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Least Favourite Band?

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Not sure... I dislike most Indie bands at the moment, probably because there seems to be some sort of factory stamping the buggers out. All the songs sound the same, they all dress alike and they also have bloody ridiculous names. There are many more bands around at the moment in the mainstream, but they are all more or less exactly the same. It's irritating. It's similar to the whole Nu Metal and Pop-Punk thing which was about a few years ago, the market gets flooded with a load of clones, which then disappear again, with the odd band making a sorry attempt at continuing, even though the rest of the world knows that its hopeless.


I also don't like the Lost Prophets, Goddamned bunch of Welsh pretty boys.


I also dislike Emo.

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Saurom Landerth ftl.


Now just known as Saurom.


The only band that beats 80's spanish heavy metal band Jupiter or 90's Piel de Serpiente.


However, I recently knew about IOSYS, a JPop girls band... judge yourselves, but remember to tie your brain to your head first.




I have to say in their discharge that, their record 'Phantasmagoria mystical expectation' includes some good rock songs, they resemble Dover.

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Outside of rock, I have a deep disgust for psy trance or whatever that damn israeli computer music raves in the middle of nowhere is called. I miss the day when Israel's contributions to music involved spitting blood, breathing fire, having long tongues, and wearing a devil/bat costume tongue.gif. Now it's too much computers and too few Kiss. Other thing I also dislike is all of this dance music nowadays. Bob Sinclair has half of my hate.


Inside the rock medium, I can't stand Mars Volta, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Linkin Park, and Fallout Boy.

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A few of the people I'm moving in with this Sunday like symphonic metal, so I don't what I'm going to make of that. They also have the temerity not to like punk! How dare they!?

Make the most of it. Try counting how many times the words "steel", "metal", "dragon", "fire/flames/blaze" appear on a song or record. Dragonforce = easy mode.

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