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A Growing Problem


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To:All Concerned Nations of Europa


We of the Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes have come to notice that the proud tribes of the Mongol-Swedes have enjoyed prosperity since the founding of the alliance ages ago. It has been such prosperity that has contributed to a vastly growing population of our peoples that the issue of expansion to provide the necessary natural resources, which our enviromentally sound policies have done well to conserve in a practical manner, for the reasonable consuming by the tribes of the Mongol-Swedes. However, we have also been troubled by the recent upsurge in international turmoil that has been caused by other nations with expansionist 'manifest destiny' polices and do not wish to incur such strife, as we are a fairly peaceful nation despite the honour personal combat holds for our peoples.

Therefore, we request that all nations who share our concern with the expansion of nations consider the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes' plan to settle into plot 50 as a means to distribute our growing population over a larger area in order to prevent the overcrowding that threatens our ability to preserve the enviroment in a pristine manner which has been a cornerstone of Mongol-Swede folk and tradition. However, we will not move without the consent of our fellow nations in Europa, as we regard the opinions of other peoples key to our prestige and honour.

(Pending the results of this, including when we actually meet the forum requirements for expansion, we'll inform the regional cartographer of any major settlements we will establish.)

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Today the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes is preparing for a mass migration of several citizens from overcrowded areas around major settlements to their new homes. The Commission on the Environment had already completed a survey of the area and is very optimistic about the future of the Mongol-Swedes' dedication to preserving the enviroment for future generations to enjoy.

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