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Huraspex - An Explanation From The Mods

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You might have noticed a number of recent arrivals - The Confederacy of Tagnik zun, The Commonwealth of Takhisia, The Dominion of Siltrin Calussai, and The Principality of Machina Haruspex - have left Europa and that their threads have been locked.


This was a result of a moderator investigation which determined that these nations were all own and operated by one player. This conclusion was reached by more than just an examination of the nations ip addresses (the four nations shared 2 ip addresses).


Sealing the matter, Huraspex, when questioned, admitted that the other nations were puppets to a moderator.


Europa?s rules are clear on the use of multi-nations:


A player cannot use a puppet nation to supplement the nation they roleplay as, either militarily, economically or by adding their populations together. Players may only role-play their main nation in Europa.


Huraspex broke this rule. In spite of this serious breach, the moderators will allow Huraspex to say on, provided only one nation was played.

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