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Adding to the list:



Team Fortress 2

Halo 3


Oh and if your say..ahem..in the possession of oh..a modified xbox 360, dvd drive mod I should say and able to play burned games. Talk to me, I dont sell but I do give away limited burned copies of games. A few friends of mine in the UK and elsewhere have region free games courtesy of me, so if you'd rather not pay 70-80 smackers for a videogame, hit me up. I may have it available.


Also, I do mod xbox's into home entertainment theaters. That I do charge for, but it's through paypal and yadda yadda. I like fair prices to.


This is a mod of the original xbox that I currently put together. It's asking price is $300.00 and is loaded down with movies, games, and whatever else. My personal one is as follows and is the base guide for all those put together.


500GB hard disk.


Included in this package is the system itself, standard power cable, composite analog AV cable, 2 Microsoft S-Type controllers, 1 Microsoft DVD Remote with Receiver (great for Xbox Media Center):


-a little over 150 full Xbox games, including just about every System Link game I have ever encountered.

-Apple IIGS emulator with several thousand disc images

-the most recent copy of MAMEoX (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) with around 3,000 games

-Atari 2600 with 448 ROMs

-Atari Lynx with 85 ROMs

-ColecoVision with 170 ROMs

-Commodore 64 with 3960 disc images

-DOSBox with Hero Quest, Kings Quest 3, Leisure Suit Larry, Quest for Glory, Sim City, and Warcraft

-GameBoy Advance emulator with 1694 GB, GB Color, and GBA ROMs

-Killer Instinct X (does a very good job of emulating the KI 1 and 2 arcade machines)

-Midway's Mortal Kombat II emulation (runs a lot better than MK2 on MAME)

-NeoGeo Pocket with 228 ROMs

-the original Nintendo NES with 767 ROMs

-Nintendo 64 with 158 ROMs

-Playstation One with 35 CD images

-SCUMM with Beneath A Steel Sky, Day Of The Tentacle, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island 1 & 2, Sam & Max Hit The Road, The Dig, and Zak McKracken

-Sega Genesis / Sega CD with 848 ROMs, including Snatcher and Night Trap :)

-Sega Master System / Game Gear with 346 ROMs

-Nintendo Super NES with 739 ROMs

-NEC TurboGrafx 16 with 108 ROMs, including a CD image of Dracula X

-A relatively complete collection from the Xbox homebrew scene, including Super Mario War (BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME EVER!!!), Baku Baku X 1 & 2, Beats Of Rage X with about 50 PAK files, Blob Wars X, Doom Legacy, DoomX, Duke Nukem 3Dx, Quake 1,2, and 3, Worms, xBomberman 2, xDescent, xHeretic, and xLime.

-Xbox Media Center plus all currently available skins, all updated and compiled today. XBMC is one of if not the best networked media solution currently available, and beats the pants off something like Apple iTV

DVDCOPY program allows you to copy games. Say you rent something, like it, but dont want to spend the dough? Rip it right to your system and enjoy.


It doesnt support XBL, but you can find tons of people anywhere in the world with XLink Kai which allows via computer your xbox to believe it is system linking with another xbox, when in fact it is not, you could and I have, played games of Rallisport Challenge 2, against a friend in China via this system. Plus it's free. Cant beat that price.


Whew..I think that's it. Oh and it's lit up like a bloody chrismas tree with cathode lights and a clear case with a lit up decepticon cover. I also can mod them in models if you really desire it. It's a bit extra because it's a pain in the butt to do so.


Cheers and all that.

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Depending on when you got your 360, it could be a generational issue. I know several of the first and second generation systems had very poor parts used in their construction to haste delivery.


It's a common theme.

During the rush to produce, Microsoft unwisely used several low end companies to make it's dvd drives. This is the problem with your xbox Vocenea. Your DVD drive is either faulty, be it reader or any number of design flaws that come from low bidders such as Toshiba, and Mitsubishi which constitute a fair number of the 1st-3rd generation consoles.


Try this-


This is actually wierd, it works. Instead of standing your 360 vertically, put it horizontal and see if you have any freezing issues.



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tThere was an update to download from Microsoft. The update needs to be downloaded and installed, and your Xbox 360 rebooted. After that, the 360 should come up and your freeze problems gone. So, if you?re having all sorts of flaky issues with your Xbox 360, try getting it on a network with an internet connection and see if it?ll download a dashboard update.


You can also do-


Try setting date/time correctly to wherever you are. Reason is, is XBOX automatically tries to check for updates. For some reason, if the time is wrong, it?ll freeze your system.

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Mine's the better one with the hard drive, picked it up early March 2006.


I don't have a fast enough internet connection to download pretty much anything but I'll see if I can't find a place to download.


Also I never used my 360 vertically so that couldn't be the problem...I'll try the thing with the time settings tomorrow. Thanks MH.

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