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With my nations somewhat ahem..greedy little talons dipping into affairs all over, I am seeking not only atagonists other then Beautancus, but also others who may very well be alarmed at a large nation intending to fund every sycophant fearmonger of a dictator and their own nation with high grade military hardware and or providing " advisors " to said nations for bettering their defense.


Suggestions to current SL's, others to be formed..ideas etc.

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Cabarria isn't in a position to directly oppose you, but we would be generally concerned about those actions. Cabarria would be highly alarmed if Machina Haruspex began involving itself in the Zharr-Ishakor war along its western border.

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Miiros is not in the position to have relations develop with the Haru right now, but once the Republic is founded there could be a positive relationship between us. The neutral republic will seek to access markets shunned by most others, thus maximizing profit and it would make Haruspex dependent on Miirosi goods over time.


Alternatively, the Haru could support Lucius Moros of Andrasteia in his efforts in establishing a Miirosi Empire (this would undoubtedly mar any relations the Haru could have with the Republic though) or they could aid the Free City in exterminating political rivals for Unification (although convincing the Free City to do this would be difficult).

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As you have seen the People?s Republic doesn?t like the Machina Haruspex. My nation considers that your nation is a fascist state, more than Renposa. Also my nation is in a slow "sovietization" process, with some rights loss and an increase of Military expenditures, looking for his dream, the global socialist revolution of the oppressed masses.


When I arrive to nowadays in Codename Eva (I go as fast as I can, with my internet dictionary stopping in every word) I think anybody could enter.



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The Republic of Miirosi would be a good choice of an ally.


Socialists, like Red Iberic Workers, Fear us.


Sorry for the bit of rambling and not making sense Emakera. I should drink more coffee before I start posting. 2pm in the afternoon is like the morning for me, when I wake up.

In any case, join the list RIW. Heh.


On another subject Tag, I havent heard from Suverina about the proposition, so I may look elsewhere. If any of you are interested in playing a scape goat to further " regional chaos " against Tagmatium, do let me know.


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As for the Red Iberic Workers, socialists have always feared us, the tune of progress mired in decadence often does and that we by far and large an ancient culture of which there are few living nations to explain the why's and do's of such a nation as ours, it adds to confusion and confusion leads to fear. So fear us.



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