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Sudden Coup Topples Supreme National Defence and Security Council; Emperor Abolishes Provisinal Governance Decree And Restores Constitution[/size=7]


In a sudden and unexpected move, the Imperial Guard Regiments this morning forcibly dissolved the military junta that has been effectively governing the country for the past 9 years. The move came just days after news was leaked that a split had emerged between various factors in the Council over the issue of establishing foreign relations.


Immediately after the Guards had seized control of the Ministry of Defence, where the council had been based since its inception, the Emperor announced he was formally repealing the Provisional Governance Decree and restoring the full powers of the Constitution. Alexius IX made his announcement over national radio, and stated that the coup had his "express blessing". He also ordered all members of the Imperial Armed Services to stay in their bases until further orders were issued.


It is not known how the Emperor will proceed with either the business of foreign affairs or governing the country. It is expected he will call fresh elections for both the Common Chamber and the Senate within the week, though clear information has yet to become available.


This has been IRS News.

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