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Europan Geographical Conference

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Erm... Well, in my head of heads Occident means west...all of it. Though you have point. Most of the major western players are located here, it is kinda understood that we are the occident. Though I am particial to actually naming the land masses, as Asia and "Oriental" have different contextual meanings (Saudi Arabia is Asiatic, but not Oriental::Australia can be considered Oriental, though not Asian)

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Right. I get your meaning there. I guess it would be a bit difficult to pin down at exact name, as Machina Haruspex and Beautancus don't *technically* use English as their common language. But if one were agreed upon amongst the nations of the Occident, I'm sure that Beautancus at least would make a point to use that name. But "the Occident" works fine for me now, with it understood that each nation, or language group has its own name for the region.

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Occident means, "the west." I think it's Latin, but I can't find anything that says that for sure right off hand. But I'm pretty sure it's Latin. The opposite of Oriental, meaning eastern.


**Edit** Almost positive that it's Latin. Western World



**Editx2** "The opposite term "Occident" is derived from the Latin word occidens meaning "west" from Wikipedia, found on the page "Orient."

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As far as I'm aware, for a while the Occident has been the bit shared by myself, Beau, SDC, Haru and Suv. It's often refered (by more than just I) to as the "Occidental Subcontinent" or just the "Occident". I have outlined in the map below what I consider the Occident. The islands are open to debate, as I did just arbitrarily go around the thing in yellow.

user posted image

(Old map, too. SDC needs to be reduced by two plots, as per the new rules)


@Miiros: I'll split this lot if you wish, it's gone massively off-topic.

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I agree with Tagmatium's definition of "the Occident." Five plots is also plenty. I'll probably stick to three for a while, but reserve the right to go on an imperial island hopping spree in the future. =P After some work with the scale that Orioni posted on the very first map, Miiros is roughly the size of real-life Bolivia.


Furthermore, bigger size does not automatically mean more prosperous or powerful. All that is extra land to defend. Same deal with a big population. More mouths to feed and more bodies to house. That's why I decided to reduce Miiros' population in RP-terms to about 370 million. Even that is kind of high and I have massive urban centers and a lot of poor as a result. There are always pros and cons to everything.


Thanks for splitting this Tag.

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I did a rough outline of how I personally think the region should be split up. There is a certain strange logic to it too. tongue.gif


user posted image


Here's a second proposal where I split the Midlands and the North at that Bay/River. Also, we need better names for these. =P


user posted image

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We don't need to keep to Graeco-Roman names for the areas. I got into the habit of calling "my" subcontinent "the Occident" because my nation has an Anglo-Byzantine feel and I thought that would be appropriate. "The North" could have a more Scandinavian name or something.


EDIT: I also changed the thread's title as it was becoming more about the names of the whole place than just the Occident. I admit the new name is rather... dry, though.

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Gave it just a tiny bit more pizazz, Tag. tongue.gif


Early morning geographics!




After an exhaustive discussion and debate with Tag, the most sound way to divide and label to maps would be to name them after the cultures of whatever nations inhabit the area. This might help break-up the said 'Greco-Roman' naming conventions and help get rid of some the heavy European feel we have. Making it more globalized and help new members in terms of cultural development.


Meridional Tierras is what a exhaustive search and discussion of the 'the south' produced. Since it's an empty area and in a hot, southern climate with fairly large mountain ranges, it matches pretty good with Latin American Spanish.


Mittlereslant could be for the Midlands, and we could expand the geographical area to include central Akirryu since he has a Germanic culture with Maori influences. Miiros's first map is probably about right for that. It also sits in a temperate climate that, if I remember the climate map scale right, has about average weather that mirrors central Europe.


The North: Tag suggested something Scandinavian for the area, which I think is appropriate though I'm the only one I think that has cultural ties with the place. The translator I used came up with Nordlig Landskap in Swedish and Nor?ur- Landslag in Icelandic, both meaning North Land. I think we should keep looking, those two sound a little on the dumb side.


Also, Tag and I sorta discussed renaming the oceans to something less generic, and renaming the smaller bodies of water.


I think that Ice Ocean needs to be moved to the water off Deltannia's northern coast, starting from Adaptus's Falkland Island (the long barrier island off Deltannia). This is mainly because I feel that making it a large ocean that stretches into the Orient doesn't work or feel correct. It's just too big a body of water to have that name, making it arctic justifies the ice and the area is big enough to either call it ocean or sea.


I don't have any new ideas for names for it, yet.


We also need to change the name of the Sun Ocean. I liked the idea and the image it creates but it again is far too generic.


Some of the bodies of water need to have new names for realism. Most of them are there as a tribute to older members of Europa and while it's a nice gesture of friendship, it just doesn't work. I was thinking about renaming the Kosscow the Aesir Sea since the whole Scandinavian thing.


The Phil Sea needs to be changed especially. Konstantinopoli needs a more Oriental name, the Azure Sea could use a more original name, but most of the southern bodies of water have good names.


I'll have more later, possibly with image examples.

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I always had the idea that a Roman era in Europa would have been present in most of the north, like in the areas of Tagmatium, and across to my Adaptus and Phil and the islands in between, and perhaps most of the Occident, perhaps we could also sub-divide the continents like this, sort of like how Saxons (if I'm right) inhabit the area between Germanic peoples and Scandinavian people. So we could tie in some slightly latin phrases in for a unique set of names.


We could also go on to include a sort of middle east, sort of around MS and area 51, and south towards where Renn was. it could be done.

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I like the name for the south, but perhaps Adapt is right, maybe something a bit more Arab/Middle Eastern flavored would do somewhere? Though the south would probably be a better candidate for that than anywhere else.


As to the Scandinavian theme for the north, I'd be cool with that for sure. In that same vein, it would make sense for the Midlands to be Germanic.

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Hey! No Changing Konstantinopoli Sea!


Konstantinopoli is at its coast and I feel it?s just fine that BN is bordered by Byzantine-themed seas. Of course if you are going to edit it anyway, could you make that gulf in the western part of BN the Konstantinopoli Gulf.


And Byzantine sea is fine like that. MINE. My preciousss. Gollum, gollum. tongue.gif

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