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A River Runs Red OOC

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Ok, this was actually put together after a day or two discussion between Tag and I. The post that's up now is just the first of three or four initial posts that are going up, and I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would allow those posts to go up before they reacted IC. The secondary posts I want to be a surprise, then the Tagmatine and Cussian government responses and reactions will come. Then, feel free to post your own government's reactions, and obligatory offers for help.


The scope of this will be fairly large, and I will have to discuss some things with several other players privately before I put those into play for sure. I've already discussed a few things with Tal Shiar, but I want to be sure before I put anything into IC. The intent of this is to be a "007" themed story, but if other things develop down the line, then goody.


The contents of the ship blown up in the first post are toxic, and the intent there was to poison the Jaihu River, which will have a tremendous effect on the supply of drinking water for hundreds of thousands in both nations, on both sides of the river.


Other than that, enjoy, and the rest will begin to go up tomorrow.

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Well we (or at least me for sure) honestly don't how you could enter right now. The chap behind the attacks is Tag's character, and honestly he's the only one that's going to decide anything major for him. We've still got to do our press releases, and then everyone will be more than welcome to offer their sympathies, and give the obligatory offers for assistance and that like. We've not got a lot of the particulars worked out, but we have decided that this will be a homegrown movement, without strings attached from another foreign power that wants to gain something out of this. For now, this is about the Cussian and Tagmatine people, and the views that *some* of them hold.

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Tag your post seams cut off id suggest taking a look at it.

Any particular bit?


I did go away and come back to it several times, so that's probably why it looks disjointed.




EDIT: I managed to loose the entire bottom bit of that post somehow..


Good shout, TS.

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