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Sorry but I will be absent from 3 august, in the afternoon, to 18th august, you know, holidays without internet (very typical on these parts)...


I am sorry because the things were geting exciting and funny... If you (mainly, Haruspex and Wellsy) could wait me it would be perfect, if not, try to rp for me... I don?t know what happens in this situation.


And I were following the other stories with attention... Don?t write so much! And I will be able to follow what it happens on Europa when I arrive!



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Aw, it's OK, Red. I'll make some mention of a sudden communications blackout. Ishakor is about to die from the Red Plague anyway. But the pace has slackened a bit recently, so by the time you return, there may yet be a chance to add on. If you tell us what you'd like to do (in the Cabarrian Exapansion OOC thread, of course) we could try to carry it out for you. Enjoy your absence smile.gif

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Thanks Tag!


Wellsy: I think my last message is enough clear. We will support Ishakor as we can. Also we want to consider this as International crime (genocide and war crimes, at least)

capturing the perpetrators.


I have sent three bombers to Ishakor and we have sent three anti air systems and attack missiles to Ishakor.


When the danger of disease disappeared or it would be controlled the Republic would send forces to Ishakor.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

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