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This is a brief outline of how I plan on taking 157, 166, 167 and the former Nectarous territory.


Panos, as you may know, has leukemia. Because of this, we won't be running for re-election when the time comes. His yet-to-be-named successor, let's call him Tom, will use the Renposan thing to convince the public the SDC needs to be way more militaristic. Saying that the SDC needs to be able to occupy Renposa, defend its allies (maybe two at a time) AND defend the homeland at the same time. People aren't expecting the conflict to escalate any further, so when it does, it will shock Confederates and will be basis for convincing them that expanding the military is a good, nay, necessary policy.


Plots 157, 166, and 167, being contiguous with the SDC and paling in manufacturing power, have succumbed to a subtle sort of economic imperialism. The SDC produces a majority of the consumer goods consumed by these three areas. Tom will offer them a deal (common currency, common national bank, economic aid, right of Confederate Syndicates to build factories) that will effectively draw these areas into the Confederate Syndical Sphere. The plots become more and more dependent on SDC wealth and... stuff, an advantage Tom will use to coerce the plots into becoming protectorates under the SDC. He soon cleverly offers them representation in the Senate, effectively making them members of the Confederation.


On to Nectarous...

Nectarous used to be a coalition-type government. This government was highly unstable, and eventually fell apart due to a secret (Confederate) SS operation. The nation then falls into anarchy, with ethnic, political, and poverty-based violence in the streets. Bombs, death-squads, corruption, ect. The police and military aren't options for Nectarous, as cops are corrupt (without an effective executive to stop them) and the military is defecting and joining the street fights. After a few years of this, the legit government finally turns to outside powers for help. Noting the SDC's great increase in military power, land and finances, they ask Tom for help.


Tom agrees, but has more in mind than just stopping the chaos. He sends a fairly large occupying force, Confederate soldiers on every corner, curfews, ban on guns, fifth freedom, ect are effective at limiting the violence and re-establishing some order and power to the Nectarousi gov't. Once things are better, Tom secretly orders the Confederate general there to 'coup' the weak government. It works, and this general proclaims a new military juanta under this general. The juanta asks to join the SDC, and uses force to beat down the reistance to this move. Tom and the Senate accept the request, and remain inexorable as the juanta "is an independent state". Tom uses that excuse to say the violent put-downs of Nectarousi resistance to joining the SDC were actions of the juanta, not the SDC.

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157, 167, 166 and the former Nectarous?


It strikes me as a massive chunk of land to take in one go, especially when you don't really have any real reason to go into anywhere apart from Nectarous.


This is why I was always against a nation having more than four plots, as ridiculously huge chunks of land disappear in a blink of an eye...


...but enough of my usual whinging. Would it not be better if a joint peacekeeping force from Tagmatium and the SDC, maybe Beau, went into Nectarous or some of the other territories? It wouldn't by any means change the out come of your annexations, and it coild foster better relations between our nations. I can already see this "Tom" of your's upsetting the Imperial Government.

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Heh... Tom was a play off of Joe, as in Uncle Joe. Though I didn't expect anyone to get that. The guy will be a bit of a tyrant, outlawing the other three parties and such...


Hm.. I'd kinda been thinking that 157, 166, 167 were all stable governments, just weak as nations. As such, the Rp would eb simply political and not very long. However, extra militaries in Nectarous would make the Confederation's usurpation of the stadning government loads more interesting.

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