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I think I'm in need of a good RP, and while this may not be a good one, it'll be an intro one to get me back into things. Hopefully.


Awhile back I came up with the idea of SAPNET (Strategic Aquatic Probe NETwork) which was an idea to put this giant network of buoy/probes around Europa for security purposes which obviously caved in, and were then only implemented in Deltannian waters.


With Deltannia's allies of Ide Jima gone and the EOS really broken apart, a re-isolationism movement has started. Some of the Deltannian water probes will be upgraded to ADPs, or Aquatic Defense Platforms to house a few troops on the water, restrict shipping, etc. Airports will also have many new limitations, immigration, etc, as part of this new political movement to return Deltannia to its older ways (not so extreme, but somewhat).


Within all of this, the government will start forced movements of people, not necessarily ethnically, but I was thinking of things like a utopian colony, a religious cult (religion in Deltannia is not too practiced, depending on the groups), entering suspected terror cells in Corda and other cities, etc. Somewhere in there, I'm going to have a massacre triggered by nervous troops who pull the trigger by accident, and perhaps kill some other nation's citizens in there as well.


While much of the old powerhouse nations are located in the northwest, an increase of security around those naval passages might tick off trading ships and navies as well, but a destabilization in that area could bring about a giant hole that might be hard to fill.


Ideas to toss around? Anyone willing to sponsor a their citizens in my nation?

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Depending on how things go with the Cussian attempts to regularize relations with Tagmatium and Akiiryu, I'd be interested in running something with you- related to any of the subjects you named. It seems to me that the Northwest is becoming a very "active" part of the region, particularly if Deltannia has something going on. I'd even be willing to arm the terrorists (though not by way of the Cussian government, through one of the Holy Orders)- or provide zealous preachers of an attractive, yet alien foreign religion to the mix...especially if there was the chance of those preachers actually accomplishing something.

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Beautancus, sounds good to me.


Tagmatium, looking back at the Two Ships Incident also had a very similar setup to the Deltannian Civil War. But, the Nationalists are good fun, and I don't believe I've introduced the MBO (Mobile Bureau of Occupation), at least not in any real form, so that might be a good idea to stick the Nationalists back in the game.


Social Democratic Confederation, you wish. ninja.gif


BlackJackEmperor, ha ha, you would think that wouldn't you.


And last but not least, Miiros, feel free to take any part you'd like here. This has a less planned ending, I'm for it going either way.


This is exciting, I'll try to draft up the first post within the next few days, as soon as I get the change to. 2-thumbup.gif

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Hmm, I wonder what part I could play...


But about the whole 'religious cult' thing, awhile back I had this plan to do the same thing which would have ended up burning one of my northern most cities to the ground, but it died because I hit a speedbump in the road and sorta stopped caring about/ran out of ideas.


Maybe this cult could have sneaked into Deltannia and re-established itself? It was kinda based around the more brutal part of torture and murder to the point where the cultists would choose people, kill them, and then worship the victim's death as a diety. Kinda like if they worshipped the Grim Reaper. I think the whole plan was to have them led by some guy who became obsessed with death and it's finality or something.


Anywho, since we're neighbors I'll definitely have to get involved, whatever you're planning.

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Red Iberic, up to you.


Vocenae, that sounds good to me. As long as I get my own movement in there as well, I'm good. We can also get some border tension going, definitely, considering that you're the only land nation to share a border with me now (not quite the same as it was, eh Tagmatium?). Plus it'll also be interesting since that side of Deltannia is less developed, plus would be the center of Corda and that Nationalist movement.

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