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I've been rather inactive past... half year or so. My roleplay contribution always have been a bit limited. So before I make any big rp plans, I would appreciate it if everyone summarizes recent and current activities and stances (and perhaps a bit of history) of your nation. It would help me plan things, work more diplomaticaly and see who's still alive and conquering.

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Cabarria hasn't made too many waves internationally, being on fairly neutral terms with everyone. Right now her neighbors are embroiled in a war which will eventually result in Cabarria's occupation of those territories. We're open to anything you might have in store. smile.gif Any other questions?

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The Principality of Haruspex has been saber rattling for the last week or so and finally began an invasion of the southern border of Beautancus while fortifying it's own southern border facing Tagamatium.


During this process, Haruspex has been sending out envoys to nab non-aggression pacts from some of the more longstanding nations who happen to be in the region as neighbors or close enough to be such.


And of course we're offering massive military hardware sales at low rates to anyone looking for that special something.


As of earlier today,

Haruspex para-infantry and regular army crossed the border into Beautancus.

Haruspex naval forces went on high alert and steamed out of the Perya provisional harbor.

Southern and Western borders on high alert with rapid military mobilization and deployments.



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Damak Var has recently joined a new alliance. SDC is using my southern airbases for the conflict with Renposa. In terms of foreign affairs, there isn't really any tension except with Renposa. But Damak Var won't be contributing any of its own forces. There is a bit of worry about the arms race between Tag and Suv. The possibility of war might disrupt shipping to Rutanika, which plays a significant role in my country's economy.

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Renposa doesn't exist in Europa anymore, BJE.


As for the Imperial Republic, I've aquired the the Accran territories and am currently performing small scale military operations to fight the remaining rebel forces there while performing a massive overhaul of the Accran infrastructure which was basically destroyed during the Accran cival war.


I'm also preparing to send a espionage force into Deltannia to find out why the Deltannian military is mobilizing. Other than that, not much is happening with me, but who knows, something might cause me to become a bit more involved on the international stage again.

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doesn?t Renposa exist?


The situation in the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers:


My republic is in war with Renposa (but if no longer exists...) and it is supporting the rebels in the adjacent territory of Indalia.


My republic is in the alliance between SDC, Emakera and Damak Bar. In the Beautancus (and Tagmatium) - Haruspex conflict, the People?s Republic believes in the great danger that means a fascist state like Haruspex but my country also doesn?t agree with the politics and ideologies of Beautancus and Tagmatium and really thinks that a global socialist revolution is possible.


My nation is reconsidering the weapons sale to Suverina consequence of its good relationship with Haruspex. Also it sees any deals between SDC and Haruspex with suspiciousness.


And that?s all I think.



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Miiros is looking at itself as the sole power left in the Orient and has many ambitions, but is set on a path that will lead it to war with some minor states neighboring it. After that, a new Miirosi state will be formed and which will be a totally neutral mercantile state.

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Beautancus, which can best be described as imperialistic-theocratic-militaristic-socialistic (though of a separate strain than the branch originating with Marx) was in the midst of pursuing friendly diplomatic relations with Tagmatium and Akiiryu, when its ancient nemesis Machina Haruspex went and got all trigger happy...So for the most part, there's a war going on in Beautancus. Other than that, there are moves being made to regularize relations with the SDC, though no future diplomatic moves are planned (unless something materializes with some secretive stuff with Miiros).

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