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In what sounds like will be a short tenure as regional delegate to the UN I would like to leave having made a mark unlike various other forgettable Tyrants (In the democratically elected Terry Pratchett sense) in my home country!

Believieing that you, the spokesmen for the countries of the Europa region are a representative sample of all that is good in our world I would like to ask for your views on what legislation most needs bringing forward in our world.

Answers here would be most appreciated and each (serious) will come under my rulers weigty consideration


BM Towun

High Commissoner

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I personally would like to see you work something out with Phill (Minister of Pies)

about legalizing medicinal pot.


i do believe that as a member of the MMRTA that medicinal pot is legal in the countries concerned, i am also drafting a UN proposal upon the same lines that will be put to the UN in due course (i.e. when i can be bothered to get off my arse and do it!)

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