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A Lesson in Playing God

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ooc: I hope this is ok tech wise - the 'drugs' used in this thread are never something which my military is going to be able to use to a combat advantage. They only exist to serve as the basis for this RP...




Lutrian Fortress, Khamseen State, Tinian Coast Military Zone?


Marking the northern end of the ?Tinian Coast Military Zone? Lutrian Fortress couldn?t be in a more desolate region. There was a fortress and a town of under 1,000 people otherwise it was several hundred kilometres of ancient parched desert until the next sign of civilisation. The fort itself was part of the large military presence in a stretch of coast leading from Khamseen to the east, occupying the coast opposite the recently contested isle of Tinian. The isolated position of the installation made it perfect for the top secret programmes run by the military?


Day 1, 0100?


The sound of howling wind that constantly bombarded the fortress had been interrupted. The whirring of rotors filled the air, as out of the desert an Air Force CH-47 roared, bearing the mark of the Serekan defence region on the side fuselage. As the helicopter touched down, the back hatch began to lower, the chopper clearly had no intention of stopping over. Around 30 troops, each clutching assault rifles ran into the courtyard to meet the aircraft. Once the doors were down the marines on the helicopter began to unload cargo. Figures in handcuffs and prisoner overalls were pushed out sprawling in the dust of the courtyard. Immediately they were secured by the fort staff and taken inside. In all there were 20 taken off of the helicopter.


The Chinook pilot waved at the commander of troops on the ground as the aircraft began to lift up once again, and soon it had returned into the desert sky, and the wind was all that remained.


In the command bunker the Commander and his newly transferred assistant watched the drop off.


?Who are they sir??


?Criminals, murderers and rapists ? true scum, the sort who aren?t even worth a bullet in the skull.?


?Why are they here? We aren?t a prison facility.?


?I can?t help you with that one. They are here as part of the latest round of fun and games being organised by the science department here, some sort of research and development I guess. Top secret.? This clearly annoyed the commander, who didn?t know everything that was happening in his own base.


Day 1 0200?


The prisoners were lined up in the main bunker of the base. In front of them one of the army scientists paced?


?You all are criminals, animals and scum that needn?t be inflicted upon society?? he yelled ?you have committed dire atrocities; you have been sentenced to death, which is what you shall receive here, one way or another.? One of the convicts was trembling, and the officer was soon to pick up on this. ?You, why are you trembling? It says here that you shot dead a co-worker in a pub brawl, there is nothing to fear, as within 24 hours justice will have run its course? Any onlookers would have been mistaken if they thought they had detected a hint of kindness in the officer?s voice, who turned away and yelled ?This one first! Lieutenant! Prepare the testing rooms!?


The convicts were led away one by one as the science personnel began to get ready for the day?s experimentation?


Day 1 0300?


The cold sterile nature of an underground bunker complex was fitting. The grey concrete threw up a dull and unwelcoming atmosphere. The science labs were little better, bright white, with little breaking up the white that seemed blinding compared to previous surroundings. The science team remained seated behind a glass screen, whoever designed it had not even given test subjects the courtesy of a two way mirror. Instead the room that would become the scene of carnage looked more like a recording studio.


On the other side of the glass screen, the room was entirely empty apart from the table where the subject was secured. The man was still trembling, and as the door opened and the scientist entered he became frantic, trying desperately to break free. A syringe plunged into the arm of the man. Sensors read vital signs and science staff looked on in interest. The main scientist spoke into a Dictaphone ?The first phase of our experimentation in performance enhancement has begun. After 10 seconds the subject remains normal?.


Not for long though. After about 15 seconds the victim erupted into violent convulsions, and began writhing on the table. He was screaming, but this was soon drowned out as the man began to foam at the mouth. Heart rate had increased, and brain waves were working overtime. The science staff looked on in horror. Soon the man was bleeding, blood was pouring from his mouth, nose even from eyes and fingernails.


?Abort, Abort? yelled one of the scientists, a hand slammed on a red button and within moments the test room became an incinerator. A wall of fire engulfed the writhing subject, obscuring him from vision of observers. A thick black smoke remained in the room, nothing could be seen. The subject no longer had a heart beat and was brain dead according to the sensors, which was understandable. The observers went quiet, what should have been a silence was interrupted by a small scraping noise coming from the still barely visible room. The sensors had been wrong, and the performance enhancing drug had worked, very well.


?What is that?? The scraping continued.


?I have no idea, perhaps one of the sensors shorted?. The scraping stopped.


A moment of silence passed. Then it came, for a split second the scientists may have seen what was running towards them on the far side of the glass. A charred corpse smashed through the supposedly reinforced glass, fully alive and kicking, much to the surprise of the observers?


*more to come*

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There were four in the room; the first died instantly, the main scientist whose head was ripped from its shoulders by the force of the impact. The three others were screaming, a second observer was punched and sent flying with superhuman force, ending up impaled on an upturned chair. One of the scientists made it through the door, locking it behind him and running. The final man in the room tried to get out too, but couldn?t ? his colleague watched as he hammered at the frosted glass of the door, but he was soon ripped away leaving a red smear on the glass. The scientist who had escaped hammered the nearest alarm, little good would it do. The ?test subject? bolted through the door in an instant and killed the scientist, before disappearing deeper into the base.


Soldiers arrived only moments later. Noticing the dead scientists, they carried on into the observation room. One wretched at the sight of a headless corpse, another examined the blood on the walls that might as well have been the new paint job. Then they noticed one of the observers, sitting on a chair in the corner, clothes drenched in blood. A few moments ago he had been impaled on the same chair but now he was back.


?Are you ok, sir?? One of the soldiers asked. There was no response ?Sir??.


The man looked up slowly, he was bleeding, from the mouth, eyes, nose. Without saying anything he bolted at the soldiers killing the first and second in one fell swoop with an a quick slash across the guts. The third backed off, levelled his rifle and began to fire at the risen scientist. The creature did not fall instantly but instead backed off before crumpling. What the soldier had not realised was that in this time, two other scientists had got up and were blocking the doorway the soldier stood aiming the gun at the corpse in case of any sudden movements. One of the two behind him grabbed a pistol from the soldier?s holster and within a second the remaining soldier had a bullet lodged firmly in his heart. Despite this, all of the fallen soldiers would soon be up and running once more. There were now 6 people in the fortress of Lutrian who were dead but hadn?t stopped moving.


Day 1 0500?


Many of the soldiers in the base were hardly awake when total alarm was called. The science department had been placed in complete lockdown, but that hadn?t stopped the spread of the chaos. Over 100 had since been infected, with many others completely dead. Only four areas remained safe: The Command Bunker, The Barracks, The Prison Cells and The Courtyard.


In the command bunker, the commander was surrounded. There was one way out of his office, and the room that it led to had been overrun. The metal blast door was being pounded at, and was starting to give. The commander, in a desperate bid to escape opened the hatch on the bunker roof and climbed on top, two aides prepared to follow, but the door gave way and they found themselves with nothing but pistols to fend off over 10 manic attackers, who seemed to be impervious to bullets. They soon went the way that much of the base seemed to be going. The commander was stuck on the roof, bolting the hatch shut behind him he made a move for the adjacent roof, perhaps from there he could run to the gate. Except he had forgotten that these were not your average mindless zombies, and that they were capable of using guns. A burst from an assault rifle, from the roof of the science department took him down in an instant.

There were 50 soldiers in the barracks building, by 0515, they knew where they stood. They were up against an enemy they could not beat, instead they made a run across the courtyard, for the gate, attempting to clear 100 metres in full view of enemy gunners. It would be carnage, but maybe some would survive. The 50 got ready and sprinted, only moments later the barracks were breached. In the courtyard, partially illuminated by the rising sun the 50 we running for their lives, among them Sergeant Wei was one of the leaders. One soldier in front turned and fired as did several others when Wei looked back. For a moment he paused, so many, at least 30 lay dead gunned down, many others were shooting at an enemy they could not hope to beat, with pursuers catching up. One thing Wei noticed before continuing his sprint was that one of his enemies did fall. A soldier?s bullets strafed the head of one of the creatures, it?s brains spilling before it fell and remained motionless. In that moment alone at least another 10 troops fell, and the dust was being flicked by bullets on the floor around him. He grabbed two others shooting in front of him and ran. They reached the gate where several more troops had been sheltering, they barred the gate ? anyone out behind Wei would be doomed, although he doubted any were left alive by the time he was out either way. The five began to run in order to warn the town, behind them they noticed as one man fell from the wall of the base, jumping to avoid his pursuers, before hitting the rocks below and remaining still.


At 0520 the cell blocks were already in trouble. 15 prisoners were dead in the standard security area. In the high security zone 4 marines and 4 prisoners remained stranded.


?Let us out, we can help?, Shouted a prisoner, a special case, who had been at the centre of a press hate campaign following his part in a series of gruesome murders. The marine shot the man once in the forehead and threw the key to the remaining three, whilst he and his comrades made a break through the window, clambering through onto the rooftop. They all made it out alive and began running for the gate, noticing the bloodbath in the courtyard. One fell in a spray of blood, another turned to fire but died before he could, a third stumbled but died before he could get up. The fourth realised he was trapped, the gates were locked he was being shot at by rabid corpses, would he wait until he was shot or ripped to shreds? He noticed an easier option and jumped, falling 30 or so feet onto the jagged rocks outside the base.


The fort was now totally overrun. A small group of survivors were heading to warn the town, but outside of the town nobody new of the disaster, so stealthy had the advance of the creatures been, one of the first areas to go was communications.


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Day 1 0700?


The 5 survivors from the fort came running into the town. Everything was silent, everyone must still have been asleep, despite the fact that the night had gone and the sun had risen on the town. There were just under 1,000 people in the town, none of whom were aware of the disaster at the fort, gunshots had been heard, but it could have been one of the many training operations the fort played host to.


?Sound the alarm? Wei yelled at one of his companions, ?Get everyone out of the town, go!?


The Soldiers scattered heading into the town, yelling at the civilians to drop everything and move to the south side of the town, making their way along the one road as quickly as possible. Wei ran into the Prefect?s office, and smashed open a glass cabinet before thumping the alarm button. All of the towns in this region were rigged with alarms, dating back to the days of near-conflict with the LT nations, when high command had predicted a Riderian assault on the mainland of Ide Jima.


Sirens sounded and civilians began to start moving. The few that had heard the soldiers were already heading south, but the rest just began to panic. Then came the noise Wei had been dreading gunshots in the north of town. He looked up the street and saw one of the creatures empty several bullets into a man sprawled in front of him, the creature ran out of ammunition before he could come to Wei. In an instant the Wei had planted a burst from his assault rifle into the creature, which fell twitching on the floor. He recognised him as a former member of his squad. To fight would be pointless, so Wei began to run southwards yelling at the top of his voice for everyone to head south. Where the road met the town the other 4 soldiers were waiting with a small crowd of about 20, two had found a couple of trucks ? there were very few automobiles in the town.


Everyone got onto the trucks and began to drive, not looking back at something that would only haunt them if they did?


Day 1 0715, Kwaejau Marine Base, 380 Kilometres Southeast of Lutrian?


A light on the map was flashing, which was never good news. Someone in Lutrian had set off an invasion warning. The marine commander was informed immediately, and he stormed into the room?


?Ready a Missile Counter strike!? He yelled.


?Sir, we cannot do that, Serekan requires that we receive confirmation from Lutrian via radio as to what is going on?.


?Damnit? He had been looking forward to a war. ?Get on the radio to Lutrian and tell me what the hell is going on?. The commander left the comms room to resume his normal regime.


?Lutrian, Lutrian this is Kwaejau, come in Lutrian? There was silence. ?Lutrian come in, we need confirmation of the status of the town?. No reply, something was definitely wrong. The communications officer did not look forward to explaining this to the commander, he got on the phone, and the commander would be back in his office by now.




?What Now??


?There was no reply from Lutrian?


?I KNEW IT! This is because they have just been completely overrun by LT forces.?


?With all due respect sir, if that was the case we would have received a lot more warning?


?hmmm, we should send someone up there, take a look at what the hell is going on?


A few moments later two IJMC UH-60 helicopters were lifting off outside, along with an AH-1 (Just in case the commander turned out to be right). The three helicopters roared off into the desert, the UH-60's each carrying 8 marines.

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Day 1 0900...


Wei was about 100 km south of the town by now. The whole area was now firmly in the grip of evil. A silence had engulfed the town now, people walked the streets but none of them were alive. Ever since Wei's trucks had pulled out and the screams had subsided there had been nothing, until the whir of rotors in the distance.


Some 90km above the town an Ide Jiman military satellite took in pictures of the town, relaying them to the helicopters...


"This is weird". The marine sergeant looked at the screen "Imaging shows there to be people in the streets - we can just make them out here."


"That's not weird"


"Yeah, but thermal shows nothing" Nothing at all.


"It's going to be a hot day... you think something screwed up the thermal?"


"Can't have done. It's hotter in Khamseen and it worked there"


"Weirdness. Something screwed up somewhere though" The Sergeant took no consolation from this. Something was obviously wrong. A new group of images flashed onto the screen. Same problem, except there was something showing in this one. "Look at this"


"Haha, what's he doing? Sunbathing?"


"Watch your tone, you're in the marine corps". The Sergeant snapped. "And no, he's not sunbathing. He's dead". The outline of the body was quite clearly visible on the image. The Sergeant opened communication with all three of the helicopters. "Change to battle formation, we have enemies on the ground at least one casualty. Immediately the helicopters broke to a wider formation flying higher than before, the AH-1 leading the way.


The town was in sight, and the helicopters began to approach. Given that at this stage the mission was purely investigative, they would fly low and skirt the town. Having started doing so, they saw a single character standing still in the middle of the road. The sergeant grabbed a megaphone "Hey, you!" The figure looked up, and in a moment was aiming an assault rifle at the helicopter, emptying off a burst at the UH-60. Bullets pinged against the side "damn this guy is accurate... we have a shooter, there are hostiles in the town, it looks like they might have infiltrated the civilian population."


The Marine sergeant grabbed the door gun and let rip at the figure. The first strafe went straight across the figure's chest, knocking him flying. The sergeant looked away to tell the pilot to get ready to land, except as he did so a bullet hit the co-pilot in the temple sending blood and brains all over the cockpit. "Land immediately!" The character on the ground was back, firing at the marines, a second burst stopped him in his tracks for good.


The UH-60s had hit the ground now, and the marines jumped off, before the helicopters took off and headed back to base. As the UH-60s dissappeared over the horizon the unthinkable happened. The AH-1 was a short distance away, emptying rockets off at something. Evidently it had had a similar experience to the marines. From the distance a rocket shot over the hilltop from the fort and knocked the chopper clean out of the sky. They were alone in the middle of hell now. Reinforcements would come, but not for a long time.

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Day 1 0930?


Although they were alone, the marines were still in radio contact with Kwaejau. The 16 would not be able to attack the town or fort, and so for the moment they decided to lay low and observe the town.


?Kwaejau, come in, Sergeant Han here, half a kilometre west of Lutrian?


?What is your status??


?They took out our AH-1, and 1 of our pilots was killed by ground fire. The UH-60s are heading back your way now?.


?Yeah we heard about that from the choppers. What is the status of the town.?


?Something has overrun this town. The people have been filled with unnatural power ? great strength and a massive desire to kill it would seem. They can stand up to a real hammering?.


?Can you handle this yourself??


?Hell no, it was hard taking out 1 with the machine gun in the helicopter, let alone the 200 + I?m guessing there are around here?.


?I?ll inform command?.


?Ok thanks?


?Wait. You said the town had been overrun??




?The UH-60 saw two trucks heading south towards Kwaejau, they might be survivors, we?ll go pick them up, see what they know. Otherwise sit tight and wait for help.?




Day 1 1000... Military High Command, The War Pavillion, Serekan...


Marshal Tsei-Chau was fuming. As the man responsible for all forces based within the Tinian Coast military zone the prospect of a massive security breach posed a whole range of problems. He first heard of the news on the phone to the Kwaejau commander...


"Tell me how bad it is"


"The entire town is overrun with what can only be described as undead, the fort is offline entirely."


"Crap" The Marshall very nearly said a much worse word. "So what you are in fact telling me is that there is a 100 kilometre chink in our defenses, slap bang in the centre of one of this region's potential flashpoints?"


"More or less sir"


"So what do we do? We can move troops, but if we start do more than shift companies the eyes of world media will begin villainising us immediately. If we do anything it will look like a second wave assault on Tinian."


"But I thought that's what we..."


"I know about the plan, but if we're going to show our teeth we need to do so in a vaguely controlled fashion, well, we're going to have to postpone the plan anyway."


"Sir, I have several air units at my disposal, there are no signs of friendly life in the town, we could obliterate it?"


"We'll need to wipe Lutrian off the map. But It's going to take more than your A-4s to do the job."




"I have several strategic command units at my disposal"


"Use of nuclear weapons!?"


"Why not? The town is a lost cause, we need to cover our tracks - no one can know what happened there."


"But nuking our own town? Inside the Tinian coast military zone?"


"Think of it as the first stage of our plan. Sure the media can look at what we've done, but what will they say? We evacuated the town and nuked it for training."


"I take it things are out of my hands now sir"


"They are, commander, sit back and enjoy the fireworks"


"Sir, if I may"




"I have 16 men just outside the town, let me pick them up first"


"You have 8 hours, so hurry".


The commander swore after he put the phone down. Why did all the mentally unsound ones rise to become Marshalls? He picked up the phone "Ready an MH-53E, tell our boys up there they'll be coming home immediately. Get on the radio to them, tell them to head west into the desert, we'll pick them up on our GPS"




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Day 1 1100...


At Lutrian, the minutes seemed like hours, when the order came to head west there was one great sigh of relief. About 4 kilometres out into the desert the marines had halted, waiting for pickup - completely unaware that somewhere in the central ranges an Ide Jiman Air Force B-1 was taking off, armed with three 100 kiloton nuclear warheads.


Visibility was poor, but the MH-53E could be heard from miles away. The tracking device carried by the sergeant showed them where the helicopter was, similarly the helicopter could see them. The massive machine touched down, and the troops ran inside quickly eager to get away from the glaring sun and mad zombies...


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Day 1 1600...


The lone bomber soared over the desert, moving towards Lutrian at supersonic speed, bearing down quickly on the target. As the target neared the pilot received confirmation from Serekan. Three missiles dropped away below the aircraft - 'black mamba' ALBMs, a downscaled version of the 'Boomslang' which had been used to devastating effect in a conventional capacity during the Deltannian civil war.


The three missiles headed off to the target, whilst the bomber wheeled round to head back to the north. Moments later as they hit home there was a blinding flash, one that could be seen miles away in Serekan. The town would surely have been completely obliterated, but the explosion would not have gone unnoticed.


1700, Military High Command, The War Pavillion, Serekan...


"Has the town been destroyed?" Marshall Tsei Chau was impatient.


"We are not sure, we have no satellite in the region. A recon Skyhawk has been scrambled at Kwaejau and shall shortly be relaying results to us."


"Very good. Have you spoken to the Admiral yet?"


"Yes sir, nearly all navy and marine units are in position. Cruisers and destroyers are massing in Khamseen, whilst Xian plays host to Frigates and Carriers. Assault ships and subs have already put to sea."




"There was a delay delivering supplies to the LHDN at Khamseen, it shall be ready to sail in 24 hours. Marine brigades are moving into Khamseen."


"24 hours?"


"Yes sir"


"Tell him that the 14th Imperial Army is ready to move when he is. Then Operation August Storm can begin... This has to be a success."


"Sir, if I may..."




"What if the nuclear weapons didn't work? And surely someone will have seen?"


"The epicentre of the explosion would have seen temperatures high enough to turn sand to glass in an instant, let alone incinerate flesh and bone. Those that might be outside the epicentre would surely perish before reaching civilisation. The nuclear weapon was part of training, if anyone asks..."


(ooc: August Storm a massive training operation on the southern coast).

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