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Adaptus probably wouldn't be involved, unless you stumble across one of it's planets. Adaptus did exactly the same thing,a few hundred years earlier. About a hundred years after the current situation. We get pissed, and f*ck off basicly biggrin.gif So if your looking for an outsider to contest with, that's me biggrin.gif

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Maybe, I'm also thinking about the future of them on the whole, or maybe a sudden ceasing to exist that sends a disturbance across the " force " or something you know.


Or even that lost strand of another's existence. Tangible strand of life that was always tested and bittersweet, only to have them gone. What would the sweeping fall of them do to those who've built cultures around removing them. One culture's death could be the catalyst for anothers.


I dont know, rambling at the moment.

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The reason it took so long, even with advancements in technology is because of the distance the planet and solar system it is in. Ten lightyears from Earth. The Haru ships were colony vessels that continued moving constantly, with a generational crew. It took them 400 years to reach their destination in this fashion, because when they left, mankind still had not left their own star system to the intersteller space. The technology for FTL and " warp " would have still been theoretical at best.


Keeping path with this technology, variations upon it that others who would have observed their departure from the world of earth " Europa ", it would be assumed that the cities and land mass of Machina Haruspex would have eventually been scouted out, or outright entered by another or groups of nations looking for clues, technologies to aquire, destination ideas, that sort of thing.


The timing of their leave would have been maybe twenty-thirty years after a lunar city on the moon is done being built or begining of Mars colonization after terraforming.


Anyone up for such?

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Well there wasnt any sort of a disaster, more of an isolationist issue with the Haruspex, in which they felt the walls closing in around them and with their strong ties to mythology, they uprooted their culture and people and set out for where, those who had pursued them via dogma or force on Europa could not follow, perchance.


Europa may be better off or worse for the mass exodus of a nation. It's up to those who wish to join in really. Where would you be on Europa roughly two centuries from now? Given current state of affairs?

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I would have much of Mars colonised hopeful b this time. why not something based in that ear for you to start off with, your guys are thinking about colonising Mars, which leads to conflict with us, and your final decision to completely leave the solar system.

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Conquering is fine, however is not the main focus.

My country hasnt had much of an impact past the occidental region. For those in that area, if might resonate more in a sort of curiousity or some such. Do they still believe us to exist, did we truely simply cease on Terra Europa, or did we find another means of existence elsewhere.


When the hive ships constructed in orbit did not rain fire from the heavens as they might have thought, where then did they go?


These are the questions that might be asked, and the basis for this particular SL. Now, if you wish to expand yourself beyond your world, planet by planet, I'll oblige, and respond accordingly.


I doubt Terra Europa would be abandoned, as this is more or less a small portion of it's rather large region becoming empty of a population. Empty city, a ghost town, it's bound to create rumor, what if scenerio's, and mysticism of it's own making.


It will be an interesting time, during this timefrate, the Haruspex have not made any effort to contact Terra Europa in any fashion. The ones who would probably know the most, would either be Beautancus, or Tagmatium as per they had somewhat of a relationship off hand with the Haruspex and more then anyone had agents in or around the homeland of the Haru. Advancement at all costs of the space faring type would at the very least mean production, test facilities, and others on the mainland itself.


I have posted beyond the prologue and I have changed the prologue a bit also, offering more information and what not, simply because I wanted to see if anyone was interested in this type of SL. It's not even really about us, more the effect of the Haru upon your respective nation if their vanishing act after the space borne construction of vessels beyond anything possibly built before and then..simply without word, leaving all of Terra Europa behind.

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If you don't mind, i'm going to post. By now (2749), that Adaptus would have mad most of Mars colonised, and well on it's way to terraforming the place, however, it's a long way off from completion. Also, we would have left the solar system too. Almost undercover of darkness sort to say.


I'm following a similar sort of time line to something i read a while ago where the cold war never ended and the soviets won the space race and established their own communist world on Mars. I can't in the light of me think of the name of it. I'm following a similar sort of thing. However by now, Adaptus passed into a new solar system also, and had for the past 300 years or so would have had outposts and small colonies in about eight other planets, beyond our solar system, however they would be nothing more than fully colonised, however on their way there. Some would be inhabitable, other similar to Mars, and only slightly inhabitable.


So it's ok i'm going to post about your colony ships being monitored if that's ok, and a sort of update to Adapton society.

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I think I'd be interested in doing something with this, if nothing but for old times sake. This could give us a way to finish off some of the thoughts we've had in previous storylines with similar tech levels-- if you're interested. I'd add the special note that I'm going to be graduating from college in exactly ten days to sweeten things up a bit, what with the free time over the holidays and all.


I plan to pursue the concept of moving on from Europa- perhaps with a small enclave remaining on the western coast of Old Beautancus. I doubt that the Cussians will have colonized more than a few worlds, preferring to concentrate their numbers and resources, to the purpose of creating at least two Garrison Worlds, and possibly one Cathedral World/Moon. Siege of Calypso ringing any bells, MH?


Either way, I'm going to start working on a post now, hope to have it done tonight.

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just remember Beau possibly me and Haru would have been the first off Europa, so keep it in mind, that both us possibly would have a higher level of interstellar knowledge. Remember too(this is for everyone), that it is still early colonisation period no hyper drives or anything like that, they possibly wont be around for another 50 - 100 years. I did post adaptus as having almost finished, but i meant that in the wider sense of history.


Possibly by now, there is no doubt that almost all Europan nations will have some sort of space presence, just some more than others. At this time, space knowledge is still very limited. Hence the reason I posted several limitations to my nation, even thought it now considers itself as Martians.

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Dude, no. In order to continue on with storylines that MH and I have never had the chance to finish Beautancus is going to be on par with Machina Haruspex (in particular) technologically. This is far enough in the future, and the cultures are far enough apart that technological development would have diverged at this point and wouldn't be subject to any one strain of development.


And I'd rather not have this bogged down by cannots and can's before I even get started. The no hyperdrive thing is cool, that makes things more interesting, but I do plan to have at least my Throne World pretty heavily colonized by this point, no offense to what you have planned and all.

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fine, however, it would have been a bit better to announce this beforehand. But like I said, in the year 2700, human races still probably would not posses much space technology, only enough to begin colonisation.


Bearing in mind, most nations will still have presence on Europa, at this early point, human races would be still developing down one path, it would not be until intergalactic empires where formed would that begin to happen.


not saying anything against having your main new home world well colonised, after all i have Mars colonised, however i would suggest you have a planet within our actual solar system colonised, as it would be fairly unrealistic to have one beyond that fairly colonised.


Also, do take into consideration the limitations a new world would have, it would not have an atmosphere the same as earth, which would be a disadvantage and so on, just bear those in mind, that's all I'm saying mate. Terraforming would take around a few thousand years to be complete, and stuff. So you can have your throne world heavily colonised, but just remind yourself that it will not be a planet full of trees and life just yet.

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fine, however, it would have been a bit better to announce this beforehand.

Announce what beforehand? This is just getting started. And from the looks of MH's posts, space-tech is pretty well advanced, if still "ugly." Again, I don't plan on coming out with warp-drive ships with the ability to phase-out and avoid volleys of super-photon torpedoes, but neither do I intend to conform my view of my characters and people to someone elses. Especially considering how different the Cussians and Haru were from other races before they left Europa. And so far as the story goes, all Cussians have had no contact with anyone from Europa in a little under three hundred years. Plenty of time to become even more eccentric.


*edit* And if you happened to mean that by MH and I trying to finish our storylines you think that you'll somehow be left out, don't worry over that. The storylines won't exclude anyone at all.

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If questions should arrive, I will be describing various technological things that the Haruspex utilize. Already I've detailed the propulsion system that the Haru use in their space craft as well as the main weapon of their choice, the Hellbore Array.


Mentioned in recent post-

Diode Lasers

These can be very small, and use a diode to stimulate light emission from a semiconducting substrate One common use of semiconductor lasers is for smaller weapons for use in an atmosphere or vaccum. These use manufactured optical resonators to generate a beam -as distinct from "natural" resonators such as the fluorescing atoms used in modern solid state lasers phase-locked semiconductor (or diode) lasers..


By phase locking the beam by means of a phase-conjugate "mirror", very high quality beams can be generated. More advanced systems use quantum wells or quantum dots to replace the semiconductor junction lasing medium. Lasers of this type often operate in the near IR or visible part of the spectrum and have high efficiencies ? the most advanced forms can be more than 90% efficient at converting energy input into light.


Proton Beam Accelerator

PBA's are used for combat in vacuum. Individual protons are accelerated to ultra-relativistic velocities. As the beam exits the accelerator, it is neutralized by injecting an electron beam to cancel the charges. This prevents self repulsion from defocussing the beam and keeps the beam from veering in ambient magnetic fields.


The primary limit to the range of a proton beam is the thermal velocity of the protons. Neutralization of the beam unavoidably heats the beam due to the energy of recombination with the electrons. After exiting the accelerator, they begin to drift apart at roughly 15 km/s. The higher the proton energy, the farther the travel in the time it takes the beam to disperse.


Proton beams are typically employed in craft designed for combat in planetary orbit, and find use in blockades and operations to achieve orbital superiority prior to a ground assault. Proton beams can be steered with magnets prior to neutralization. In addition, the beam can be emitted from several ports along the ring diameter, allowing rapid retargeting.


The relativistic protons in these beams can be extremely penetrating, typically punching through a meter or so of solid or liquid matter before disintegrating into a shower of radiation, which itself can penetrate many more meters of solid or liquid matter. These "cascade" radiation showers produce an extremely high radiation environment which will sterilize the area of all biological life and destroy unhardened electronics. The only defense against a proton beam is thick layers of inert shielding, or using only radiation hardened control systems. Proton rich shielding is most effective on a per-mass basis.



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Changed the appearance of the vessels and so forth. It works more for the sinister appearance and what not. I'll be listing vessels on my own board so as not to bog it all down. I've other stuff there as well, sci fi images, etc that participants may use for own purposes etc.


Now I did borrow ship designs of the Jem'Hadar, I like the design and it suits what I need. All of the vessels are of this design save for the Hive Spores and Hive Ships themselves.


Haruspex Etc

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Finally got my introductory post finished, will have a completely current and IC post up sometime this afternoon. May even start it in a few minutes. It's time to get fresh and clean clean right now though. Pax Vobisum, and I hope that all enjoy (what I've written so far, as I've loved what you guys have put out so far).

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