any fascist aid from reaching the coast." replied the fleet admiral.


Cesario Jovtvev pondered over the matter weighing the various options. As the committe continued to debate the issue Jovtvev spoke and all was quiet in the room. "We will do this. We will establish a blockade of Arborea and any ships that wish to enter will be searched by our navy. I want a generalized mobilization of the armed forces and have a peacekeeping force of 50 thousand ready to enter Arborea. When we are ready and after we have made contact we will recognize the socialist government of Arborea and then commence opperations to establish control over the country, understood?"


The room was quiet and Cesario took it as compliance. The Foreign Minister left the room to publish a statement announcing the blockade.


To: Nations of Europa

From: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar


With the growing chaos if Arborea the Union of Tal Shiar is taking steps to prevent any further escalation of violence in the nation. In accordince with Tal Shiaran foriegn policy and national security Tal Shiar will establish a total blockade of Arborea. Any ships will be searched by the Union navy before crossing the blockade. Any an ship not in compliance will be met with force. The Union nav reserves the right to turn ships away from the blockade.


Dessislava Zukanov

Foreign Minister of Tal Shiar

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"So these dirty Communists think they've the power, or even the right, to halt and search our ships?" Brekke thought to himself having read the Tal Shiar public statement. "This cannot stand by us, Mr. President."


"What would you reccomend, Jev?" wondered President Sarkozi aloud.


"I'd say issue a public statement announcing that Confederate vessels are part of the peace keeping effort we have going on. Any attempt to halt or sieze those vessels will be seen as an attack on Arborea and the Confederacy." Brekke turned to Navy Commander Dolant, "We've been readying the Northern Fleet for months now. Have NorCom deploy them as escorts to Arborea. We can't allow these pinkos to screw us over!"



From: Confederate Department of the Exterior


The Confederation will not sit idly by as millions of innocent Arboreans are starved by a Tal Shiar blockade. Confederate vessels en route to Arborea carry vital amounts of food, clean water, and peace keepers to the troubled area. A week's delay may cause hundreds if not thousands to suffer unnecessarily. Any attempt to halt or sieze any vessels near, or en route to Arborea will be considered an attack on the Confederation by Tal Shiar.


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"Have you seen it?"


"Yes, yes I have. Things are moving quicker than I imagined."


Copelston sat with his closest secretary, and trusted friend Foreign Secretary John Locke. They both sat over an open fire and a glass of brandy in the Prime Ministers office, on old leather chairs and a large white fur rug.


"Perhaps we need to move quicker too."




Locke and Copelston has sat for a while discussing different things, and reactions. It seemed they should now pull their trump card. Adaptus probably had the best chance of brining the Arborean Communists to it's side, after all they had already used Adaptus as a exile ground. Reluctant as he was, Copelston seemed it was the best actions, it was time to recognise the communists.


Several hours later......


A knock came from the door of an old bar in Southern Adaptus. An old man, using a walking stick answered. Two burly men, dressed in casual suites and behind them a sports car sat.


"Come in gentlemen, how can I do yo' far?"


"We're looking for a Michael Plat."


"Aye, 'e right 'ere." The man took the two men over to a dark stair case which wound around to the right as it elevated. The man then pointed. "Up ther'. First door on yo' right."


"Thank you." One of them men replied.


The two made there way up the stairs. in coming across the door, the taller of the two men gave the door a knock.


"Yes!" Came from the room.


The men entered the room. They were instantly hit by a wall of smoke and the smell of hard ale. A table central to the room hosted about eight people, all playing cards, obviously poker. The men at the table turned and glared toward the two new men entering the room. The men sat in the room, wearing less than up to date clothes, and surrounded by red flags, each also had a red arm band.


"Michael Plat?"




"I'm David Malton-Earl, and this is Dean Corby, we're here as representatives of the Adapton Government. We both represent CI5. Prime Minister Copelston is going to support your cause and recognise you and your people as the rightful government in Arborea."


Plat stood from his seat, with a hard gaze and keen eye he approached the two men. Still with his eyes fixated on the two men, he said to his people behind him. "You hear that boys, the 'Adaptons' are willing to help. Well it's about f*cking time eh!"


To: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar

From: The Federated Commonwealth of Adaptus.


We are interested to your involvement in the situation at hand. We can't help but wonder how you can stake such a claim to the situation when no involvement has been required of your nation. The Legitimate Communist Government of Arborea has came to Adaptus for help and now your nation. We would appreciate formal help from your nations, however, the situation does not directly concern you so we must inquire to why your nation wishes to be apart of the preceding?


Yours Faithfully


Prime Minister Alfred Copelston


It had fit in nicely for the Adaptons, The Communists had taken the help nicely, however late it was, and were willing to work with the Adaptons, and now they were staking their political high ground. Now the Adaptons were not stupid, the people they had approached as the government in exile where not actually the real government in exile. They were more Socialist than Communist, and were rather lesser figures within the exiled government then the actual exile ministers and leaders. The Adaptons had made sharp work of those, the ones who has came into Adaptus any ways. CI5 had killed most of the front liners off and dumped the bodies back over the boarder, and published false reports about the actual leaders being killed as they tried to cross the boarder into Adaptus. But now it looked to the rest of the world the Adaptons had the exile government on their side and has taken the political high ground, it also looked that they at this point had the most legitimate claim to an invasion of the territory. Now all Copelston had to do was wait.

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Talemanica, Tal Shiar


Cesario Jovtvev had just finished reading the messages from Adaptus and the Confederates. It was all he could do to keep his temper in check. The Director of External Affairs, Lt. General Boris Hubchev, approached the Premier wondering what his reaction was going to be. "Comrade Premier, what do you suggest for our course of action?"


Cesario looked up and all eyes in the conference room were fixed on him. "We show our strength. Send a harsh reply to the Imperialist confederates and tell them and all aid ships will be searched before they are allowed to pass the blockade. No military personell, I repeat this for you idiots, no military personell will pass the blockade. All military personell and vessels will be turned away from the blockade. Make sure that they know we mean business."


Lt. General Hubchev knodded his head and bravely asked another question. "Comrade Premier, what about the Adaptians?"


"Boris explain to them our foreign policy and that we are acting in the interests of our own national security and we do not need the permission of others to protect our state. We are supporting a friendly government and we are preventing a fascist from growing in Arborea."


Boris Hubchev knodded in agreement and the members of the Council of State all got up and began to leave. Cesario cleared his throat and everyone froze then slowly returned to their seats. The premier of Tal Shiar spoke in a low and serious tone. "I want a full mobilization of the Union Armed Forces. I want men ready to enter Arborea within a few days. Additionaly, I want the navy to flood the Phil Sea, the Kosscow Sea, and the Ranke Sea with our ships. I want everyone to know that we mean business and we are not f*cking around. I want both the Adpatians and the Confederates to feel us breathing down their necks."


In unision was their reply, "Yes Comrade Premier."


To: The Federated Commonwealth of Adaptus

From: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar


The Union is opperating under our foreign policy to support all socialist and communist movements in Europa. The Socialist government in Arborea has recieved our official recognition and we are moving to insure that they remain in power. The stability of Arborea is inherent to Tal Shiaran National Security due to its proximity and it shall not fall to opposing forces. It is irrelevant to whether the government of Arborea has asked for our assistance, the Union is moving on.


Lt. General Boris Hubchev

Director of the Bureau of External Affairs

To: Confederate Department of the Exterior

From: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar


All Confederate aid ship will be searched before they are allowed to cross te blockade. Any vessel refusing a search will be turned around. All military personel will not be allowed to cross the blockade and they will be turned away. Any attempt at non compliance will be received as a declaration of war by the Confederation toward the Union of Tal Shiar. Any attempt to break the blockade will be received as a declaration of war by the Confederation upon the Union of Tal Shiar. Any and all acts of aggression and war will be met with appropriate force.


Lt. General Boris Hubchev

Director of the Bureau of External Affairs

To: Europa

From: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar


The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar, hereby recognizes the Communist government of Arborea as the legitimate government of that nation. The Union will be supplying forces to help the Arborean government deal with the terrorists and insurgents crippling the nation. These actions are in accordiance with the foreign policy of the Union of Tal Shiar.


Cesario Jovtvev

Premier of the Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar

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"Hmmm... Seems they are determined. It's better with them then without them. We are alone at the moment."


"Aye mate."


"We mobilised?"


"Yeah, well the units you wanted any ways."


"Good, put a fleet in southern waters, I want out water boundaries pushed to the limit."


"Ok, I'll let Socratae know."


"I also think it's time we put some men across the boarder. Time to flex 13th's muscles."


"Aye no problem. I'll sort it now."


The Adaptons had gone onto the defensive, in a Napoleonic style. They were sending armed secret service units across the boarder for reconnaissance, and were ready to get the Communists into the country. Adaptus had to keep on top of things. It looked as though a vice was closing and Adaptus was stuck in it. Also there was treasure to be had should they go about it right.


Copelston was keen enough to try and get this treasure, but he was also concerned with his nation too. But he knew that if he overstepped the mark there was no going back, he had to take care, he was treading on thin ice. Should the sleeping giant across the pound step up, he and Adaptus could be in the deep world of an anal cavity.


To: The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar

From: The Federated Commonwealth of Adaptus.


You have nothing to fear from Arborea. The legitimate government has placed it;s faith in us to reassure it's sovereignty. We can promise to you no threat will be had by the current government in the territory as we shall not allow it. We would rather like to co-operate than be against you.


Copelston thought a nice touch would to begin a bombardment of the territory by the Communist forces within Adaptus. At 9pm that night a Communist artillery position began a continuous barrage of what was thought to be illegitimately Arborean positions. He used this as a nice act of re-assurance to the people in Tal Shiar.

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Talemanica, Tal Shiar

Conference Room


Premier Cesario Jovtvev was once again sitting at the head of the conference table. Fatigue had started setting in for the Premier as since the begining of this whole mess with Arborea. The Confederation wanted a fascist government in the country, which was an immediate no. Then there was Adaptus who wanted the country for themselves, but Tal Shiar was going to have a say in the matter regardless of what anyone wanted and the Union was willing to put their men to prove it. Cesario had hoped that the Confederates would back off realizing that they did not have the home court advantage that Tal Shiar had, but it seamed to be heading in the opposite direction.


"Comrade Premier," said the voice over the intercom. "The blockade is ready." The voice on the intercom was Vice Admiral Zlatko Ditschec, the overall commander of the current opperation and comanding from the UNS Victory the aircraft carrier as flag ship of the blockade.


"Good Comrade Vice Admiral. Remember the rules of the engagement. No one gets through without a search. If they refuse use force if necessary. Keep me updated." said the premier as the intercom went off.


Now they waited for the Confederates to enter the Kosscow and for them to approach the blockade.

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OOC: I'm going to heat the whole thing up. The Communists are going to begin mounting attacks into Arborea. They will be backed by Adapton kit and training. So should be a formidable force against the Fascists. Adapton secret service troops known as 13th, will be operating in the country however it will be in a very small number and on highly covered up missions. So don't expect the fascists to run into them.




The barrage stopped and silence fell across the plains on the other side of the river bank. The ground was still, and worn with the shelling. The Fascists were not expecting such a quick response form the Communists, and not such a well equipped one either. At about 8am just as the dew lifted from the morning grass four bridge layers plunged into the river. They were followed by a convoy of troops and APC's.


The first of the Communist troops had crossed the border and were heading for their first target. Their target was a small town not far from the river, a small town which had a nice commanding position for the surrounding river crossings. Also about 20 miles west was a small fishing village. Several Adapton 13th Company Helicopters had taken off, bound for it. There mission was to capture it, should the Communist fails, they would still have a holding into Arborea where supplies could get to them.


A few hours later, the first helicopter touched down in the small village. The 13th troops stepped out. Only three helicopters with about 15 troops all together landed in the village. The troops quickly began rounding up the people of the village and putting into the large meeting room of the town hall building.


The villagers had no idea The 13th lads wore a mixed bag of uniform and all wore balaclavas. Word had quickly spread that they were Fascists, that they were pirates, or bandits, one rhumer was that they were Akiiryan troops, but those were all crap. Truth was, these lucky bastards were the first to be 'liberated'. The Crisis had began.

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