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Sorry, wrong guy there. BN is still around. (Or actually I just returned myself.)


Yes, Byzantium Nova was in a morgue for a while but mods were nice enough to revive it for me.


Heh, Tamurin civil war was quite a project, got myself neck deep in there and almost in a war with Pot like I almost did with the Cenape issue when Pot rattled the cage a bit too much.

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Welcome back! I mainly remember you as the guy from Finland with the odd blue face. But seriously, I'd great to see you return. I should make work of updating the map so we can see if there is a place for you. RP needs to take up some speed again, and I have a good idea how to create that spark. I revealed a few details to Miiros and he couldn't wait to get started.

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I know as you as BN, man, from the Tamurin Civil War, which was from a hell of a long while ago, although I didn't take part in that much. No worries, though. It will be awesome, nonetheless.

I do apologise to both of you, ByzRes and BN respectively. Lord only knows how I managed to confuse you two together. Brain rot or something.

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