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Whats in a name?

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Finally.....There's some weird and wonderful names out there. Meteorola put the idea in my head a while back. So how did you choose your name?


I used to work in a mental health unit and Paranoid Schizophrenics were absolutley fascinating. Not in a sick way, just that they were all very ill and really didn't know it. There was no real treatment, just lots of reassurance and engaging in conversation and building up trust. That was where I first heard the name.


When it came to choosing a name in NS, I liked the thought of having a country that didn't like others, didn't trust anyone and thought that it wasn't alone.


I pictured a line of troops at a border utterly convinced that they had a load of other troops behind them, and those imaginary troops being convinced in the first lot of minds that they had someone behind them...etc...etc. And ALL of them being just as convinced that everyone was out to get them!! Just made me smile.


So come on you lot....spill the beans!!!! ninja.gif

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I'm a Meteorolgist. I subtracted the -gist and put an 'a' on the end.


Wham. Meteorola (pronouced as Pot so well said, a butchers cell phone).


All my city names are weather related, even if some of them are technical. As far as RP goes, the parliment is the Council of the Weathered Isles and it meets in the World Weather Building. Hurricane = Prime Minister, making me Hurricane Eric. The theme continues through all of the names I have and I will give out.

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(Haken Rider is my nation name in Europe, I use Haken for forums)


My name is Hannes.


In Dutch we call a small 'h' a haken (H and h are pronounced as ha or hash, but if you want to make something small you can add 'ken).


My last name is De Ridder (=knight).


A "ridder" got his name from the German term, which just means rider.


Now if that didn't confuse you...

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Ahem... This will probably sound stupid: Orion was already taken by a former nation, so there was no chance in using that name. Orion is a nickname I use on several other forums and in my primary e-mailaddress.


So, with Orion taken, I just tried some names that resembled it the most.

Oriono? No.

Orionu? No.

Orione? No.

Oriona? No.

Orioni? Hmm, sounds rather good. And not taken yet.


Playing with Orioni was fun, but I wanted a second nation to explore the evil options in NS. This became Orioni 2. You all know what happened to Orioni, and why Orioni 2 is the delegate now.

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As my nation began as a Republic, and i have an interest in the old Roman Republic, i called myself Senator Gaius. Gaius evantually became my leader.


As for the country, i find the medieval Duchy of Burgundy fascinating, and as the Burgundian dukes for a while ruled Brabant in Flanders, i just combined the two. TARRRRRRRRROOOOOOCAAAAAA!

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Well,.. nothing complicate about the name Koku...

I just derived it from Goku, a hero in a Japanese cartoon..Dragon Ball.

The cartoon was very famous in Japan and South Easet Asia.. It has been made ; commic book, TV cartoon, and even Game Boy Advance, play station, etc.

Another thing is that the word "Koku" is, I believe, an ancient Japanese currency... Just that!

user posted imageuser posted image


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well, my name is Phil, and as i was making a kingdom when i made my nation, i thought i should add a couple of roman numerals on the end, so i became Phil IV, who has sonce died and been replaced by his son Phil V (my monerchy seems to be a little unimaginiative when it comes to male sons...)

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well my first nation was Green Acrez because im a pothead plus i never planned to play this game again after i got my UN status taken from me when i had two UN nations and one was the delegate, even though my two nations were the ONLY FREAKIN nations there. but that was before invading and when the three game mods we had were bored and didnt have sh*t to do i guess. i then made this one up because i was high and was wanting to talk to a friend after i let my other nations die so i had to make a new one in order to do that and my wall paper at the time was the 'Stoner Smurf' pic i had for my ava a while back, so wala, Stoned Smurfs was born. i never planned to keep this nation, so thats why its a kinda goofy name. thankfully when Max made it possible for us to make our own naiton (insert whatever the word is for the first part of your nations name here), i choose Stoner Sanctuary of Stoned Smurfs and then went by the S.S.S.S.



man, when im stoned i talk alot huh?



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