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Tagnik Zun

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Hello, and below is a brief look at my nation as per the role-play that I have setup with the Machina Haruspex player. I look foreward to gaming with any who wish to.




Tagnik Zun


The Tagnik zun are the key to the Haru's place of power and in turn serve as elite shocktroops in their rare bids of military might. Tagnik zun troops are sometimes referred to as the Confederacy of Tagnik zun, While This suggests that the Lord Priest's elite troops constitute a nation in their own right, this is a misinterpretation of their place in service.


Tagnik zun are trained from infancy on the provisional colony Salusa Secundus, known to the rest of the Alliance as the Empress's Prison Nation, Salusa Secundus is home to the vicious training grounds of the Tagnik zun, who fight voraciously in a mock-up of natural selection - ensuring that only the best enter formal Imperial service. Unlike many armies of the free world, the intense difficulties of simply surviving the barren terrain and fellow populace on Salusa Secundus leave only the toughest alive.


Further, their training emphasizes ruthlessness and near-suicidal disregard for personal safety. In conjunction with intense conditioning for loyalty to the Lord Priest and that of the Empress, Tagnik zun are estimated as worth ten times their number when compared to the regular soldiers of most Alliance nations, let alone anyone else. The Tagnik zun are normally organized under legions, each composed of ten brigades of roughly 30,000 soldiers each, and it is said that one legion alone can pacify any nation foolish enough to incur the Empress's wrath.


Of most recent note, Tagnik Zun soldiers have found an equal in their enemies, the Immortals and Inquisitors of the Cussian legions. The coming conflicts should prove highly interesting as the legions vast have become aware of such an honored foe and production of the soldiering caste has jumped nearly 300% in the last six months alone.

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