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Greetings Europans!


I am Corsimenia, or New Corsimenia (or the Captain, or the Admiral, or whatever), and I was told of your fine region by my good friend Beautancus, whom I've done quite a bit of RPing with elsewhere. I've been away from NS for a while so all my nations have died, but I'm resurrecting Corsimenia and as soon as it's alive again I'll put it in your region. I look forward to many happy RP hours spent with you!





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Heh. Good guess.


In my last round of modern-era RPing (with New Corsimenia, sort of Corsimenia's modernized version), New Corsimenia was grounded in piratical tradition though not emplying piratical practices, but still had a very powerful naval force. I could either go more heavily piratical, roguish, and isolationist with Corsimenia, or have a nation which is kind of trying to "clean up its act" regarding piracy so that it can be accepted into the international scene. It depends on the general mood of the storyline and so forth. I've been refraining from trying to get involved in any RPs because I haven't figured out exactly how Corsimenia has developed in the modern era; it's probably going to end up kind of skewed though.

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