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Regional Restart

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Let's be honest here.


We all know Europa has struggled to remain an active region for almost a full year now, and the past month or so has had little or no activity outside of the Chatbox/10,000 Pages thread. RP wise, almost all major nations are in a civil war save for about two (Tag and SDC. Adaptus maybe).


I think it's time we gave the region a restart.


Not a refounding or anything like that, but maybe move the RP time-table up by about twenty, maybe thirty years or just wipe the slate clean and start over. If we advance the clock then we might have more options to play with, a little bit more imaginative RPs that wouldn't be stuck in this modern age mire that we're in.


If we do a total restart that means some of us WILL have to redo our histories to fit the current member and activity level of the forum. Tag would have to find new marauders to sack his nation in the past since Akirryu would no longer be present, etc.


Of course if none of it works out and the nations we remove from the regional histroy return (which I hope they do), we can always file the restart into the 'alternate timeline' for Europa that the zombie thread and several sci-fi threads have been placed in. Maybe keep some elements, I dunno, we'd cross that bridge when we came to it.


I think that, if we choose to do it, would help rekindle our interest in RPing and thus make this place active again.

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25 years jump? however it's a period of no developments in technology, we're starting from where we left off. I had an idea for an RP, It can couple up with a very interesting new scenario.


A new drilling technique is discovered by an Adapton oil mining company, using railguns (International use of these as weapons was banned remember). With the new drilling techniques, drillers can drill further into the ground, which leads to the discovery of a massive concentration on oil within the Kosscow sea, Or maybe a larger ocean.


This leads to a race to grab the oil deposits, this leads to several clashes, which escalates, into a sort of oil war. which can even lead to new alliances to be formed.

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I'm interested in the ideas presented by many, though I may be moving to the 2100+ section of the board. I've always been interested in space development and that sort of thing.


Fleeing the troubles of Earth for the rebirth beyond it's grasp. I dont know, probably continue on in whatever else I've got to.

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I'd be up for it. My time in front of the computer is about to take a sharp climb again, so I'd be around for a story-line or two. I would think that Beautancus would probably throw a great deal of its R&D time into developing a viable alternative source of fuel though at that point though.

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Well i know ive been absent fo a bit mostly due to real life stuff and other things that have been taking up my time. Within the next month ill be increasing my computer time IE schools out. And since ive not yet developed a history or actually developed my nation so a speed up would nto effect me. Though i do wonder what type of technology we will have.

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Twenty-five years seems a tiny bit short...I'd say we make it a good half century and use Adaptus's idea as the opener.


We can also extend technology into the realm of reasonable science fiction. Numerous satallites under construction, small scale moonbases, and afterwards with the oil war we could focus on a race to monopolize alternative fuel sources, like say several nations establish small colonies on the moon to harvest the solar wind enriched regolith and the solar power it could provide.


Nothing too fancy, no space fleets, orbital cannons etc. Feasable tech that is in development right now in real life.

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A slight edit to what I said before.


After thinking on it a bit, I think fifty years may be almost too long a change. How about we jump thirty to thirty five years ahead, that way not all of our characters will be dead or too old to be part of the stories.


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Hmm... I'm going to have to be a bit of a bastard, I think.


I'm not sure, honestly. I kind of like where I've got with my nation, RP-wise. A jump forward in time would kind of mess that up a hell of a lot, really. A jump forward ten years would mean that Commodus is looking at retiring, and I don't know if I'm really ready to pack him off into retirement or death. Essentially, I've come a fairly long way with this lot, and I'm not sure I could really handle creating a entirely knew bunch from scratch. I feel that there is still a hell of a lot of mileage left in them, and I'm forever coming up with plots and schemes which I can never figure out how to properly implement. Which is a reason why I've often stopped attempting to RP with puppet nations on different forums (sorry to Beau and Haru on that, I did say I'd join that region of your's).


But then, I admit, this could be the problem. I've been against most major changes to the RP system over the years, and our last foray into the world of Post Modern Tech did end kind of badly, with people (including me) sprouting lasers everywhere before we realised that we couldn't continue like that. It could be that we are trying to fix something which isn't broken, but then I could be sitting here and ignoring the fact that it is broken. We'd have to place some major ground rules on the technology, like "no hyper-mega-death rays", or stuff to that affect.


I'm going to have to have a think about this.

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Tag I think most people will be thinking the same, I mean i've just had a stable Prime Minister Elected and he has a lot to do still. However, I think Europa has hit a deep slum, which will be hard for us to bounce back from. So I think most of us are willing to let slide some story lines and characters for a better state of RP, because basically, without a good stable RP situation, what's the point of good characters which cant be used properly.


To clarify, how about we say 30 years ahead. However, before we begin to RP it may be wise if we post a few standings before hand such as who is in power and what is the current national situation, that kind of thing.

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Actually the more I think about it, I'm finding myself agreeing with Tag on this. Thirty years from now I havent even planned on where the Haru would be. I'm also somewhat at a rope's end because of a shared SL with Beautancus that would have us working foreward of this.


That aside, thirty years from now if such hadnt been agreed to would be an interesting if dark place for my nation. I'm curious and hesitant at the same time.

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The timeline thing is a pretty cool idea in my opinion, but in the interest of getting things rolling, I'd be willing to go with the ten year idea (and it should be noted that Beautancus is not in a civil war, it was merely fighting a war against the Haru Empress' Forces). That'll give most of us the chance to keep our characters in place if we want, and ample opportunity to remove them if not.

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