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Europa v4 Redesign

Multiple-choice enquiry, please read the topic before voting. Thank you.  

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  1. 1. Multiple-choice enquiry, please read the topic before voting. Thank you.

    • New PM Flasher
    • Scrolling Newsbox
    • Drop-down Links
    • Random Image Switcher
    • The new design (v4)
    • The old design (v3)
    • The old Chatbox (Cbox)
    • The New Chatbox (IF)
    • Spell check
    • Star Interesting Topics

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This is an open poll to see which technical features are worth keeping and which are a bit over the hill.


+ Please select the items you like from the list at the top.


+ If you could live without one of those features, please don't include them in your vote.

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A couple weeks later. Does anyone have any remarks regarding the sidebar? All suggestions are welcome.


Furthermore, I'd like you to tell me what features you would like to see added or restored. Ex.: news ticker, more links, arcade, etc. Perhaps someone had a great feature at another forum. With a little explanation, I might be able to introduce it here as well.


Don't be shy, let your voice be heard.

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Well, it takes it, and the new chat box a helluva long time to load on dial-up. I hate to say it, but I liked the old version better because everything loaded fast for me even on dial-up.


Plus everything seems scrunched together now.


But yes, I'd like to see the side-bar gone.

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Spell check isn't worth keeping, in my opinion. This is because I use MSWord for any long post, so don't use the spellcheck, as well as the fact that (if you Americans forgive me on this tongue.gif) it's American English, so I'm being all nationalistic and using proper English. tongue.gif


I also find that the new lay out is much quicker to load for me than the previous design, which took ages to load, even though I had got onto the page. I'd spend up to a minute just looking at a blank blue page, which tended to be rather irritating, especially because my wireless connection tends to give up after a while, so I'd often be trying to get things done before it gave up for a few hours.


The old random image thing, whilst being pretty funky and amusing, was also a bit of a problem, as I think it affected the speed of the loading.


I think this new one looks a lot nicer, perhaps because it's something new, although the old one was still pretty cool.


EDIT: One thing I definately don't like is how the old "Hidden" thing is now called "Invisible Ninja Mode". It seems a bit too silly, to be honest.

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I like the sidebar but it's not necessary if it slows down too many people.


Vocenae, does this chatbox really take longer than the other one? That's odd, I've seen it much faster here, but maybe that's because I'm on DSL.


Spell check is definitely not worth it. That takes up a ridiculous amount of resources. Besides, since everyone in the world should be using firefox, spell check is automatic. (A few other browsers are okay I guess tongue.gif)


Tagmatium, do you have a problem speaking American? biggrin.gif

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In the Map forum, there's four pictures of the map at the top, one of the climates, another of the geography, a third of the plots and the final ones shows the different nations. This last one doesn't show a picture of the current map, but one of the earliest versions of the new Europan map.


TagEdit: As of Friday 15th of February 2008, I'm closing this thread, because its over six months old and already been acted on and it confuses the hell out of me whenever someone votes on it.

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