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The Indalian Question (Expansion of PRRIW)

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The expansion of my People?s Republic to plot 92 (Indalia) is based on the following elements:


- Indalia is an old colony of New Iberia inhabited by old-iberians (indalians), with some differences in language (some words of pre-latin language and more arabic influence.) The north was inhabited by indigenous and other tribes.


- In the XIX C. the war of independence was beaten by the southern indalians against dinasty loyalist iberics. Then the tribal north was joining to the South and founded Indalia as an independent nation ruled by liberals (like in New Iberia.) The nation at its origins was very poor and it was never industrialized with very low literacy and incredible difference between castes (the rulers are very rich and the workers very poor.)


- Consequence of the poor governemnt and development, in the years 20 of the XX C, an old southern indalian family, the Galera, made a coup against liberals, possibly supported by Ide Jima. The Galera family founded an authentic "Banana Republic", with many rights for people and workers but without practic fulfilment, so it was a nationalist dictatorship. Ide Jima was interested in this government because was very easy for it to controlling and intervening in the indalian questions. The system was awfully corrupt and every year Ide Jima gave generous wages to the Galera dictator of the moment. As I have said, the dictators was chosen like in a monarchy system, the older male of the Galera family.


- However, the Ide Jiman system and principal sponsor of the dictatorship collapsed so Indalia and Pepe Galera (the last dictator) had no more founds. Pepe Galera had not descendants (he was young when the important events occured.)


- Pepe Galera died a illness, some people said in strange circunstances (maybe by poisoned food) but it is difficult to clarify who was the responsible and even if the death was by poison. So the problem of the collapsed system (in bankruptcy) moved to the military class.


- Some military members wanted to continue with the dictatorship (the older and higher ranks) but they had not agreement about who would be the successor, being very near to a faction war. But others, the younger and nearer to the people, was tired of corruption and dictatorship so they organized themselves as a rebel faction. People (workers and indigenous of the north) supported the rebel faction while the loyalist faction was in a dispute about succession.


- Rebel faction took up arms and go to the streets, the peple movilized in militias and the Rebel faction requested the support of the People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers. The Republican Guard did a surgical military intervention taking the Parliament, the Central Government and the Defence Office of Almeria, the capital city of Indalia. The nationalist faction fled to the mountains of the North, hiding in shelters.


- Now the southern are of Indalia was secured. The rebel faction are surrounding the nationalists while the People?s Republic are bombing the shelters with fighter-bombers.


- The idea is to make a Federation between the People?s Republic and Indalia, changing some elements of the Constitution and performing a real revolution for the people of Indalia.


I think is a good explanation of the expansion to Plot 92.


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... Ok, perfect... I did not know.


But I think there is no problem, Ide Jima is a "repugnant maoistic state" and Indalia is based in a "Juche self-oriented state", I am not maoist, I am more Troskist... And there is another proof: There was not any problem with Indalia or Ide Jima in the years of the URSSI.


And for example, a Juche ideology is very similar to nationalist dictatorship with a cult to the dictator included.

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