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Flag - Mongol-Swedes

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I was wondering if you still had my old Mongol-Swede flag on file somewhere, the one that combined the Mongolian and Swedish flags?


If not, I was wondering if you could make another one, with a slight modification.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


I was thinking a combined design with a small red star like the Soviet one above superimposed over the symbols on the upper-left corner of the Mongolian Flag. In other words, a Mongolian flag with the Swedish cross and the Soviet star in the upper-left corner.

I don't seem to have your old flag in stock. I'm not the one who made it, fif I remember correctly. I could browse through the archives here, but why bother when I can just make a new and perhaps even better one.


So you just want the combination of the Swedish flag and that of the Mongolian People's Republic. wink.gif Here you go, have your pick. Or suggest any improvements.


MS01 http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/367/mongolswedes01ju5.png

MS02 http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/8537/mo...swedes02ko0.png

MS03 http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/3349/mo...swedes03jy8.png

MS04 http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/5726/mo...swedes04vy6.png



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