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Until I'm able to get internet connected to my house, I won't be able to regularly get onto the forum. This is due to my landlord disconnecting the phone line when the house I'm currently living in was renovated from a four-bedroom to a six-bedroom house, which means it's up to us to have the line reconnected.


On top of this, BT (British Telecom), which fits all phone-lines, apparently thinks that my house does indeed have a working phone-line connected with a different number, which is news to everyone involved, including my landlord. This means that we will have to make BT realise that we don't in fact have a phone line and then get one connected. After that, we can then try to get an internet connection.


This means that it will be at least a month before I can get the internet to my shared house, so I will not be able to regularly get onto NS or the forum, so my participation in RPs and general forum life will be non-existant.


Sorry about this.

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The thing with BT is that they're the ones who fit all telephone lines. We won't be using a telephone, we just need the line for the internet. They also take ridiculously long to actually answer the phone. It essentially took my mate, the guy who was actually doing all the phoning up of BT, several days for them to answer properly. Then we went back to square one. It's basically one step forward and two steps back.


I'm living in a house full of people doing Computing Science, Robotics, Internet Technology and all different sort of computer related stuff (I'm doing Archaeology tongue.gif), plus a few of them play online games like WoW and City of Heros. I'm still pissing about on Morrowind, which I bought for a fiver a few months ago.

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Looks like I'm having similar problems these days. Connection is acting up now and again, without explanation. Not very good if you have group projects finish.


The pc also shuts down by itself each night around midnight. I think it is hexed or something. unsure.gif

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