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Rebooting Miiros

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Hey everyone,


It has been quite a while since I've posted anything on here, but lately I've been playing around with the idea of rebooting Miiros. Essentially it would be reminisce of its old self, but I want to change some fairly fundamental things about it. Mainly, its location and culture.


Here's the idea: Miiros moves from its current plot to 76, 77, and 78. It is no longer a Roman-based culture, but more has more of a cosmopolitan/far-eastern feel to it. Since the East of Europa is pretty empty, I'm going to push for becoming the dominant state in the region. The country will largely use commerical and cultural power to expand its influence. Also, the idea of a singular urban center is going out the window. It's too weird to RP with. The country is going to have a mostly urban population, but many different metropolitan areas. I'm also going to disregard my NationStates population and RP with a much smaller number. I can't understand how I would RP a country of over 5 billion. In addition to all of that, I want roughly 15% of the population to be foreign born immigrants, so I'd like some of you guys to volunteer the use of your nation's name for my demographics numbers.


Here's the cool thing, Miiros is completely apathetic to the Northwest and would just love to sell you guys plenty of things to kill each other with. In fact, it wants a state of endless war in that region of Europa, so that it can continue to dominate its own sphere of influence without the big boys up north giving much of a care. There are a lot of good RP possibilities with this situation I think. Secret arms deals, spy RPs, assassination RPs. I'd like to avoid full-scale war RPs though. I want to keep things more on a character-driven level. Snapshots of the larger picture, if you will. Any input is welcome.





- I'm moving Miiros, if that's cool.

- They're still evil capitalist bastards.

- They're asian now.

- They want to sell you stuff in order to destroy peace in the Northwest.

- Population is going to be realistic.

- No Free City

- This is a pretty long summary.

- What do you thing, guys?

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All that sounds pretty frickin' excellent Miiros. The one thing about keeping us guys in the northwest tied up fighting is that MH and Beautancus have come to the end of their rope doing that, and are actually going to looking towards cooperative efforts. But still, the way you've got things planned out here, it might be an interesting play between East and West without that inner turmoil. And there are a number seperatist movements about to blow wide open- so there are folks waiting to goggle up weapons to throw at us. Also- I plan on mentioning Cussian kids playing Miiros made console game systems in the near future, just a nod to you on that front.


Always great to see you around, and cheers.

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Ah but you forget my friend, there is a seccessionist area south east of the " true " government. Empress Fayh would undoubtedly make use of trade with Miiros and it's evil capitalist aimes.


Destabilization of the occident and trade routes would be to the seccessionists desires. It could be very interesting, not to mention, how such might affect foreign policy towards other nations.

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My people are called Bulgarians or Tal Shiaran. Before the communist revolution it was Bulgaria, but the Government is trying erase it an uses Tal Shiaran instead. So the usage is up to you.


Also being a hardcore commi we wont get along. I forsee an interesting future between us. biggrin.gif

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Thanks for the feedback you guys. Beau, it sounds like I came along at a good time to cause some trouble. And the video game thing is exactly what I had in mind when it comes to spreading culture. tongue.gif Then the Cussians can wonder where they went wrong as parents since their kids are all video game addicts and backtalk. Then the parents will get depressed and buy Miirosi self-help books that tell them to get in touch with their feelings and to talk to their kids to try to understand them. The end result is a nation full of Dance Dance Revolution addicts! Muahahahahaaa! *cough* Sorry.


Haru, the Miirosi would be great partners for the Empress, I am sure. Although they'll probably think the Haru are spooky, they'd sell stuff to them anyway. Because why not? I'm sure it won't come back to haunt them. tongue.gif


Tal Shiar, I'm sure our countries could start a little cold war type thing. We're kind of far away though, but we could perhaps do something with proxy nations. Maybe we could both fund efforts to overthrow eachother's governments. Miiros will probably continue to refer to you as Former Bulgaria and Bulgarians just to piss off the Communist Party. tongue.gif


And Voc, don't think of this as an end to the free city so much as an evolved state of the concept. I was thinking about this a lot and the Enlightened Republic is essentially what I've always really wanted Miiros to become. The Free City was kind of an idea in the rough and this is the final product. I've already made a new map and you can see some nods to the old Free City concept. Two of the islands are almost completely urbanized while the others are more natural. This gives me space to have a wider array of cultures. Now I have the giant cities and villages and farms too.

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Tal Shiar, I'm sure our countries could start a little cold war type thing. We're kind of far away though, but we could perhaps do something with proxy nations. Maybe we could both fund efforts to overthrow eachother's governments. Miiros will probably continue to refer to you as Former Bulgaria and Bulgarians just to piss off the Communist Party. tongue.gif

Awesome! Its time to end the oppresion and for the proletariat to slaughter the capitalist pigs! For the proxy war first we need proxies. biggrin.gif

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If there are Haru immigrants in the demographic, chances are they're mercenaries or other types of similiar work mainly because in general Haru have no moral high ground about committing acts for whomever. The old saying " You say warcrime or atrocity, I say another day on the job."

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So, uh... Does this mean the Confederate-Miirosi cooperation thingy is over? sad.gif If its alright with you I'd kinda like to keep that goin', though this would bring a new concept to our relations. The SDC has a similar intrest in the Old Northwest as Miiros. Its foreign policy sort of mirrors that of the Soviet Union's (sort of). Through means of covert ops, economic ploys and various other means, it hopes to spread CoSoc throughout the west, sorta like the CommIntern scheme from days gone by.


SDC would like the NorthWest sub-continent (we need a name for it) all brought into a mutual cooperation group, which would butt heads with the Miirosi ploy to keep us all fighting.


((Use Confederates in your demografics, if ye please))


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Yep, the people of Greater Europa just yearn to breath the sweet, free air of a proper utopia. tongue.gif


And I'm sorry, but the partnership between Miiros and SDC probably won't last due to the reboot since it cancels out a lot of what happened before. That'd be good news for Suverina, if he decides to return to the RP scene, but bad news for you, Damak Var, and EOS. HOWEVER, there could have been historically good relations between our two countries that have just become stagnant as of late. Let's say the Aristocratic Confederation and Miiros were pretty good partners, but things have fizzled out since the advent of the Social Democratic Confederation. I'm not sure about the fate of out joint territory though.


Another question: what is the fate of EOS, LT, and the Alliance? Is it safe to assume that they're all defunct organizations? I think bilateral treaties would be better than super-blocs at this stage in the game and RP-wise the members of all these organizations have grown distant.

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