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Good day citizens, I am Thrak Dol, and this is your up to date information concerning the news of the Empire. Today as with any other day in our coverage of the warfare between the Honorable forces of our beloved Empress and the traitorous Combined Houses legions led by Fleet-Lord Sa'Karn.


Two days ago, the rebels were pushed back from Yaris, by our brave soldiers of the Renor Xukuth house and allies. Osiris, and Horus lay firmly within the grip of the rebels, and we have come into possession of film from those two besieged cities. I warn our viewers, the material is graphic.


Cutting away from the news centre to a grainy film, showing vaguely what could appear as legionnaires of the combined houses executing civillians in the street, or leading them away at gunpoint. Back to the studio...


As you can see here, the rebels have wasted little time in finding party members, and clerical staff, and the families of these individuals and executing them on the spot. The streets of Osiris and Horus are piled with the executed dead. We learned from sources within the cities, that a standing order of the rebels is to execute any officer or citizen expressing loyalty to the Empress.


Men, women and children have been put to death and we have several pleas of mercy and cries for aid from the city. These were sent directly to the legion command, and you , the loyal citizens of our Empress will not be waiting long. Our glorious forces will liberate the twin cities, and order will once more prevail in these dark times. Stand strong, the Empire is with you brave citizenry!

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This is Thrak'Dol and I am reporting toyou live in the Temple of the Sun, here in Chel'de Yorn. Two hours ago, the glorious forces of the Renor Oura panzer regiments and that of grand legions of House Xukuth and House Olath Shar began the siege of Prathen.


Here in the temple, the entire Tagnik Zun command ranks have been mobilized and are on display to be dimissed to their respective legions for mobilization and deployment. Before such, we have learned, Empress Fayh shall speak. Oh my..here she is, loyal citizens..the empress is here!


Spotlights and camera flashes lit the scene of the temple's interior grounds. More like a colliseum in design, the temple was wide and raised on it's sides providing a place for citizenry to seat or stand as a single raised podium like dais stood at one end. Within the embrace of the temple, row upon row of battle dress ready Tagnik Zun, standards of battle carried every sixth legionnaire. The triangle emblem rustled in the breeze upon these, a condor topping said standard. Larger banners hung at both sides of the dais and from the spotlight towers. Empress Fayh emerged, wearing an ornate costume harkening back to the days of old, a gown of deep black and arms and neckline covered in the strange runes of the old tattooing ways. A tiera like crown worn, as both hands came up to silence the cheering support from the rows of soldiering officers.


My loyal warriors, the time has come. The rebels are a disease, infesting out noble hearts with weakness. They cling to the old ways, and even their so called honour is but a deception as they would lure the purity of our blood into a union with the dogs of Janus. They seek a standing with our most hated enemy. We shall show them the cleansing mercy, and remove all signs of their existence and any who aid them. Go now..go to the glory of the battle and know, you, children of the Path, that you go with the strength of our ancestors and the might of our blood. You are the chosen and you will not be denied!


Mighty roar from those in rank and file, stamping of the standards against the concrete to create a sort of thunder in tune with the war chant brewing.


A stirring speech from the Empress, this is Thrak'Dol, reporting live from Chel'de Yorn and the Temple of the Sun!

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Diemos District, Prathen, Oct. 4

Reporting live, Jul'Er of HIN here with the 67th Xukuth Motor Rifle Regiment?


A phalanx of Xukuth tanks and armored personnel carriers chugged through one of the last city districts of Prathen occupied by diminished rebel house legion movements, witnesses said today, setting the stage for a final major battle in the remaining occupied Kos District.


According to residents along the outskirts, the Rebel troops, along with soldiers from former provisional militia units, were preparing to seize Kismayo, the city's international aeroport near the edge of the Kos District. Recently siezed by forces loyal to the Empress, two counter-attacks have so far been repelled by our valiant legionnaires of the 81st Olath Shar Para's.


A broadcast intercepted shows you loyal citizens the misguided who resist and the damage that a mad man has inflicted on our noble nation. Sengar'd'isto Jarvis, a high-ranking cleric-legionnaire that we've been looking for, for some time, vowed not to go down without a fight. This traitor who is a known confident of the rebel Fleetlord Sa'Karn is a threat to all loyal citizenry and we urge you to send in information as to his whereabouts. The traitor had this to say in the broadcast we recieved.


I want to tell you that the priest caste are still alive and ready to fight against the enemy of justice and nobility, that we have not turned our heads down to the approaching night," Jarvis told residents of Prathen in a speech today. "We left the central district in order to prevent bloodshed in the capital, but that does not mean we lost the war against our enemy.


In Diemos, the presence of Xukuth troops continued to spark violence, with supporters of the Rebel houses, battling street by street against the remaining partisans. Gunshots rang out, men and women could be seen in slumped over postions where they had fallen. Blood is upon the hands of the traitors, and for the leaders of this dishonorable rebellion against the ways that have guided us for so long.


Just two days ago, in a stunning reversal of fortune, Xukuth legions of the 6th and 91st legions, with the muscle of the Tagnik Zun 3rd Hands of Fayh Legion, reclaimed all of Prathen save for the districts of Diemos and Kos, driving out the rebel movement which had occupied the ancient city. More than a twenty thousand people have been killed in the fighting and the high command of the Empress's forces now face the daunting task of trying to piece together a city that has not had a central governing system in full and proper working order for the last six months.


Salad Elmi, the director of a large hospital in Prathen's Medina district, said the prospects of stability depend on how long the loaylist troops stay. This before had been under speculation until reinforcements of Augustinian regulars arrived this morning to aid in the occupation of the controlled districts so that other legions could participate in the erradication of insurgent forces.


I think it?s na?ve for them to go right now, Dr. Elmi said. We need them for security. But they are very visible and most people don?t like them. The longer they stay, the more resentment that will come. It?s very humiliating Dr. Elmi said.


Legion officials have said that they plan to withdraw troops in a matter of weeks but not before neutralizing the rebel forces, who declared support for the traitor fleetlord Sa'Karn and openly waged war against loyal forces of the Empress.


One week ago, the Xukuth legion command, with tacit Executive Order approval, unleashed a fierce counterattack against the rebels, bombarding their positions with jet fighters and pushing tanks deep into enemy held territory.


Since then, the rebels have been steadily on the run, their teenage troops no match for a well-equipped modern army. Xukuth high command has issued a statement today that says with current projections, Osiris will be within loyalist grasp before the end of December. That our fair citizens shall not have to wait long for their liberation from the talons of their oppressors and that evil shall be destroyed.

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Kos District, Reporting Live on scene: Jul'Er of HIN

0830, 23rd day, of the year 2007, under the guidance of our holy Empress.


I am standing here for all loyal citizenry of the Haruspex homelands to see. The final rebel stronghold of the Kos District has been secured by loyal forces of the Empress. The forces of 6th and 91st as well as the 3rd Hands of Fayh have routed the rebel forces of Sa'Karn and begun to round up disloyal citizenry in the area, as well as attend to the needs of those who were held under the law of the barrel.


The stiffness of the rebel defences sorely tested the 6th and it suffered heavy casualties before rebel attempts to throw the righteous and loyal forces back into the open lands were thwarted by the artillery of its 91st and 3rd Hands of Fayh, strongly supported by heavy bombers and the approach of the Olath Shar 72nd Motorized Rifle Legion out of Kamor.


From September to October, this taskforce headed by Vice-Lord Kral, has been involved in a bruising and bloody slog advancing from Yaris up the midlands against the determined rearguard defence of the Mzil Velven Tenth Army which skilfully took great advantage of the favourable terrain in organising successive lines of prepared defenses (Volturno Line, Nemos Line and Karath Line). At the end of mid September, after heavy fighting on the Karath Line (the forward defenses of the formidable Winter Line defenses) without a breakthrough, the 6th legion was taken out of the line in an attempt to find a solution to the problem. In its second amphibious assault of the revolt, it went ashore at Jus'Yan Pass, south of Prathen in Operation Yesol in October 2007 which was planned to threaten the rear lines of supply and communication of the Mzil Velven Tenth Army. At first resistance was negligible. However, Vice-Lord Keris, the general commanding officer of the legions felt he needed to consolidate his beachhead before breaking out. This gave the Mzil Velven 10th critical time to concentrate forces against him. Another bloody stalemate ensued, with the corps almost being driven back into the river for the second time in of his command of the offensive against Prathen, again being rescued by river borne naval forces and air power. When the stalemate was finally broken in the begining of October, the forces of the Empress had lost another commander; Keris was killed by a sniper towards the last day of the stalemate. He was replaced by Vice-Lord Kral.


When the 91st broke out, it was ordered to do what many considered a very questionable act. Instead of advancing north east to block the line of Mzil Velven retreat from Cassino on the Winter Line, it was sent north west up the coast towards Prathen itself and the Turaz District, the river port and largest district of the city state. Sengar d'isto Tarn, the commander of 91st Legion got the glory of capturing the capital district, but has been castigated by his peers and superiors for failing to trap and destroy the Mzil Velven forces. This, along with the poor performance at the Winter Line has cast a shadow over the reputation of the legion. It is hoped that Tarn and Kral can achieve a better standing as the two will be placed with the task of rooting out the disloyal insurgents and be amongst the first forces to siege the Ash'an mountain fortress as well as the city state Osiris.

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