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Since there have been some troubles with those polls, I looked what could be wrong, and figured it out:


When you want to make a poll, make sure you choose the "single-choice" option, which is the radio-button poll. The "multy-choice" is the square-option, which doesn't seem to work.



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If you make a new poll, you'll see a drop-down menu like this:


Single choice (1)

Multiple-choice (2)

Multiple-choice (3)

Multiple-choice (4)



You have to choose the "single-choice" option. This option is for a standard poll with radio-buttons. The other ones are the kind with squares. And it's the squares which gave problems.


This "single-choice" option doesn't mean you can't have different possibilities. If I'm not mistaken, you can add as many as 15 choices...



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