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Greetings my fellow nations, I am incredibly pleased to be a new nation in this wonderful region.The Oceaniia Federation is a progressive one,faced with issues such as social welfare,healthcare and education.We currently have a population of 5 million citizens which is expected to grow due to a high birth rate and new immigation legislation.The main language of Oceaniia is Oceanese but English is fluently spoken by all citizens.Our government is a unitary state with a democratic government lead by the Citizens Alliance (CA) a social-democratic political party.This party holds a majority in our legislature making it the ruling party.Our nation believes in accessible services for all of our citizens.The state funds and provides the safety services,education,mass transit,and healthcare for all of our citizens.We are currently building our economy with the help of our great Automobile Industry.Our population is fiercely patriotic and enjoys social equality not available in more capitalistic countries.We hope to be a great voice of optimism and intelligence in the region.Thank you and have a great day.


Jiang Kii

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Oceaniia Federation



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