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The Gentlemen's Aristocracy of Haken Rider

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The Gentlemen's Aristocracy of Haken Rideruser posted image


HAKBAR- An historic estate was a curiosity in its neighberhood, where all the new rich had built their gigantic modern villas. Yet this old, but well-preserved residence housed lord Haw-haw, one of the most powerful men in the nation. A large hedge and fence prevented unwanted attention.


In a room stacked with 19th century wooden furniture, chandeleers and groteque paintings, the elite gentlemen's club "The Ruly Mob" had their monthly gathering. The dandy men were seated in comfortable chairs, from which the back towered above their head. Their clothing matched the century-old design.


Lord Haw-haw was the chairman of this select group. This position has been in his family for many generation. Fine gentlemen as these were very fond of their traditions. After the tiring opening etiquette was concluded, he took the floor.


"Dear collegues, this nation has been in the hands for clowns for too long. It's been over a hunderd years that the nobility had to go underground to avoid the masses. We've left the rule of this once great country to puppets. Worthless puppets. They were even too incompetent to follow even the simplest of instructions. Ofcourse, the blame is partly on our side. We should have known that Chef Willy and Chancellor Wally lacked the ruler-blood that is our monopoly."


He paused. One fine gentleman used this to take a sip of his tea. Their meetings always had the same kind of speeches. Lord Haw-haw, however, had only just finished his introduction.


"I have trustworthy information that tells me that the final days of the master nation, Hakenium, is near. The government, like here, has been isolated for years now. Not having the possibility to rely on a strong nobility, her faith is sealed. This has the effect, my esteemed countrymen, that we will move from semi-independce to complete autonomy. We should take this oppurtunity to rise up and take control of the government. Directely, I mean. No longer will Haken Rider be a banana republic as so many in this broaken world."


Lord Haw-haw interrupted himself to state his deepest apologies to industrial and full-blood Sir Gorianus, "the Banana Baron", Ofcourse he took no offense, as like all gatherings of the Ruly Mob, everyone had been careful briefed about everything that was going to be said. The club didn't like surpises.


"We shall unite this country. Bigtopians and Plotians, all will become Haken Rider. A New Order will be resurrected in Europa: the Old Order. The masses shall be flocked to our side. And for that, as stated by the guidelines of imperialist handbook, we'll need an enemy."


Now was the time for Sir G?rard to carefully intervene: "Helas, we no longer have any opponents worthy of such title".


"That", concluded the chairman, curling his gracious moustache: "is a matter of perception". Coining the 23th new motto of Haken Rider.

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