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Yeah man, I feel your pain. The only way I've been able to keep health insurance for as long as I have is that my wife's job provides hers (albeit at an astronomical price). Hopefully that'll change next year when I can actually start teaching. Yet another reason to be an RL socialist. America needs more. Either way- hope to see you around, and I hope that things look up soon.

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SDC, that is very unfortunate. My mom has been going under similar stresses for a long time, and with three children, a lack of health care was a problem. Even for herself when she needed it for foot pains, etc, it was bad. I think we've rigged some plan together (my stepmom has two of us covered), and my mom is finally covered with my half-brother, so it finally works out. But me too, I avoided the doctors for a long time because of this. Good luck to you and I hope everything will work out.

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