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Return from exile


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I return from exile.


I hope to start a new leaf with you all.


I have had failed attempts in Monade Strathore and Nova Altantica.


I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.

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We, the Admins of the Europa, have decided not to accept your apology, which we suspect is insincere.


Your attempts to drum up support for an invasion attempt against Europa have shown you have little regard for this region and the members of it and its long history. It also shows that you would happily ruin the enjoyment we?ve had from it.


On top of that, your trail of destruction across several regions, including the ones you?ve helpfully listed and the actions you have undertaken in this region and outside of it, such as entirely ripping off an Europan's IC back-story, OOC information for that nation and all related matter, have shown you can?t be trusted in this fashion.


You?ve been banned from Europa once and the ban will continue indefinately - any further attempts to gain access, either through ?apologising? again or pretending to be someone else, will be similarly banned.


Good day,



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