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A common currency

Do you think a Euro type currency for Europa is a good proposal.  

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  1. 1. Do you think a Euro type currency for Europa is a good proposal.

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Dear Nations,


In my previous region all of the nations decided upon a single currency, we wanted not only to create an economic bloc but also to promote the unity of our region.I am suggesting that we the nations of The Europa Union unite under a single currency.I suggest the name -Euro- for this new currency.I also think it would be a great benefit to our united region that a campaign is launched to persuade at least 50% of our nations to join the U.N. Please fellow nations, join my cause.I believe that in the near future we can go from a loose alliance of common nations, to a strong federation of unified states.


Des Vaan

Prime Councilor

Jin-Sei Republic

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Meteorola will entertain no such union. We are already a member of the UN but will not participate in any campaign to pressure other members of Europa to be members.


Historically a major part of our individual cultures are our diffrent currencies.


The Allied States of Meteorola is already such a union, and we have found that it is frequently uncomforatble. We are struggling to join the Free Trade area because of internal issues.


Beyond that Meteorola's voice would not be heard in such a union, having a population of just 40 million.


We will enter no such disolving of our independance.


Hurricane Eric

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We could ask other nations to join the UN, that would be OK with me.


But a common currency? We can think about that when a sufficient number of nations in Europa have joined the E.C.A. We should first strengthen this organisation before "reaching for the stars".



The foreign minister of Tamurin

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As Argenland and myself have pointed out on another topic in the same vein on this forum, many of the nations in Europas standing army have puppet nations with UN ststus to fight for them instead of sending their main nation off to fight, this could pose a problem as their main home nation will not have UN status unless in times of peace, and we are currently on exercise in the warzone regions.

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While the tribes of the Mongol-Swedes have not only committed to each other in harmonious and honourable union, as well as several international affiliations including the prestigious MMRTA, the ECA, and the UN, we of the Tribal Tribunal do not feel that a unified currency would be an effective implement in such a diversified area as Europa. (Note places like Turkey that are trying to get into the EU, personally I don't see it happening in my lifetime.)


Now what we feel the nations of Europa ought to be focusing on is the recent upsurge of activity concerning the expansion of nations. Rules and guidelines only go so far on their own, even with some enforcement, to keep things running smoothly.


The Tribal Tribunal(A real-life 'tribunal' of four Swedish and three Mongolian immigrants to the United States)

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