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I have been dissatisfied with how I have been RPing Miiros for a while now and I have a pretty good vision of where I want to take things and how to do it. This is a brief outline of what I intend to do; keep in mind all of this will take multiple RPs.


If anyone of you have played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, then you will be familiar with Manaan, the homeworld of the Selkath. While the rest of the galaxy is embroiled in the vicious Jedi Civil War, Manaan is completely neutral. Sith soldiers and Republic soldiers are both allowed to dock and use Selkath services. Manaan?s strategic and economic importance keep it safe from either side upsetting this agreement. This is essentially what I want Miiros to be like. Miiros would stay out of other nations affairs, so long as it does not upset the peace and serenity of Miiros. Miirosi goods would be available to all nations, which would be a lifesaver for embargoed nations. Miiros will even go so far as to service foreign militaries: repairing/re-supplying ships and the like. The latter could get very interesting during wars since both sides would be allowed safe-haven in Miirosi waters and ports.


The neutrality will not be absolute. With the collapse of EOS and the lack of any great powers to rival her in the Orient, Miiros will begin to get ambitious. This is where expansion comes into play. The old royal family of Miiros have ruled the nation of Andrasteia for generations after being expelled from Miiros Isle and the Second Empire collapsed. Their latest king, Lucius Moros, is overly ambitious and has proclaimed himself Emperor of all Miirosi. This does not sit will with the former provinces (now indeprendent nations) of the Miirosi Empire, including the Free City.


Andrasteia is the polar opposite of the Free City. They are ruled by a monarch, who believes adamantly in bringing God and socialism to the world while creating a Third Miirosi Empire. Relations with Miiros will be extremely strained and tense; Miiros is looking for an excuse to crush him. The Executor will start meeting with the other former provinces: Metis, Lucrece, Kratos, and Arnora. These four nations, including Andrasteia, will cover the areas of plots 41, 42, 43. The goal is that by the end of all these RPs, they will all be unified under a new government, dominated mainly by the Free City since its population is so massive.


This is how the war and formation of the new state will occur:

- Miiros meets the four provinces and a major argument ensues over sovereignty. It goes poorly.

- Andrasteia begins beefing up its military and builds new bases along its borders making Arnora and Metis and Lucrece very nervous.

- Kratos descends into civil war after Andrasteian agents succeed in sparking an Imperial Socialist (try to figure that idea out) revolt.

- Miiros intervenes in the Kratos Civil War after Eastern Kratos pleas for aid.

- Kratos is split into an Imperial North, Miirosi East, and a southern No-Man?s-Land.

- Political drama between Miiros and Andrasteia starts to get extremely ugly.

- Andrasteia invades Lucrece.

- sh*t hits the fan.

- The Free City, Lucrece, Eastern Kratos, Metis, Arnora band together in mutual defense.

- Andrasteia to hammered into the ground.

- End of the War: The Most Serene Republic of Miiros is formed with aforementioned neutral government and much more moderate economic system due to the large new voting blocs with socialist sympathies.



Now the fun part of this is that these are the events that will take place without any external interference. No idea what will happen if anyone else gets involved. Does this whole plan sound feasible? It will take quite some time to RP the whole affair.

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Imperial Socialist? God and Socialism?


What is this? huh.gif

It is basically what happens when an absolute monarch truly believes in God and his divine right as ruler. Socialist teachings also resonate deeply with King Moros, which gives him a sense of social justice.


What he has done is reconciled his position with socialism. He has seen how the revolutions have ultimately failed due to greed and corruption. With a monarch, a man born to rule and serve the people, the principles of socialism can easily be enacted and enforced. He's a real idealist who, in his heart, believes he is doing what is best for his people. He will raise his children to think this way and he will educate his people to think this way.


To him, The Free City is ruled by satanic intentions. The bodies and spirits of the Miirosi are held prisoner by Satan. He must reunite the Empire in order to save all of those people and to save to Orient itself from the debauched and wicked Free City.


This war will not be your standard "overthrow the evil dictator and bring freedom to plot X" This is a war between two sides. The "good guys" are whoever you agree the most with.



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Interesting...While I'll probably be too invested with the Deltannian situation and my own expansion which I finally have an idea for, I'd like to at least be involved politically.


With the collapse of EOS and the isolation that the Free City faces as the only power on the Eastern seaboard, maybe the government could rezch out and ask for Vocian assistance since our nations have warm ties from the CIS days. Then I can shoot them down and we can start a new rivalry or something.

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::Tag has been removed form the left::

My nation is sort of Imperial Socialist, except that it's only socialist because of the fact that the current government is. Otherwise, it'd just be your standard absolute presidency-for-life.


And it's supposed to be a Christian one.


So it's kind of the same.


I've rambled.

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Interesting...While I'll probably be too invested with the Deltannian situation and my own expansion which I finally have an idea for, I'd like to at least be involved politically.


With the collapse of EOS and the isolation that the Free City faces as the only power on the Eastern seaboard, maybe the government could rezch out and ask for Vocian assistance since our nations have warm ties from the CIS days. Then I can shoot them down and we can start a new rivalry or something.

That is an idea, although I can't really see Miiros asking for help from anyone unless things go terribly awry.

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Some info and a map (You may need to copy the map into paint seeing as the board shrank it):


Note: All of these states consider themselves Miirosi. Common = English


Map Key:

Red - Industrial Center

Green - Financial Center

Blue - Port

Yellow - Capital

Large Circle - Huge City

Square - Large City

Small Circle - Minor City


user posted image



Population: 253,546,450

Economy: Powerhouse

Civil Rights: Rare

Political Freedoms: Outlawed

Language: Common, Latin


Andrasteia is an absolute monarchy headed by the ambitious King Lucius Moros IV. Power is concentrated solely in his hands despite the existence of a Senate, which exists merely to give the common man the illusion of power. The Roman Catholic church also has a great deal of influence over Andrasteia and its power over the king has led to a number of draconian moral reforms, which has left the upper classes greatly dissatisfied.


King Moros has also enacted many economic reforms, which gives the state absolute control over industry. He has created a socialist state which benefits the lower orders while establishing an efficient production setup for war with the Free City. His iron grip on the economy has left the middle and upper classed greatly irritated and disenfranchised.


Militarily, Andrasteia is a force to be reckoned with. They have greatly expanded their army and it is unrivaled by its land neighbors. Their navy is formidable, but greatly outgunned by the Armada of the Free City. Their air forces are somewhat outdated and underpowered. There are rumors that King Moros may be trying to develop nuclear weaponry.



Population: 25,340,487

Economy: Weak

Civil Rights: Few

Political Freedoms: Few

Languages: Common, Latin, Greek


Arnora is a monarchy headed by the feeble King Ragos Harkonos with considerable power also vested in an aristocratic Council of Nobles. The King is mainly in charge of national matters whilst the nobles are left to rule locally however they like. The king has been in ill health recently and his two children Crown Price Titus and Princess Jocasta are constantly fighting over his power. The Greek Pantheon is principally honored in Arnora, but the Roman Catholic Church is gaining a strong foothold.


The economy in Arnora is a joke. It is mainly agrarian and has failed to industrialize properly, which leaves it with little means of production and a poor quality of life. Unemployment is rampant, but the lower orders are suppressed by the military and the nobility. The economic system is command.


Militarily Arnora is a pushover. Most of the soldiers are foreign mercenaries and act as a police force rather than a defensive corps. They have a pathetic brown water navy and extremely dated planes passing for an air force. Arnora has mainly relied on the fact that it is strategically unimportant and is a poor target for invasion.



Population: 85,035,350

Economy: Strong

Civil Rights: Good

Political Freedoms: Excellent

Languages: Common, Latin, Greek


Lucrece is a loose federation of city-states with most of the political power concentrated on the local levels. City councils and provincial legislatures handle the bulk of business and there is no real executive or judicial branches of government. Everything is handled by town assemblies. This gives the nation difficulty in organizing itself as a cohesive force economically, politically, and militarily. The Greek Pantheon is principally worshipped here.


The economy in Lucrece is doing rather well. Tourism is a major draw and the service sector provides the bulk of employment in the coastal cities. Inland, resource harvesting remains the predominant profession. The nation also has a large fishing industry. The country has few large centers of production though. The economic system leans capitalist.


Militarily the nation is weak. There are regional and civic militias to protect against criminals, but little else. There is a small coast guard and no air force aside from civil planes which are used in search and rescue and fire fighting.



Population: 75,436,049

Economy: Fair

Civil Rights: Superb

Political Freedoms: Superb

Languages: Common, Latin, Greek


Metis is a republic with national and provincial legislatures holding the majority of power; however, an executive branch oversees the military and foreign relations. The nation is highly educated and primarily Buddhist.


Metis? economy is in a transitional phase between agrarian and industrialized, but the transition seems to be going smoothly at a slow pace. Fishing, mining, and logging remain large employers, but tourism and service industry have a strong hold in coastal towns and cities. The economic system is mixed.


Metis has a small army and green water navy complimented by a mediocre air force.



Population: 434,360,300

Economy: All-Consuming

Civil Rights: Outlawed

Political Freedoms: Outlawed

Languages: Common, Greek, Japanese


Ruled by a tyrannical oligarchy of people controlled by corporate interests, the political situation is Kratos is extremely volatile. The north has been infiltrated by King Moros? agents and are spreading the seeds of rebellion, while the east is heavily sympathetic to the Free City, desiring their freedoms and liberties. The oligarchy exercises the most control in the south, where the lightest centers of production are located. The Twin Faith is primarily practiced here, although there are large Buddhist communities.


Economically, Kratos is a direct rival to the Free City. It has massive industrial centers in the north and east with huge mining/logging operations throughout the nation. It can produce extremely cheap goods at a rapid rate and there are few labor laws. Anything is available for purchase in Kratos: anything.


Militarily, Kratos is very powerful. It?s armed forced have a vast armored division and well-equipped infantry. Their navy is extremely lacking compared to Andrasteia and the Free City, but is has a very advanced and large air corps, which the other two powers lack.


The Free City

Population: 3,604,281,364

Economy: Frightening

Civil Rights: Superb

Political Freedoms: World Benchmark

Languages: Common, Japanese, Old High Miirosi, Latin, Greek


The Free City is a massive urban colossus with power shared between three branches of government. There is a strong democratic tradition existing within the City and a population that has come to expect little interference from their leaders in their day to day lives. The government of the Free City does what it can to foster conditions that are positive to the overall growth and wellbeing of the populace and leaves them to exploit those conditions on their own. It is primarily a positive bureaucratic force although it is also responsible for foreign relations and defense. The people are satisfied with the government, so long as they continue to live unhindered. The Twin Faith, Roman Pantheon, and Buddhism are the primary faiths of the Free City although there are many Agnostics.


The economy of the Free City is unrivaled by any of its neighbors plain and simple. Using a policy of positive non-interventionism, the Free City boasts on of the freest markets in Europa and the nation reaps the benefits. There is a huge manufacturing sector in the city, but an even larger service and technology sectors. The people are a highly educated and skilled labor force and the nation?s output can only be rivaled by a minute number of states in Europa.


The military of the Free City is highly advanced and trained and lean in size. The army focuses on superior training and equipment as well as speed and an excellent knowledge of the urban landscape; they do poorly outside of urban combat. The army is also primarily defensive in nature. The Armada is gigantic and dominates the seas of the Orient with only Orioni and Deltannia as the only rivals close enough to be a threat. The air force is small, but utilizes top of the line technology.

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