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Operation Annex/ Expansion OOC Thread

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For the longest time I've wanted to properly RP my takeover of the former Accran Imperium, but I failed that partly because I ran out of ideas and partly because I wanted to keep Contagion moving forward.


But it's been almost too long for me to go back and pick up where I left off, so instead I'm going to go forward with my army finally forcing the insurgency into plots 6, 7, and 8. Since this is considered 'historic' Vocenae, I'll be following them because to my populace it would be just the same as a foreign army landing there.


But since the majority of the insurgency has been routed, and 'historic' Vocenae isn't heavily populated, the forces hunting the insurgency will be drastically reduced. So instead of having tanks and chopper groups searching for them, it'll be more like Special Ops teams like the Ghosts from Tom Clancy's novels. Also, I'm going to try going at this from two ways, like Miiros is gonna do with his, and represent both the insurgency leaders and my nation.


Hopefully, this will work out better than it did the first time, and give me my own little internal threat like most other nations have.

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