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I think, it's about time we raised some tensions higher again. I'm not sure sure what there like now but yeah. I was thinking, after my King recently died in a terrorist attack. perhaps my also new Prime Minister should do something major about it. Another big alliance perhaps? I was thinking along the lines of the old, almost world war one style tensions we had earlier.


Coming out it's isolation, and facing an influx of foreign anti-monarch terrorists, Adaptus needs new official allies. Also Adapton Capitalism, which the country depends on so much, is not what it used to be. So, perhaps a trade based, anti-terror, and defence alliance?


In Adaptus' point of view, it's two main partners it would want in the alliance are Tag, and Aki. Tag, as he is Adaptus' oldest ally, and Aki, after the help he gave in the AdSoc war. Other members, possibly would include Voc and Delta, due to their close proximity and also friendly stance, at which Adaptus sees them. Anyone else would be also free to join. So what say? A new Alliance, to bring about some old hostilities.

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Not sure how far I wish to ally at this stage, man, although the Imperial Government definately would be keen on developing the relationship our two nations have even further, if it actually be done.


However, I do have a question to ask. At the end of the AdSoc War, Tagmatium, Akiiryu and Vocenae had troops deployed in Adaptus as peacekeepers or the like. Is this still the case? I've certainly been assuming so, but it is your call.


I won't be able to do an IC reply until Monday.

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Well their certainly will still be military bases dotted around Adaptus still, for all the nation involved. I've taken that into account most of the time also.


Perhaps I posted my thread slightly early. But, still feedback would be good. I like Red's post biggrin.gif.


The whole alliance wont be called the Treaty of Newcastle, I just used that as the meeting name. The end result will have a few point such as low trade tariffs for the member nations, combined military manoeuvre's, or 'Shows of Force'. But mainly, more co-operation between the nations in international ventures, and more agreement force. More yes power to international ideas.

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With the potential of Adaptus to be at my nations backside, if and when it recovers from the current civil war, it may seek at the very least a non aggression stance, though we shall have to see.


At this time, Machina Haruspex is not available for any treaty signing, nor able to send envoy from traditional clerical origins to any nation until the matter at hand is taken care of.

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I'm not in a state of Civil War actually,my nation fully recovered thanks to the efforts of former prime minister Philip Fairfax.


The troops form other nations are still based in Adaptus out of curtisy,and to strengthen the Adapton government in the post AdSoc era.

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Well my nation went a bit trigger happy, started a war with long time rival Beautancus, saber rattling on Tagmatium border, incited genocide on Zharr. Allowed Zharrian military to aquire and use a biological weapon..um..proliferated weaponry to a few nations and now the Principality is split into two factions and in a big bru hah hah of war, glory and death to change the leadership.


That's about the quick of it.

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