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Black Dawn!

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OOC: I'll begin with a brief post about the current situation in Adaptus first.


King: Charles Andrew Hollowfield II.

Prime Minister: David Lloyd Asquith.

National Situation: After the Resignation of Prime Minister John Mills Kant after a record 4 Terms, Adaptus entered a second isolationist period with a new PM Tomas Anderson, now After the first General Election 20 years, Prime Minister David Lloyd Asquith, 2nd Generation of Philosophical Leaders is elected, and Adaptus is brought out of it's second great isolation. Now Adaptus is about to unveil it's new position as leader in in world technologies.




ABC News

With John McDonald.


Top Stories!


Space Station Terra Oibita 1 Completed


Today it was reviled that the long awaited Adapton Independent Space Station under the new name, Terra Obita 1 was finally completed. Europa's first ever permanent space station to orbit the planet. The Station has brought about new abilities, such as the ability to patrol space for longer and to venture further without having to venture back onto the planet.


Plant have the station exiting Eruopa's orbit in the next ten years, after massive evaluation of the planet in new light. After that period the station is to break from orbit and pursue mission deeper into space. to help achieve these mission, the station has been fitted with a new terraform development lab, to develop terraforming, and the ability to make inhabitable planets that are not inhabitable, in order to harvest their materials, and to become a fully self sufficient station. It is also fitted with the first ever space hanger, which has the ability to dock up to three spacecraft internally, and five more externally. Couples with the creation of the first ever spacecraft capable of breaking the Valhallan belt, the possibilities are endless for the station.


The new space station has also lead to the FDF to create a brand new branch to the Adapton Defence Force. The new branch, temporally named The Royal Space Marine Corps. is tasked with defence development in the orbital and extraterrestrial fields. The Corps, currently only stands at 574 personnel, however is soon to reach a fully operational personnel level.


"No More Oil! Apart from here!"


Is what new scientists aboard Terra Obita 1 have said. The New Space Station only a month after beginning work, and only a day after completion has already found the last oil deposit on Europa. The Deposit which resided deep under the waters of the Storm Ocean was discovered one week ago by the Adapton Scientists, and this is the first time the find has been revealed.


The find is said to rock the international community, which think tans say, might lead to violent breakouts. four days ago, the Adapton Drilling firm TQD Rail boring, moved out to the sense, escorted by FRN Vessels, to begin drilling. Using the new technologies in drilling, using a Rail Boring Method, where a Railgun is used via either an orbital satellite or in this case, a 4th Generation VTOL Platform, to fire a hole into the ground to a certain depth.


Yesterday the crews hit gold, and found that the last supply of oil, a supply set to last the next ten years. The deposit is said to lead to the most expensive oil prices recorded, around about 6Gc Per Pint, which is around 8 dollars per litre. However obviously the national controlling the deposit has the ability to control the whole of Europa. This is where Adaptus' problems lie, it controls the supply at this point......


*Meanwhile in Adthens.....*


"Get a Naval corden on the area, we'll see where our true friends lie....."

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The plasma screens that lined one of the walls of the meeting room showed masses of charts and graphs, each one referring to a different oilfield in the region. Some were from southern Europa, some in the north. Some lay in the power of allies of the Greater Holy Empire, whilst others were in the grasp of opponents. However, they all had one thing in common. They all showed a downward trend in oil production, and all predicted that oil production would cease in the near future as the 'black gold' ran out.


?This is indeed a worrying trend, Under-Minister Zemarchus,? said the Holy Emperor, steepling his hands and looking towards the Under-Minister, who, as most junior member of the Imperial Government in the room, sat at the far end of the table. ?However, the policies your Ministry has put in place in the past, such as the development of nuclear power stations, should mean that Tagmatium would suffer less from such a shortage.?


The Under-Minister nodded. ?Of course, Majestic Overlord of Tagmatica, but there are many fossil-fuel burning power stations in the nation which would be affected adversely, as well as automobiles, including those of the military.? He looked over towards Honorius Kontarian, the Minster for War, who, as one of the most senior members in the room, sat closer to the Holy Emperor.


?Especially the military, I?m afraid, your majesty,? said Kontarian. ?The tanks, helicopters and like still run on fossil fuels. The only vehicles we were able to fully convert to hydrogen were the Land Rovers, lorries, that sort of thing. The prototypes we tested for the armoured vehicles just weren?t putting out enough energy to be truly as effective as the current motors. It doesn?t just apply to ground and air forces, either. The only ships which are properly fossil fuel independent are the carriers and the battleships.? The War Minister shrugged. ?If this trend does continue in such a downward spiral, we?d be buggered.?


Silence filled the room as the other occupants absorbed the information which the Minister for War and the Under-Minister from the Ministry of Power had put before them. For most, it was entirely new. Rumours had been flitting around for years, of course, but for it to be confirmed in such a manner had been a shock. Admittedly, the Greater Holy Empire wasn?t as oil-dependent as many nations in the region, as for the last decade and more, the Imperial Government had been investing in alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels, and as a result the majority of power was generated by nuclear power stations or from renewable sources. This meant, however, that oil shortage would hit hard in other areas, such as the automobile industries and the military. The few military officers in the room were looking especially concerned.


?If I may be so bold, O Vice-Gerent of God in Europa, may I suggest some attempts at? acquiring more oil wells for the Greater Holy Empire? After all, some of the smaller nations in the region are sitting on large, possibly untapped oil reserves under them,? the Under-Minister looked over at the Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities, who studiously avoided meeting his gaze. ?It would be easy enough to overwhelm some of the smaller ones in order to use this wells to our advantage, rather than letting some of the more barbarous and heathen nations gaining control of them.?


Commodus, who had been sitting with his elbows on the arms of his chair and his fingers steepled, slowly put his arms down and sat forward in his chair. ?Under-Minister, are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting??


Zemarchus rolled his eyes, a mistake in the presence of the Holy Emperor. ?Of course, your Imperial and Most Christian Majesty. Similar actions have been done in the past. I think that it would be most prudent of us to do so now, before our enemies and, indeed, our allies, have the chance to secure their grasp on these valuable resources. It would be a massive error not to do so at this time.?


?Have you not considered the political repercussions of such an act, Under-Minister? The fact that the Greater Holy Empire might benefit from closer ties with our allies if we allow them to control the oil deposits, rather than our selves??


?I seriously doubt that, Sovereign Dispenser of Justice,? replied the Under-Minister. There was a slight intake of breath from some of the other occupants of the room, and those closest to Zemarchus moved their chairs slightly away from him. ?We?d be at a significant advantage if we do control any oil deposits. We would then be able to exert huge leverage over them. I?m surprised that this hasn?t occurred to you.?


Commodus raised his eyebrows. ?Under-Minister Zemarchus, I assure you that this has occurred to me. The fact is, however, that I don?t feel that I need to give you assurances as to what has, or has not, occurred to me. Coupled with the lack of respect you have shown to my position as the Imperial Sovereign of the Greater Holy Empire, I do feel that it would have been best for you not to have turned up to this Cabinet meeting. Please wait outside until we?re finished.?


Zemarchus sat for a moment, not quite understanding what the Holy Emperor had meant, before two Imperial Household Guardsmen appeared from outside the room and escorted him out.

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OoC: I'll follow suit.


Vi Nevena has entered a 7th term as President of the Confederation. She has altered the form of the national government and economic structure dramatically, bringing CoSoc into it's final form. Techonologically, the SDC has successfully switched over to H powered civil transportation. Private cars and public busses (and anything in between) are powered by either lithium diode or Hydrogen cells. Minucipal power consists of nuclear energy, wind, microwave and hydroelectric from the many, many rivers in the SDC's mountainous Eastern borderlands.


The holo-display in the center of the red-wood, ovular table fickered at it switched from graph to graph and from map to map, showing of the near future decline in Europan petrol supply. The Secretary of Energy finished his presentation, "...from this we can derive that the oil deposits on the northern coast can last another 10 to 15 years at the current rate of consumption. The supply can be extended is the Armor Divisions were to cut back on readiness training."


"Which is something that won't happen." The Secretary of Defense interruptted. The Energy Secretary glared at him as she sat in her plush chair. "Madame President, there is another potential situation growing." SecDef continued, "The Adaptons have found a major oil reserve in the Storm Ocean. This is the largest pool in the region, and with the declining status of current reserves region-wide, I assume we can expect a conflict over this slick in the next little while."


"So?" came the Presidential reply.


"Ma'am, the military is still largely dependant on fossil fuels. Our northern stock will last us another decade or so, but not forever. If we run out and find ourselves under attack..."


"Mr. Secretary, six years ago you promised me that the hydrogen turbine design for our armor was feasible, and that it would be ready for incorporation five years from now. If that is true, I can see no reason to trouble ourselves over this black dren. Unless you've lied to me. I've given you billions in funding for these engines, contracts for their development and numerous other concessions. After all I've put into your department for this endeavor, I cannot see how this oil will be at all beneficial."


"That is true, the turbines are nearing readiness. Though, if we control this supply exclusively the economic benefit to our people will be tremendous."


Vi glanced at her economic advisor as to suggest he should comment with a disagreement. Which he did, "I can't say that would be quite so. Sending our young men and women into harms way to extort the region for a resource much of it still heavily depends on would be damaging to us politically in the long run. I'm no politician by any means, but I can't imagine the price of our sons' and daughters' lives and the long term blow-back would balance with the value of this oil. "


OoC: 'Dren' in a Tarentine word meaning sh*t

Edited by Social Democratic Confederation (see edit history)
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?How dare that up-start grandson of a type-setter speak to me like that? A half-century ago his kind would not have been fit to lick our boots!? fumed Under-Minister Zemarchus, thumping his hand onto the arm of the chair in which he sat. After he had been excluded from the remainder of the Imperial Cabinet meeting, he had returned to his family?s town house in one of the more affluent suburbs of Tagmatica, to which he had invited the Minister of War once the meeting had finished.


Kontarian, as an old friend of the Under-Minister, had happily complied. Now the Minister for War was beginning to regret his unquestioning acceptance. Zemarchus had something of an unsavoury reputation about him in some circles for despising those he viewed as socially inferior to himself. The Minister for War leaned further back his armchair. He carefully placed the empty wine glass he had been pointedly holding onto for the last ten minutes since he had finished the contents on to a table. ?A half-century ago that man?s father was the Minister of the Interior,? he said cautiously.


?You know what I damned well mean, Honorius,? replied Zemarchus, casting the Minister a disparaging look. ?We, families of ancient stock, are surrounded by ?new men?, upstarts who think they know best in running the Greater Holy Empire.?


?Listen, Francis, I do hope you didn?t drag me out here just to listen to you rant about Commodus. I told you to act respectfully in his presence; Lord only knows why you couldn?t do that. I was trying to help your career, because everyone knows that Aemilian Ladders won?t be around for much longer.? Ladders, the current Minister for Power, had been the driving force behind Tagmatium?s nuclear power stations. However, the man was now ailing and the Ministry was collapsing into a squabbling morass, with many hopefuls aiming to replace the Minister once he had retire or passed away. ?If you had acted properly, you might well have caught Commodus? attention, which would have improved your chances of becoming the Minister for Power infinitely. He is the Holy Emperor and does hold absolute authority, whether you approve of it or not. You?ve probably dashed your chances of getting Ministerial power after that performance of your's.?


Zemarchus frowned to himself, remembering the meeting and his briefing to the Imperial Cabinet. ?Commodus does seem hell-bent on allowing other nations to secure the oilfields in the region. It shows that only the scion of an aristocratic family can properly run Tagmatium. Theodosius wouldn?t have let the Greater Holy Empire get out manoeuvred so.?


The Minister of War stood up and walked over to the bay window of the room, looking out at the skyline of Tagmatica. ?Theodosius got his head blown off because of the choices he had made, primarily because he didn't listen to Commodus. Whether you like it or not, Commodus has led Tagmatium into a new golden age. It?s been better now for us, the aristocratic families, since the early days of the Old Republic. But we can?t imagine that we are the only things which keep the Greater Holy Empire great. It?s just not true. The ordinary people keep Tagmatium the regional power it now is.?


?That is rubbish, Honorius, and you know it,? replied the Under-Minister. ?The Greater Holy Empire would be a true power in the region, far superior to all the others, if it was properly led by members of the Old Families, rather than what it is now, a pale shadow of what it could be. What it should be! These ?ordinary people? are dragging it down. People like that damned bean-counter Tzimeces, that school-teacher Narses or that uncouth brute Wulfstan. He even commands the Cataphract Corps!" Zemarchus thumped the arm of his chair as he mentioned each name, his anger boiling over for a moment. He continued after a pause, his voice much lower and seemingly calmer. "That wouldn?t have happened in our forefathers? time, a half-breed barbarian such as Wulfstan would never have been allowed to join the Cataphract Corps, let alone rise to be its commander. The rest of them... they would never have been allowed into the Imperial Palace Complex as servants, let alone as Ministers.?


Kontarian had stiffened at the mention of his friend, the Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities, in such a manner and tone. He slowly turned around to face Zemarchus, his face unreadable. ?I have you know,? he said coldly, ?that Minister Narses has served the Greater Holy Empire well in the past. The fact that he doesn't have a pedigree such as we have doesn?t matter. He is also my friend.?


The Under-Minister just shrugged as if that couldn?t be helped, ignored Kontarian?s anger and carried on. ?He is typical of that type, though, Honorius. You must admit that. It shows that breeding, that hundreds of years of aristocratic rule, are being ignored in favour of these... little people who merely have collections of letters after their names and nothing else.?


?I have you know that there are many aristocrats on the Imperial Cabinet,? said Kontarian, angrier after the belittling words about Narses. ?Besides myself, there?s Phillip Commenus; that fool Ford and Wilson. In the armed forces, both Mesardonites and Copronymus are members of Old Families, as well as many others. I don?t think you can entirely say that there are no members of the aristocracy in the elite. Commodus, however, doesn?t want people in high positions merely because of breeding. It has to be on merit, too. It isn?t a case of being related or a friend of a Minister. Nepotism has no home in the Greater Holy Empire.?


To that Zemarchus raised an eyebrow, looking slightly amused. ?I have heard rumours that Wulfstan only got to where he was for saving the life of Commenus once. And how is that wayward brother of your's getting a long? Been promoted recently??


Kontarian stood speechless for a moment. When he did speak, his voice was low and quiet, not displaying that fury that was seething inside of him. ?Damn you, Francis. It isn?t Commodus or the others that is wrong with the Greater Holy Empire; it is backwards looking arseholes like you. Don?t bother to show me out. I know the way.?


Moments later, a door slammed and was followed by the sound of breaking glass, a testament to the Minister's rage.


EDIT: Just a few minor alterations.

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Talemanica, Tal Shiar

Council Chamber, The Red Palace


Chairman Beniamino De Vesci was sitting at the head of the table. The Council of State had been assembled with this new discovery of oil in the Storm Sea and the growing lack of natural resources. It seamed that all of Europa was spirilng towards a major war over this resource.


"Comrade Chairman we need this oil. Without it the military will be ruined. Our economy will crumble. We will lose our military dominance in Europa." Shouted General Gavril Penchev of the Union Army from down the table. Penchev was one of those military elitists who thought that everyone should serve the army instead of become a politician. And when there was even just a hint of a threat to the army he was up in arms.


"Gavril calm down. The army is going no where. We will do what is necessary to survive. What is the current state of our oil resources?" the chairman asked.


Energy Secretary Eliza Veneva, spoke up in a quiet voice. "Comrade Chairman at current estimates our resources will run out in anywhere from ten to twenty years. At first our economy will take the full brunt of the economic loss followed by a great depression. Soon after the military would fill the crunch as the fuel for vehicles dries up."


"Over my dead body!" roared General Penchev.


"General that is enough from you!" The words of the twenty-two year old chairman filled the chamber and all hushed voiced were silenced. "So we cannot ignore this new oil find in the Northwest. Tal Shiar needs to get axcess to this oil by any means necessary, but hopefully we can do this by diplomatic means. Send a message to the Kingdom of Adaptus promising our support for their control of the oil deposti as long as they are willing to allow us axcess to it.


Admiral Lapin send the navy out into the Amnalos Sea. The Amnalos is our backyard and I want all of Europa to know that. We will be watching for any sudden moves by our neighbors."


The council knodded in agreement, moreso because no one wanted to piss of the Chairman today.


TO: Prime Minister David Asquith of Adaptus

FROM: Secretary of State Angelar Raev of Tal Shiar

RE: Recent Oil Discovery


Your Excellency, The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar congradualte your fine nation in this wonderful discovery for all of Europa. However, this find come at a perilous time in Europan history. As other oil deposits are drying up you fumbled onto the largest find in history. This puts your great kingdom in danger as the various nations of Europa seak to claim this discovery for their own.


It is therefore, that I offer a compromise to you and your kingdom. The Union of Tal Shiar will recognize the Adaptusian claim in the Storm Sea and we will defend your kingdom should you come under attack. In return we ask for shared axcess to the oil. Together our nations can survive this coming economic fallout.



Angelar Raev

Secretary of State

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Night had long since settled over the Imperial Republic, but it was still early evening when the limosine dropped the head of the Imperial Bureau of Investigation off at her home in the capital district's private residential area. The wind was sharp and cold, the night sky overhead dark and cloudy, there was a high chance of snow falling between now and daybreak. She said goodnight to her driver, grabbed her various files, and rushed inside.


The house, thankfully, was quite warm. But even after nine years of marriage coming home to A home still felt strange to her. Most of her life had been spent pretending to be and live someone else's life and not her own. Vari was finally getting used to it, but it still felt weird just like everything else did.


She turned the heater off, fixed herself a cup of coffee, and curled up on the couch to wait for her husband to get home.



Danis Cressen rushed in from the cold, expecting heat, warmth, and safety from the raging winter elements outside almost two hours later.


He was disappointed, to say the least.


The supreme commander of the Vocian Armed Forces swore loudly and cranked the heater up before storming into his den, where Vari was buried underneath a large quilt in front of the fireplace, one that had only been used for decoration before tonight.


His wife looked up at him with a sly smile that made him groan inwardly. "What, are you cold, dear?"


He sighed dramatically. "No, I'm just testing my endurance by freezing my ass off"


"Well, this quilt is rather big for me...Maybe you and your 'endurance' can come and keep me company?" Her eyes were shimmering in the dancing firelight.


"Are you sure it'll fit?" His grin matched hers in size.


"Well, how about you come into my parlor and we'll try it on" Vari said, lifting up part of the quilt for him enter.


"Yes, Miss Spider..." He said as he covered himself up.


Sometime Later...


The house was warm and cozy again, and the director of the IBI and the general of the Vocian Armed Forces were still under the quilt, heads leaning against each other as they stared into the dying fire. Outside, the snow had begun falling heavily to the ground.


"Amazing how romantic fire is" Danis said contentedly.


"Oh, I wouldn't give so much credit to a burning log and a couple of smoking embers." Vari purred. "But now that we've gotten the boring part out of the way, there is something I wanted to talk to you about..."


She reached for the nearby folder marked "Remaining National Resources"...

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OOC: I gave my PM the wrong name, Change Asquith to Aquinas. That's what A level history does to you. :S




A National Security Meeting had been called in the War Ministry, Aquinas sat at one end of the table, Cicero (Aquinas' Defence Minister) at the Other. Elsewhere on the table sat the General Staff and other ministers. Aquinas and Cicero where standing as were some of the Generals. Admiral of the Fleet Callum Hume lent over the table, which displayed a large real time map of the Storm Ocean. The map was zoomed in and you could see the Adapton Fleet and drilling teams in great detail. Hume then took hold of a crystal sitting on the table and turned it, and began to move it across the table from point to point, illustrating the map, and his strategy at the same time.


"The Battleships and Destroyers stall cordon this area here, in a crescent. The carriers behind, thus surrounding the drilling teams. The Vickers Contractors can watch these areas with their destroyers, and our cruisers can patrol here, here and here."


Another Naval Officer, stood up beside him, Admiral of the Fleet, Sir John Peters, continued. "And my second fleet shall, move to these areas here." The map suddenly zoomed out and then in again slightly, when Peters took hold of the crystal. "We'll watch this area here, and I agreed with James Issac that his Fleet will move into sector 3"


A voice from the back of the room spoke out. The now 26 year old King Charles Andrew Hollowfield began his piece. "I think that's a fine plan, David? Cicero? That ok?" They nodded. "Excellent, go for it."


Peters twisted the crystal a final time and a message on the table read order issued, and the order had been instantly issued to the fleets.


"And the troops?" asked the King one last time.


Field Marshal Pompi rose from his seat. "On full alert, SAR and Hypaspistai are on standby, with Pelicans my Lord."


"Cool, lets rock. Oh and send a message to Tal Shiar."


"Yes sir."



To: Secretary of State Angelar Raev of Tal Shiar

From: Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Peters, OFK,COK, PhD .


Your support to our situation is regarded highly by us. We thank you for you support,we can happily give you access to the deposit, however no oil can be issued as of yet, and no intention of oil is to be issued as of yet, until the need arises. For the time being the oil is being harvested ans stockpiled. However we can guarantee to you when the supplies are issued your nation shall be in receipt.


King Charles II has invited your nations leader to a meeting with him and several others later on in the coming weeks. A date will be issued later. If your nations can represent that would be highly appreciated.


Sir John Peters, OFK, COK, PhD.

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The Morning After


"You've got to be kidding me."


Danis rubbed his eyes as he looked at the satalitte photos of the Adapton fleet setting sail into international waters.


"Sir?" His Aide asked, the young man's face full of confusion as he wondered if he had done something wrong.


"First I find out we're running on fumes and now our neighbors start moving hardware. What a fine week this is turning out to be" Danis grumbled as he leaned back in his chair, letting the photos scatter quietly on the large desk. "It's nothing Tavel, just politicians acting like soldiers, I hope. I'll call if I need anything."


"Yes sir!" The Aide snapped a quick salute and hurried off to his desk in the outer office.


Cressen could almost feel his hair graying as he stared at the photos. Last night his wife had dropped the bomb that the Imperial Republic was basically out of natural fuel, and that the corporations had lied to the Council after the politicians had refused to give them back all the political power they had had before Korrino came to power.


"Korrino..." The name was venom in his mouth. The man had caused so much destruction before blowing himself and a nice chunk of everything else when the nuke went off in Arco. Danis's mind clouded with images from the Civil War and he forced himself back to his current dilemma.


He wasn't suprised he'd been one of the last people to find out about this, the Council seemed to like keeping the military out of the loop since the end of the war. It was only natural they wouldn't trust him and do their investigate Vocenae's resources themselves. It was going to be too little too late, the Council's Head Speaker was going to announce today that the nation was going to enforce fuel rationing, but people were ignorant.


Aside from mob of angry civilians, prices would sky rocket, people would die in the rush to stockpile as much gas as they could before the stations started closing down. The plutonium reserve was the only natural resource Vocenae had left that was still largely untapped, but after Arco no one was willing to touch it, and the two nuke plants couldn't hope to power the nation for the years it would take to build more.


And now the Adaptans were moving ships out into the ocean. He'd seen the report about the new drilling technique but little else. Maybe the southerners had found something? He'd have to press Vari about it tonight, if either of them managed to get home now.


He still wasn't ready for this job even after nine years of having it. Too much politicing, too much being left in the dark...There was just so much that he had to run now, the army, the airforce, the navy, all of it consolidated into one massive organization that drowned in administrative red tape.


A quarter hour passed before he did anything. First, he called for Tavel to bring a car around for him and to move the meeting with the Air Sector Commanders back to standby status. Second, he called his wife and left a message with her secretary that he'd most likely be home sometime after midnight. Then he quickly gathered the information Tavel had given him earlier, put on his heavy winter coat, and went down to the black sedan that was waiting for him in front of the VAF HQ.


It wasn't long before he was underway into the dimming winter wilderness, heading for a home and a man most people thought was locked up and forgotten in a Imperial prison...

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?So Adaptons are drawing up a naval cordon around the area they claim is the ?last oilfield in Europa??? the question was asked by the Vice-Chancellor, Philip Commenus. An emergency meeting had been called, one which wasn?t the entirety of the Imperial Cabinet, just the bare bones. They also weren?t in one of the many large meeting rooms in the Imperial Palace Complex, but the Imperial Office itself, the Holy Emperor?s work room.


?So it seems, Vice-Chancellor,? replied Commodus, who was standing with his back to the rest of them, looking out of the armoured-glass windows which looked out across the bustling St Constantine?s Square, the heart of the Greater Holy Emperor. It was early winter, but it promised to be a harsh one. A heavy frost still covered the ground, even though it was late morning. The few people in the square were wrapped up heavily against the freezing weather, and their breath plumed in the frigid air. Usually there were dozens and dozens of vendors in the square, selling souvenirs to tourists, newspapers to commuters or hot food to whoever would buy it. This morning, the only one that was open was a small kiosk who sold questionable hotdogs, one that the Holy Emperor had seen there everyday since the collapse of the Old Republic. Even the pigeons which haunted the square no matter the attempts to drive them out had gone, finding warmer roosts across the city. ?Our ally are acting rather suspiciously in this matter. They appear to think that ever other nation in the region will attempt to seize their oil at the first opportunity. Also I do doubt their reports that this is the last oil-field in the region, however. I would like Minister Narses to look into that one, please send him a message to that effect,? this last sentence wasn?t aimed at the other politicians in the room, but to his secretary, Boioannes.


?Your majesty, would it also not be wise to contact the Adaptons? Remind them of our past services to them and the fact that we have been close allies of years?? asked the Foreign Minister worriedly. ?We don?t want to get some barbarian nation from the south to outfox us and gain access to these fields before we have done so.?


?Of course, Minister Wilson,? answered the Holy Emperor. ?I trust that you will be able to compose such a message to the Adapton government. Make it clear that I would also like to see their ambassador, and make sure our counterpart is ready, in case King Charles wishes to do the same.? The Holy Emperor still hadn?t turned from the window. He was watching the changing of the guard at the front of the Imperial Palace Complex. Soldiers from the Imperial Household Guard, dressed in chain mail, lamellar and fierce, plumed mask helms and swathed in red clocks saluted each other and urged their horses through the motions that were repeated four times a day. ?Mr Fry, I would also like your staff to increase watch on our ally, especially activity on their side of the Sea of Kings. I would like to know of any developments as soon as the Adaptons do, if not sooner.?


The sinister, pallid Head of the Tagmatine Intelligence Network nodded at his monarch and scribbled a note down. ?Does this include agents in Adaptus itself, your majesty?? rasped the spymaster after a moment?s thought.


?Of course, Mr Fry. Just because they are our allies, it doesn?t mean we have to be less than vigilant when they make a move such as this.? The Holy Emperor had finally turned around as he spoke, and his gaze rested on the Minister for War, who he spoke to next. ?I would like you put the High Seas Fleet onto standby, possibly even going on an exercise past the Barrier Isles. I don?t want them unnerving the Adaptons, though. This would be a most unfortunate time to have a political crisis with the Federated Kingdom. Access to these oilfields, whether they are the only ones left in the region or not, would be a massive boon to the Greater Holy Empire.?


?Certainly, your majesty.?


?I believe that we also need to get in contact with the Imperial Republic as well as the Glorious Dynamocracy,? mused Commodus out loud. ?A concerted leaning on the Federated Kingdom may well work much better than Tagmatium working on its own. Minister Wilson, please get onto that.?

To: the Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Recent Discoveries in the Storm Ocean


Honoured friends and esteemed allies,


It has come to the attention of the Imperial Government that the Federated Kingdom has undertaken drilling operations in the Storm Ocean, as well as placing a military cordon around this site. Past ocean-floor surveys have shown that the site might be a very deep-seated oilfield, one of an unprecedented size.


Coupled with recent rumours that oil supplies from other fields will be running low within the next decade or two, the Imperial Government would like to request that, as a close ally of the Federated Kingdom since the Long War, that the Greater Hoy Empire had some access to the fields, should the need arise. Such access would, of course, be supported by financial and logistical services from the Greater Holy Empire


His Imperial Majesty, Sovereign Lord of the Occident and Vice-Gerent of God in Europa, Commodus III James, also requires the attendance of your ambassador to the Greater Holy Empire at your convenience, in order to discuss the current events in the region, specifically those within the Storm Ocean.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

To: the Imperial Republic of Vocenae

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Adapton Actions


Honoured friends and allies,


Undoubtedly the recent activities undertaken by your southern neighbour has not gone unnoticed by your good selves. They claim to have discovered one of the last oil reserves in the region, at a time when the diminishing supplies within the region is slowly becoming apparent to all.


The Imperial Government of Tagmatium thinks that it would be within the interest of all of the nations of north-west of the region to band together on this matter and help the Adaptons exploit the oil reserves they have apparently discovered beyond the Barrier Isles in the Storm Ocean. Such an action, performed together, would strengthen our nations and help us cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Foreign Minister of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

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Aquinas hurried through the corridors. Brushing past servants and guards, he came to a large stair case, and began hurrying up, taking two of the rather large steps at a time to save time. The staircase wound around a led onto another corridor, and Aquinas moved on down that too. He eventually reached two large gold trimmed doors. A guard snapped up a salute as he used a large amount of his strength to open the door. He had no time for the door to be opened by the servants. He finally managed to open the door, and again hurried into the room. He entered a large decorated room, with a large desk and other rooms leading from it. He continued through this room and into a large lounge style room, where Charles sat watching the morning news, and eating toast.


"Charles! My Lord"


Charles' head spun with fright. "Bloody hell Dave, it's half nine.! You could have phoned."


"Apologies my Rex, this can not wait."


Aquinas lent over Charles' shoulder and first showed him the letter from Tagmatium. Charles gave a n intrigued "Hmm..." Aquinas then continued to hand over several other pieces of paper. Charles scanned the papers, his facial expression changing with each one.


The two men sat in silence for several moments while the information in front of them was contemplated. Aquinas looked at Charles for a response, but then remembered the inexperience of the young King, and thought it his place to speak.


"Your Majesty, I would advice the following. We push the date of our meeting further afield, and perhaps save the rest of the information for the meeting. Maybe it is best used to our advantage."


"Ok, thank you David. Make it happen."


Aquinas then rushed out of the room clutching his papers close to his chest.


To: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: the Federated Kingdom of Adaptus.


Good Friends.


We respect your friendship, and bond with us. Thus the decision has been made to allow your nation access to the oil, from this early point. Adaptus can not stand alone at this point in time. We have came to the conclusion that Tagmantine drilling teams shall be allowed on site at the centre of the excavations.


However, out King has been planning a meeting for the past few weeks, and feels it is wise to include several nations in this meeting here in Adaptus. If it would be so kind that a delegation from your nation would attend then perhaps we could continue in separate talks after the proceedings.


Your ally,

David Lloyd Aquinas.


To: All Nations

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus.


It has came to out attention, that very few oil remains on this tiny planet. This comes at a time when our nation has discovered the last great oil deposit in Europa. This has lead to the decision that it is not one nations place to conclude the oil's fate. Thus we ask you all to attend a meeting in Newcastle within the next few days. The aim to find a fate for this oil.


King of the Adapton People, Charles Andrew Hollowfield II.

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The Ide Jiman War Pavillion, Serekan...


'What do you make of that, then?' The Emperor adressed his Generals, the Adapton news report had finished running on the screens next to them. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the Emperor was annoyed. 5 years of surveying the Byzantine Sea had built up to nothing, and internal reserves in Taishan were so low they were running at a loss.


'The question is your highness, how are we to lay our hands on this oil?' Air Marshall Shan spoke up. 'Our military is heavily reliant on fossil fuel - no, totally - short of a few of the big ships in the Navy and the infantry marching. Our civillian power structure is heavily reliant on nuclear power - notably the 16 plants that dot the country, so that is not so much of a concern'.


'What do you propose?' The Emperor was puzzled.


'Sir, it would be stupid for us to go in all guns blazing here, I suggest a diplomatic approach'.


'The fate of the nation hangs in the balance and you are suggesting a diplomatic approach?'


'For the time being your highness, after we have made good friends with someone in the region we can start to think about sending in military force. The inability of the northern nations to control their greed means that it will not be long before the battle lines are drawn.'


'That is all well and good, but what if your conflict never comes to pass?'


'Then we can make sure it does. I will have the Admiralty ready SSN-71, and dispatch it to the Storm Sea. It can hide in deep water for a long period, if the situation shows signs of calming down - then we plug a few torpedo holes in the hull of a ship from a nation of your choosing. We keep silent on the diplomatic front for now, to them up north it would be good for us to paint the image that we don't care about the oil.'


'Very well General, you have convinced me. I will place the Admiralty in charge of the proposed operation.'


Khamseen Naval Base...


Within an hour the SSN-71, a state of the art Nuclear hunter killer, launched only a year previously began to get ready to put to sea. On board were 44 Type 98 High Explosive torpedoes, capable of breaking the back of the largest ship with deadly accuracy over a reasonable range. In addition, 8 short range SLBMs were carried in vertical tubes the nuclear reactor was capable of moving the vessel at 32 knots underwater.


By the following morning the pride of the Ide Jiman navy would be at sea...

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"Alright fine, Dave!" Vi snapped as she raised her hands to rub her forehead. David Requem, Secretary of Defense, had been pestering her for days about raising the readiness of the military, being as the oil was certain to cause a conflict.


"Yes Ma'am!" Requem said with a salute, almost knocking Senate Consul Draco Ionnas over as he rushed out of her office. "Damn" he replied while squinting as he entered her office. Three 3'x8' window panes face south from the Presidential Office all of which caught the winter sun reflecting off the artic white snow this time of year. "Sometimes I wonder why you chose him."


"Hey, you approved him." Vi shot back. "What do you need, Draco?" Vi turned her back to the Consul and looked out the window with a clear view of the Sekora courtyard and the Tarent cityscape beyond. Just under a foot of snow had fallen in the last two days and frost was spreading on the windows as the temperature outside continued to fall. People on streets below were dressed in clad against the frigid cold that had settled in over night, their breath visibly mushroomed with every exhale as they made their way to work.


"We've gotten a tele from the Adaptons inviting an envoy to discuss the oil situation. I say we ought to send someone, keep an eye on things..." Consul suavely suggested and ran fingers through his old grey hair. "...I mean, I'd be willing to do it."


Vi distanced herself from the radiating cold of thw window. "I agree, I'd like to have someone there, too. I'm not the one to send you though, the Senate has to." Consul Ionnas smirked. Being Consul, he would be the one to send a Senator on diplomacy.



To: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: Social Democratic Confederation


A summit is a novel idea. We believe the best course would be to discuss the dealings of this petrol before the situation devolves into a shooting war. Consul of the SDC Senate, Draco Ionnas, and his envoy will attend you gracious summit.

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Democratic Republic of Defnascir, in the Barrier Islands, had joined the Greater Holy Empire late in 2006, after an economic collapse, which was followed by rioting and then government resigned en masse. An election had been held and the winner, named Athelwick, proposed a union with Tagmatium, much in the same way as Theis, a city state, had done so in ages past. For the most part, independence would be preserved, bar in foreign policy and defence. It had been accepted, and Defnascir had gone from strength to strength since, reaping many rewards from its membership of the Greater Holy Empire.


One of the benefits Tagmatium itself had gained was a base for its High Seas Battle Fleet which was out in the Storm Ocean. Exanceaster, the capital of Defnascir and on the north side of the island, had become the home port of the fleet. From there, the fleet could patrol the waterways between each island and the massive, ferocious expanse of sea that was the Storm Ocean. Few ships ventured out into it, even the colossal nuclear-powered battleships and aircraft carriers, with their crews ranging in the thousands.


Vice-Drungarius Stylianus Ethelred, the commander of the High Seas Battle Fleet, looked over the communiqu? sent to him by the Ministry of War. It recommended that he put his fleet up to readiness, in case it, or rather detachments of it, are sent to lurk near the Adapton naval cordon. He was also wary of such a mission, as Holy Imperial Navy had built up quite a rapport with its Adapton counterpart during and after the AdSoc War.


Ethelred stood on the deck of the vast flag ship of the High Seas Battle Fleet, the Basileus-class battleship HIS Constantius III, swathed in a great coat and looking out to sea. A cold wind was whipping up spray and ice was forming on the hull of the ship. Soon ratings would have to be despatched to clear it off, and the Vice-Drungarius didn?t envy them. His flag captain, Paulinus Rshtuni coughed to get his commander?s attention. The sound was inaudible over the wind, so he tapped the Vice-Drungarius on the shoulder.


?Sir, we?re going to have to give the order to make ready soon. Tagmatica won?t like it if we keep waiting like this.?


The admiral turned to his flag captain. ?I know, Paulinus, but we can wait a bit longer before Tagmatica starts fretting over us.?

To: the Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Meeting


Honoured friends and Esteemed allies,


His Imperial Majesty, Commodus III, Holy Emperor-Elect of Tagmatium, would personally like to attend any such meeting on the future of the oil reserve to our north and is eager to meet his Royal Highness, King Charles II.


On top of that, the Imperial Government would like to thank the government of Adaptus for kindly allowing Tagmatium to cooperate with the drilling in the north.


His Imperial Majesty will be accompanied by several officials from the Ministries for Foreign Affairs, Power and Overseas Geological Oddities. A company of the Imperial Household Guard will also be sent as a bodyguard for the delegation, if your good selves give permission, of course.


Yours sincerely,


Eugenius Wilson,


Foreign Minister of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

The Ministry for Power was a large, multi-storey Art Deco building in the Nea Knowle area of the Tagmatine capital, an area that had featured in the news in recent years because of one of the largest cash-heists in entire region had happened there several years ago. The building looked peaceable enough, but there was a massive internal power struggle which had been going on for years, since the Minister for Power had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. The Holy Emperor had not seen fit yet to step in and replace the ailing Aemilian Ladders, as the man was still doing a sterling job. Yet Ladders was seen as a lame duck by many and he was heartbroken to see his beloved Ministry pulling itself apart around him. Many thought that the reason why Commodus had not stepped in was because he didn?t care as much about the Ministry for Power as he did for the others. It was a ?background ministry?, one that hardly ever played a massive role in the nation?s politics, but worked nonetheless.


Had the Ministry had armed forces at its disposal, the corridors would have been filled by vicious gunfights and bloody ambushes, fit for any crumbling establishment with many factions vying for control. It, however, had no armed forces, but that didn?t mean the infighting was any less vicious. The weapons were letters, memos and e-mails, with blackmail being the favoured tactic.


Francis Zemarchus was in his office on the eleventh floor of the Ministry. He was sitting at his desk, ignoring the paperwork and mulling over the events of the night before. The Under-Minister knew he had probably been too harsh with his friend, Honorius Kontarian. He needed the patronage of people like him if he was going to take over from the dying Minister. Yet Zemarchus didn?t care; if Kontarian was going to ignore the fact that Commodus and the little men that surrounded him were going to drag the Greater Holy Empire down, then the Minister for War didn?t deserve Zemarchus? apologies. It would be down to those who were true to Tagmatium?s roots and true to their own glorious ancestors to haul the nation out of the rut it had found itself in since the tragic death of Theodosius I Carus.


There was a knock on the door and the Under-Minister rose from his chair and stalked to the door. He opened it with bad grace and snatched the proffered letter from the hands of the flunkey and closed the door without exchanging a word. The letter was addressed to the Minister for Power, but Zemarchus opened the letter all the same. Inside was a communication from the Holy Emperor, summoning a representative from the Ministry of Power to accompany a delegation to the Federated Kingdom.


And Zemarchus smiled.

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OOC: No time but I don't want to get left behind. Also, I hate telegrams.


TO: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus

FROM: The Imperial Republic of Vocenae

SUBJECT: Revelations


Dearest neighbors,


Your discovery is quite welcome in it's timing. While we are concerned that this may not warrant the security of so many Adapton warships, we would be more than happy to attend the meeting.


Perhaps there we can discuss more peaceful security measures?




Vari Cressen

Director of Vocian Affairs


TO: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

FROM: The Imperial Republic of Vocenae

SUBJECT: Adapton Discovery


Honored friends and allies,


The movements of the Adapton fleet have not gone unnoticed to us, but is still suprising all the same. We have been invited to attend a meeting in Newcastle, Adaptus, in order to discuss the discovery of oil deposits in Storm Ocean and the appropriate security measures that should be taken.


Perhaps we can come to an agreement that best suits our three great nations there?



Vari Cressen

Director of Vocian Affairs




They were a little more abrupt than Vari would have liked, but the sheer explosion of activity in the Bureau was piling more and more work on her, and wasting time with pretty and polite words would just be more she had to take care of. The Councilmen had just been informed of the fleet movements, the oil, and the speech introducing the fuel rationing was being moved back until Vari could reach an agreement to secure some of that oil for the Imperial Republic.


There was no way she was getting home tonight...

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A large convoy of limousines surrounded, by both military, and police bikes, and other vehicles, drove onto the tarmac at Newcastle International Airport. Then came the armoured escort, and then the troops. Soldiers, marched up either side of the tarmac, and formed a cordon on most of the neighboring departure gates. They also occupied a point on every piece of high ground surrounding the tarmac.


The finally, a limousine followed by another, larger, and more grander one, approached the runways edge. This time, both the Prime Minister, and King of Adaptus stepped from the cars, and approached a large red carpet leading to where the first plane was to stopp, just as the call came the first plane was arriving.

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OOC: So many posts already, yipes! I think like Vocenae I have been busy over thanksgiving, try to get more going tomorrow.




"Tell me, why is it always the fleets that move first."


"There is a lot of open ocean in Europa, Admiral."


"True, but it makes my job harder."


"Permission to speak freely, sir?"


"You always can, Connor."


"Leo, this could get very bad. Several other fleets have mobilized already. The navy is stretched thin now. Isolationism hasn't helped us either. Luckily it is relaxing a bit now, but it still doesn't help us."


"I know that. And I doubt we'll be the first country to get widespread fuel cells or other such technologies up now. Damn oil. You know that, Connor? Damn it. Too tired for all of this. Not again. All of these northern powers. Deltannia no longer one of them."


"Perhaps not, Leo. But maybe we can look towards our far south. If this is to be about fleets and oil, then I cannot think of any nation better equipped to handle it than Deltannia..."




FROM: The Glorious Dominion of Deltannia

TO: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus


We will send representatives as quickly as possible.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry

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"Please fasten your belts and prepare to land" the pilot suggested over the plane's intercom. Consul Draco Ionnas hurried over to his seat and fastened his belt and the plane tilted down. He felt as though his intestines would float out of his mouth as the plane came down ,"I'm getting too old to fly like this..." He thought to himself, dreading the thought of a flight home...


Ionnas was the first to step off, being a little surprised at a red carpet. He'd been on diplomacy before, but never had he been greeted with a red carpet under his feet. He and his envoy--undersecretary of energy, undersecretrary of forein affairs and two body guards--transversed the carpet. Ionnas introduced himself and his associates to the Adapton hierarchs, making the usual exchange of pleasantries, then were whisked off in one of the limousines to their destination.


OOC: Short and blunt, but hey.

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A white 747 with a purple streak down its side, bearing the Holy Imperial Air Force (HIAF) roundel taxied along the run way of Tagmatica International Airport on its way to take off. The aeroplane was in the service of the Imperial Government and was the aircraft used by the Holy Emperor when making international visits. It was piloted by crew from 32 (the Imperial) Squadron, the unit of the HIAF that was designated the role.


The Holy Emperor was vaguely irritated that the only Under-Minister from the Ministry of Power available for the meeting was Francis Zemarchus. The Holy Emperor found the Under-Minister fairly disagreeable and had only met the man a few times as a result and the last meeting had confirmed Commodus? opinions of Zemarchus. Yet, the man was apparently a proven administrator, climbing rapidly in the Ministry, and he had apologised profusely for his actions during the Imperial Cabinet Meeting. Because of this, Holy Emperor had felt inclined to allow him to represent the Ministry for Power at the meeting in Adaptus about the current status of the oil reserves in the region.


Commodus also looked forward to meeting with the Adaptons in private. Tagmatium and Adaptus had been working closely over the past decade, and the Holy Emperor wished this to continue through the current crisis and hopefully for at least another decade. He wondered if the current king was as good in an emergency as his father, Charles I. The Holy Emperor had considered the previous king as a friend, insofar as one head of state could regard another as such. The Adapton monarch?s death at the hands of hard-line Communist terrorists had deeply saddened the Imperial Sovereign, especially since the Greater Holy Empire had worked with the Federated Kingdom at the beginning of Commodus? reign to defeat such a threat to Adaptus.


The Holy Emperor shrugged off the sad thoughts and picked up the newspaper next to him. He thumbed through it until he found the crossword, took a fountain pen out of a pocket and sat back to do the crossword whilst the aeroplane sped towards Adaptus.

Detachments from the High Seas Battle Fleet had joined the Adapton cordon around the site of the oil field. One of the ships was the HIS Prognosticator, an Oracle-class Communication and Detection Light Cruiser. It was a vessel geared towards the early detection of enemy vessels and aircraft, as well as providing something of a communications hub for other, friendly ships. Currently it was carrying out sweeps north of the cordon, along with a pair of destroyers, as although the Oracle class were the size of a cruiser, they had the armament of a frigate, due to the amount of detection and communication systems they have on board.


?Found anything??


The rating watching one of the many screens on the bridge rolled his eyes. It was the third or fourth time in the last hour the captain of the Prognosticator had asked the question. What the hell did the man think they?d find out here? A bloody nuclear submarine or something? thought the rating to himself, although he didn?t voice such an opinion to his captain.


?No, sir. There?s been nothing on the screens since we left Defnascir.?

The captain rubbed at his beard. ?I didn?t think so. No-one would be stupid enough to attempt to tackle both the might of the HIN and the Adaptons.?


The rating turned back to his screen as the captain paced away. To him, it sounded like the captain was trying to convince himself that there was nothing out there.

Under-Minister Zemarchus sat in his chair on the Imperial 747, gripping the arm rests so tightly that his knuckles were white. He hated flying and he couldn?t believe that he?d forgotten that. The Under-Minister closed his eyes and took deep breaths, shuddering slightly as the plane lurched into flight. His obvious nervousness had caused concerned glances amongst the other officials and flight attendants. When one of the latter had come over to Zemarchus, the Under-Minister had waved her away ? he didn?t want to show any weakness in front of servants.


With his flight-nerves suppressed for the moment, the Under-Minister turned his thoughts back to the task at hand. He had to convince the Holy Emperor to attempt to seize the oil for the Greater Holy Empire, to hell with Adaptus. Such a bartering tool would be invaluable in the years to come and would make Tagmatium into the great nation once again. The fact that the Holy Emperor believed his insincere apologies so readily just showed the man as he truly was, a weak-minded, new-moneyed fool who surrounded himself with members of the aristocracy in order to give himself a modicum of their legitimacy. As if proper breeding rubbed off on people. The other little people were there because Commodus needed others of his station in life to retreat to once the Old Families brushed him off. Zemarchus snorted in amusement at that thought.


A voice that dripped with authority cut through Zemarchus? glee. ?Is everything ok, Under-Minister??


?Yes? yes, of course, O Imperial Sovereign,? replied Zemarchus, his submissive tone making even himself cringe.


?Excellent,? the Holy Emperor said distantly, raising his newspaper back up.


The Under-Minister kept staring at the Holy Emperor. God, how he disliked that man. It humiliated him so, having to be subservient to such a man.

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OOC: Well, moving a bit faster than I'd like but meh. Guess I'll just jump ahead to the meeting even though I don't want to. You can also tell where I start rushing the post. Feeling a bit off today I guess.


The house was smaller than Danis remembered. Farther away, too. It had taken him almost an hour to get here and another five minutes while the MPs confirmed his identity.


But he was finally here, sitting in a rather luxerious living room that betrayed the run down look of the home's exterior, talking to the man that had changed his life forever.


Xavian Hadenar looked older than he actually was. His hair, once dark and speckled with streaks of gray, was now a shock white. His face was wrinkled and his eyes seemed to stare both at Danis and through him. He had lost alot of weight since Cressen had last been out to vist him, a scarecrow wrapped in a heavy bath robe.


The fact that he had developed cancer didn't help matters. Danis couldn't help but feel a little guilty for dropping this information on him.


"So that's where we stand, the Adaptons are moving hardware and ships out into the Storm Ocean and we're running out of basically every natural fuel resource aside from plutonium. There's got to be a connection, but I don't want to move the VAF to an alert status without proof."


Hadenar frowned deeply, his skin drawing tight over his cheekbones and making him look worse than he already was. He took a sip of the brandy snifter he was holding, and pulled himself forward closer to the fire.


"Well obviously the Tagmatines and everyone north of the Occident will try to get involved, politically and militarily. Since the Imperial Council doesn't want you or even a lowly soldier sneezing without their permission, you're just going to have to request action to get involved. Let the politicians do what they were elected to do, and make plans for when they can't keep talking in circles"


"Yes, but..."


"Danis, you're the general now, and I'm just an exiled civilian. It's up to you to figure out where all the peices fit. Keep the Imperial Republic safe, and maintain the status quo. That's all I can offer you."


Both men fell silent. It wasn't long until they parted company, Danis heading back to the capital to plan and await order, while Xavian Hadenar reclined back in his large cahir and watched as the fire crackled and popped noisely.


And waited for death.



Two Days Later...


The airliner touched down on the tarmac not long after the plane from the Social Democratic Confederation had, followed by the usual pomp and circumstance that preceded anything involving foreign dignitaries.


Now as the limousine glided quietly towards the meeting, Vari felt the smallest tendrils of excitement and nervousness crawl up her spine. This was her first true meeting with any real dignitaries, before it had always been nameless ambassadors and officials, now she was going to be in the same room as some of the most powerful men in Europa.


Not alone, of course. Across from her sat the three representatives from the Imperial Council. Her 'watchdogs', so to speak.


The three were the speakers of the three parties currently controlling the Imperial Council, and thus, in charge of the nation and all affairs concerning it. Vari was just here as an 'aide', regardless of her position as the foreign affairs and intelligence director.


She could ell it was going to be a long trip...

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*The carrier Serpent's Eye*


"A much better display of power, wouldn't you say!" he said, screaming over the sound of the howling wind of the sea. The sky was overcast and the Adapton coast was just within sight.


"Captain, is our boat ready to go?"


"Yes, sir, everything has been prepared. Shall we go ahead and hail the coast?"


"Yes, send standard diplomatic greetings and tell them that we have the Deltannian delegates for the Newcastle conference."


"Of course, sir."


"Oh, and Captain."


"Yes, sir?"


"Keep the carrier stationed here. When the conference is over, you can send helicopters out to get us."


"Of course, sir."




The Captain himself picked up the radio set and sent a message to the coast.


"Federated Kingdom of Adaptus, this is the Deltan carrier DNS Serpent's Eye requesting permission for a boat to cross into your coastal territory carrying our delegates to the Newcastle conference. Over."

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West Shields Coats....


The Harbour Master looked out through the large window in front of him, and saw the Deltan Vessels, on the horizon. He picked up his radio, and personally replied to the docking request. Which was a rare event, that a Harbour Master, in one of the busiest ports in northern Europa was to personally issue a ships docking orders.


"Deltan Carrier, DNS Serpent's Eye. Your request to enter Adapton Waters is granted. A delegate of the Adapton Government is a waiting your arrival in West Shields along with a motorcade, which will take you direct to the Newcastle Conference."


Just outside the large port was two limousines, along with several military and police escorts. Standing outside one of the limousines was an old man, with ash grey hair, and of a strong posture. He wore a long black coat over his ceremonial cloths, cloths which would resemble a prince. As he stood, he looked out to sea, and saw the Deltan ships, he then took out a cigarette, placed it in between his lips, his breath showing in the cold. He then took out a match, cupped his mouth and lit the cigarette. finally, coughing as he took a draw from his cigarette, his drivers head poked from the limousine window.


"My Lord, Mr Fairfax. They are on their way."


Back in Newcastle......


As King Charles, and the Prime Minister finished greeting their guests, they began to approach their limousines, to begin the journey to the conference in Newcastle centre. King Charles saluted the guards around the area, and they moved off to their respected duties. Prime Minister Aquinas then turned to the delegates before they got into their cars. "It sharnt be long, only about fifteen minutes ladies and gentlemen."


King Charles then turned to the Tagmatine Holy Emperor, and in old Latin said. "i vultus porro ut nostrum placitum secretum , vestri maiestas. avus orator bonus lacuna vestrum , tenus i memor"


Meaning in English, that he looked forward to their private meeting, and that his grandfather had spoken highly of him.

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"DNS Serpent's Eye to Adapton Coast, we copy. The delegates are heading over now. Over and out," said the Captain. He turned to his lieutenant. "Inform our party that they have clearance. Move the ship halfway in and hold position there. I think we'll still keep some distance.




The tiny runabout made its way through the choppy waters and finally docked in West Shields. The Grand Admiral departed with the Senator and his aides. It was determined beforehand that no other military heads of states should be present at the meeting, so as not to appear threatening in nature. They walked over to the waiting motorcades.


"Fair day to you. I am Senator Pharson of the Glorious Dominion of Deltannia. With me is the esteemed Grand Admiral Salani. I believe that we are ready to proceed, yes?"


OOC: I guess unless you want to extend it, I guess we'll just assume they made it to the conference.

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By now the delegates had arrived in Newcastle, and had occupied the great hall in the citied massive assembly hall, which was usually used for balls, and proms. Inside the hall, it was grand, with massive gold and crystal chandeliers and such hanging from the ceiling, and large doors decked in gold, and silver. In the main room, the dignitaries sat around a large table, which had been rigged up in the same way the Adapton Security Council had theirs.


Prime Minister Asquith walked into the room as the Dignitaries sat down. They had all sat in the room for a few minutes when in came King Charles II, followed by the Ministers, and finally by a man wearing semi-formal dress, dark grey hair, and a pipe. Lord Protector Philip Fairfax, the last of the old generation of the Adapton hierarchy. They then headed to the table and sat. King Charles stood first. He slowly scanned the people around him. King Charles II had a very handsome face, unlike his grandfather, Charles I, or his father for that matter. His youth also complimented his handsome appearance. He smiled as he looked at his audience. Then began his introduction.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you all for your attendance this evening. I'm Charles Andrew Hollowfield, King of the Adapton People, and I'll be hosting this evening. In our modern world, it has been seen that all the old fuels at which we rely so heavily upon, are coming to an end, and it's growing ever more difficult to find alternatives, Uranium and Plutonium are one option however, these are not yet reliable enough and still fragile at this point. There is also 'green' powers supplies, which have came along way in the last twenty years, but still do not harness sufficient power. Many engineers and scientists have developed multiple creative alternatives, however, for example, parts of the Adapton Train system now run on magnets. However, these yet do not bridge the gap of fossil fuels."


"It is believed that our space station has found the last major oil deposit on Europa. The last drops of power this world has. Currently, this oil sits at the bottom of the Storm Ocean, surrounded by Adapton and Tagmatine ships, and is currently being bored into. This has brought about a massive problem. What is to be done with this. Me and my advisory, have came up with an idea. Us northern nations of Europa, should protect our northern gold mine. Perhaps it is time we began to look after ourself again. At one time, Northern powers would not have been dared touched, but now, we are divided and vulnerable in this position."


"Adaptus, is willing to allow anyone access to this "black gold" who is willing to follow this united doctrine and protect this oil we have left, and together find new sources of power, both here and beyond, using new space technologies, and other technologies we can forge together it is possible we can forward our unity into a new age. A new era of Europan prosperity, lead once again by the North. Your thoughts?"


Charles than to a second to breath,and sip some water.

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Salani tilted his head over to whisper to the Senator. Pharson continued to look ahead as the delegates began their talks.


"We have our first ship in position, Senator."


Pharson turned slightly, keeping his eyes focused ahead. "Make sure they don't threaten any other ship, not yet. How long until the rest of the fleet arrives?"


"The bulk of it will arrive within the next two days. Extended elements should be here within the week."


"Keep them at their boundary positions. Let's not resort to a power struggle yet, and see where diplomacy takes us..."

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Consul Ionnas returned to Tarentum having accomplished nothing with the Adapton summit. Sitting through several hours of what he thought to be ugly, blind patriotism and a contest of who could shout 'we need it' the loudest, he was certain that fighting over this black slime was now inevitable, he feared what this might mean for the Confederacy and CoSoc. What if this foolery leads us to total war? he wondered to himself. He was concerned to say the least. Total war means putting everything into the war effort. He becamce anxious that certain rights may be lost in the conflict.


And what would come after it? The Confederacy had been running a deficit budget the last few years. The cost of fighting a war might place the nation in debt for decades to come. So many things laid burden on his consience as he returned to the capital to announce the unpleasant news to President Nevena.

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