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Treaty of Newcastle

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There was a shuffle of feat, and a clatter of shifting chairs, as ministers rose to their feet. The large double oak doors opened, and footsteps echoed in the room. With a short bow, the noise rose up again, as the ministers were again seated. Kant, began the meeting.


"Lord Fairfax, I called you here so we could go over the our new proposal. We need your say."




"It is my belief through the studies of sociology, that as individuals, our knowledge has little value. And I concluded in my last book, that the same applies to nations in Europa. One nations say is valued little, unless it is supported."


"I read your books John, I know all about your theories."


"Erm, it's not theory my Lord, it's a fully analysed and backed up point, it's a fact."


The Prince Regent sat up in his seat in the shock, of Mills' reply, and how accurate the tone in his voice had been.


"Go on John..."


"Well, on that basis, we had devised a treaty, which could possibly bound several nations, who accept the clauses, together, in hopefully a more permanent agreement . The agreement follows a system I created based on a Philosophical approach to sociology. I based it on an experiment I undertook a few years ago. Where, my team monitored a group of around 100 school students, and concluded, that to survive in a tough social environment, it is crucial to form a strong group. Whereas the individuals stand out, and are ridiculed. On the other hand the more dominant groups rule. The same principle works on the international stage.


We don't intend to form a sphere of influence here, but a group of nations which will hopefully together, make us, richer, stronger, and more influential."


"Ok, you have the royal stamp on this one."


Lord Fairfax, took hold of a piece of paper sitting in front of him, took out his pen, and singed the bottom. He then passed it down the table to Mills.


"There you are John, it's all go."


Again the rustling of feat, and chairs took over, as the footsteps moved out the room, followed by a charge of ministers hurrying to the sandwich van outside.


"Hmm.. chip stotty."


Later that evening a message was floating around Europa.....



To: The Nations of Europa

From: The Federated Kingdom of Adaptus


Good Evening World Leaders.


I have spend many years in the academic fields of Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and many others. I decided to take my knowledge and experience into the field of politics. In my last book, 'The Sociological Confines of the International World.' I concluded that, to survive in the international community, it was vital to form social groups. My ministers and I have founded the first international agreement based on Sociological findings.


This leads me to my point of this letter. We invite you (The leader of your nation) to attend a meeting in Newcastle, in Adaptus. Once there you will be introduced to our Cabinet Team, and introduced to the proposed 'Social Group' we have devised.


We thank you for your time to read this, and hope you place more intrested by attending. Please reply, if interested further.


Yours Faithfully,

Sir John Mills Kant Ph.D, DCL, D.LL, Psy.D, D.Soc.Sc.

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To: Sir John Mills Kant from the Federated Kingdom of Adaptus.

From: Rose Amoros, General Secretary from the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.




First of all, thank you for sending this communication and the interest that we, the people of my Republic, can read your open letter to all nations of Europa.


Surely we didn?t share your point of view because as you have to know we don?t believe in those "Social Groups" you applied in your letter. In fact an as opposed to your theories, we defend the abolition of any Social Group wherever it is, as we defend the equalitarism of people against the fallacy developed, during centuries, by the Economy and Production for oppressing the workers and the weak opposite to the different capitalist groups and their allies.


But, if you want, we could assist as observers to the meeting of Newcastle.


Best Regards.


Rose Amoros, General Secretary of the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.

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