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The Democratic Republic of Elvine

Guest Zoe

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hi guys, mi name is Andres, im new in this region. in fact im not so new, hehe, i got to Europa a few weeks ago.

Im from Argentina, i hope you know where it is tongue.gif hehe

I wonder someone to tell me something about this region, because as i told before, im new, and im not very used to this new region.

Finally i want to thank everybody for the welcome. biggrin.gif

In a few days i'll post the history of mi glorious nation, so the ones who are interested can know a little bit more about Elvine, its people and its culture.


Andres. smile.gif



(im sry if my post isn't clare, but im not very good in english, and im in little "coffe break", i have 4 important exames in a few days, and i cant give me the pleasure in wasting my time writing sad.gif )


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