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All Good Things OOC Thread

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Told you guys I was coming back in swinging.


You can probably see where this is going, lol.


Right now, I gotta ask that you refrain from posting in the thread till I get my second post with Hadenar's speech up. After that, feel free to respond however you feel your nation would respond to it.

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Alright people my phone company is having problems concerning the local phones lines so I can only manage to be on for about five minutes each time I try to connect.


The speech will be up sometime tomorrow evening, since that's when they said they'd have everything fixed.

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Alright, speech is up, finally.


What is happening is that Admiral Hadenar has had enough of the grand conspiracy that basically changed Vocenae from a corporate controlled humanitarian state to an agressive right wing superpower, much like the United States is today.


He's spilled the beans about everything he knows, his involvement and wants to make things right. It's basically going to split Vocenae down the middle in the second Vocian civil war. Hadenar will have most of the Navy on his side, and be getting supporters from the army to form a solid ground force with what remains of the Accran rebels and the corporate forces that are back to reclaim the haven they lost.


Feel free to jump in whenever you like, I'm going to try to keep a one post per day qouta so this doesn't sink like I've let all my others do.


And, in a suprise twist, this is also serving as my official expansion thread, having finally come up with a good enough idea to fully rp it with. tongue.gif



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