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Cussian Imperial Information Network

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The evening broadcast, aired at seven p.m. Ttoille Standard Time


Demure face austere against the cameras, Sybil Mozedeh- the evening news' regular newscaster gave a stiff nod before beginning.


"Good evening, and may the Heavens bless and keep you all. I'm Sybil Mozedeh and this is the CIIN Evening News.


As everyone is more than aware, hostilities are well under way in the east, as Haru-Dakat forces launched a surprise attack on eastern Marmak Province early this morning. The earliest estimates indicated that the main thrust of the Heretics push penetrated to within fifteen miles of the city limits of Hamai, but were halted there by the stiff resistance thrown up by the city's valiant defenders. Here's a recap of today's developments..."


The screen shifts to a map of eastern Marmak Province, highlighting a multi-pronged, multi-faceted advance by the Haru forces. Several outlying rural prefectures were already firmly in their control, but for now National Defense Brigade artillery and armor maintained control of the high-ground, while the city's extensive network of AAA redoubts provide a constant blanket of support against further aerial incursions. Heavily edited shots of the chaos from the first hours flashes in rapid succession- a video (clearly taken from a distance) of a village being torn asunder by distant artillery, the charred remains of a redoubt, not long after sunrise, and the burnt remains of a Haru APC that had penetrated too far too fast and had been cut off from its line and shredded by vengeful Cussian fire. The next footage is of Brigadiers, weapons figuring prominently in the shot, and looking more than a little formidable.


"As is evidenced by the result of the day's fighting, this conflict will not be defined by the rules of past wars, but also evidenced by the day's fighting is that the Blessed Cradle is never lacking of honorable and noble men willing to take up the Righteous Struggle."


Pausing to collect her papers, the camera angle shifts on Sybil, and she begins again. "Also today, in a very rare public address, President and Regent Eli Myllyharju-Ttoille provided the nation with assurances that the conflict was well under control, and that the Defense Ministry had taken the necessary precautions to ensure that the fighting was limited to a restricted area in the most remote corner of the Dynamocracy."


The screen flashes and shifts again, this time to an Presidential Press Conference held earlier in the afternoon. The audio comes in a good ways into the body of the President's address, however the portion presented here is amongst the most important: "...And the grace of the Heavens I swear to you all that this unprovoked act of aggression will not go unpunished. Our righteous fury has been incurred in this war, a war that we did not want. But by the time all is said and done, it will be the Haru-Dakat who no longer want the war, but by then it will be too late! We are a people patient and strong, more than capable of shrugging off whatever treachery the Eastern Carrion-Dogs attempt to heap upon us. Even now, as they throw thousands of their sons upon our spears the world's opinion of them darkens, and soon it will be impossible for them to continue this heinous conflict, for fear of unilateral international intervention!" The President's face sets, with more than enough resolve to spare for the entire nation.


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The screen shifts back to Sybil, who continues:


"And on a much happier and triumphant note, though in regular service within the Dynamoracy for more than a decade, the Cussian Imperial Information Network had until today restricted viewing of its news service to Beautancus, and the adjacent north-west Occident plots on a restricted basis. With the complicated geo-political nature of the current conflict with the Haru-Dakat, and the government's recent moves to regularize diplomatic relations with the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium, and the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu the Dynamocracy's Domestic Affairs Ministry has authorized the syndication of CIIN throughout Europa. It is the genuine desire of the government of Beautancus, and the Cussian people that the nations of Europa gain a greater understanding and appreciation for Cussian culture. We welcome all the billions of our potential new viewers with open hearts.


For the CIIN Evening News, this Sybil Mozadeh signing off and wishing you the kindest of the Heaven's blessings."

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