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Mod comment: One question. You're only going to rp your main nation here, right? I note that a number of nations names after nations you meantion as being members of the alliance have moved into the NS site. Our forum has strict rules against using puppet nations to strengthen a player's hand (population etc). We had a player in the past attempt this - it ended badly for him. This is not a threat, nor is it a warning. It is a query and a statement of the rules. Play an empire by all means, BUT, all of the nations mentioned in the alliannce will be considered to be part of Haruspex - not free standing nations with their own populations etc to be added to Haruspex's based population


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OOC: We do already have a Beautancus, and the statements in question were referring to that same one. MH (and his crew which vary in numbers from time to time) and I have run several storylines together over the past year or so, and have a bare-bones skeleton of a back-story in place for our two nations in Europa as well. One may assume that Cussians and the peoples of the Alliance are acquainted with each other, and either side would gladly annihilate the other.

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OOC:May other players join this alliance???

Heh, that's only because you're about to get panned by SDC and RIW tongue.gif


EDIT: Damn, this thread is a bit incomprehensible without the OOC bits from the IC posts.


My fault, as I thought the amount of OOC posts were cluttering up the IC thread.


But I have a plan...


...which failed miserably.

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No offence meant to Haruspex et al, but as a Moderator I'm becoming slightly wary of this situation. I appriecate that you lot and Beau do have a large backstory in other regions, but you don't have one here. In essence, I'm concerned with the massive military build-ups which haven't been mentioned before in this region, as well as what looks like to me as a war to be waged just for war's sake.


Usually, when a new nation arrives, they tend to sit around for a bit developing their military, making friends before throwing themselves into the deep end of international politics within the region.


But I also realise that you lot do have a bit of a history together, as well as the fact that, previously, no big nations have come to the region in large groups, or in as groups as unique as you lot's. They tend to be on their own and really have to go through the same processes as smaller nations.


By no means am I saying that you lot can't do what you've planned, I'm just voicing my concerns. In no way would I want to give the feeling that I don't want you here.

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Our history is fairly deep, and the move here was mostly to continue it in a somewhat new light. The war is not just for the purpose of warring, Europa shall bear witness to a unification that's been long in coming.


Like any union, there is bound to be some abrasive edges that need smoothing over. Our skirmish if you will is that rough edge. Our battle more then likely will not spill out into neighoring regions. From the Alliance aspect, we're hardly interested in those around us, and I cant speak for Beautancus, but I doubt he'd willingly allow potential allies to become embroiled in a spat similiar to a blood feud.


In the end this conflict will bring about a large economic upswing as once neighbors ignored may be sought out for the rebuilding and or trade expasion that will surely be needed.


We're not hee to conquer Europa, or just make war for war's sake.

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Yes. We've been hammering out details and what not when we can snag one another on msn or what not.


With the loss of Vek DeSalerian's player, the Alliance pool of players is at 4. It may be best to stay at such, see how it goes. Though, if we're able to get plots for alliance members nearby to beautancus, we may seek out a new ally to be.


After the struggle, well that part hasnt been written yet, so I've no idea quite how it will go. Until then, hostile behavior continues.

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Ok, to clear things up on my part- Beautancus is very interested in its neighbors, as is evidenced by its recent moves to open diplomatic relations with Akiiryu and Tagmatium. I do intend to bring Beautancus out its IC isolationism, and into the fullness of the Europan community. That's mostly due to what I feel would be the IC concerns of the nation's leadership, and a natural course of action for a nation (even one as odd as Beautancus) in the modern world. That being said, Beautancus does come with a great deal of backstory built in- and a great deal of that great deal involves Cussian dealings with the Haru and their Allies. Up to now, and for a short and bloody while in the near future, any of those dealings have been of a decidedly genocidal sort. I do not intend to seek out other players for the sole purpose of joining this round of conflicts on the side of Beautancus - but if players with countries in that region become interested and want to take part- that's groovy. But, a forewarning for any who do become involved: this conflict is waaaaaay far out of the boundaries of capitalist/socialist strife, and carries a number of undertones unique to the philosophies and religion(s) of these new, and rather large nations. Like most of the major wars that I help to fashion, this one does have an ending in mind already- as MH hinted at, or outright gave away: a unification of bitterly divided rivals. How this will happen exactly- I don't know. We have several months to talk it over, and flesh it out. I do have an idea that it will involve economic concerns, and religion, and probably some ancient history.


I do understand that there are difference between our arrival, and the way things normally happen. Apologies for that, but there's really not much that can be done one way or another. Our defense spending is already larger than the entire government budget for most small nations, and a massive military buildup seems natural- particularly when you figure the considerable interest (and resulting knowledge) in all things military that most of the players involved bring to the table with them. Beyond the Defense Spending, Beautancus is one of the most economically successful and prosperous nations in Europa, warranting a high level of IC development despite its former and in someways current isolationism (and I'm sure that the Alliance players can say the same). I full well intend to wield Beautancus as if it were a high-class military power- because I have the NS numbers and a good idea of how it would work- in the real world, down to the level of basic infrastructure.


If nothing else, I encourage you all to sit back (at least for a while) and enjoy a nice show. That is one thing that I can promise- a nice show, one that will attract readers from outside of the region, and potentially bring some of those readers here- to take part somehow.

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(If that question was directed towards me Aki): It hasn't come up before, though the diplomatic process is still in its first stages at this point. Nothing is written in stone for sure, and I'm sure that the others (the Alliance players) would be willing to throw their weight into building a better story with that possibility (because I most definitely would be).

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Yes we are. While I am, as are the others for the most part, content to put on a show for the voyeuristic sorts here and there, we would especially like interaction from the rest of Europa. Even if but a blurb, or an observation from a political point. Even a far away conflict can be troubling to some, and a boon to others.


As Beautancus spoke of, my nation alone of Machina Haruspex spends more on defense and the sub-division of law and order then several countries together. It's main industries are highly military based, being Uranium Mining, Arms Manufacturing and Information Technology as NS states.


Even following the 1-2% of population growth, I can if needed field an army the size of a small nation. With our trade interconnected, each nation state of the Alliance shares in military grade technology, while contributing their own.


An example of current economic power as demonstrated by this NS Caculator



-Recent as of 07/04/2007


Government Statistics

Gross Domestic Product (Official): $54,411,785,667,916

GDP Per Capita (Official): $10,186

Income Tax Rate: 100%

Government Income (% of GDP): 100%

Private Consumption: $-26,460,557,366,670

Government Budget: $64,013,865,491,666

Administration (6%): $3,264,707,140,075

Welfare (0%): $0

Healthcare (8%): $4,352,942,853,433

Education (12%): $6,529,414,280,150

Religion and Spirituality (0%): $0

Defence (29%): $15,779,417,843,696

Law and Order (33%): $17,955,889,270,412

Commerce (6%): $3,264,707,140,075

Public Transport (6%): $3,264,707,140,075

Environment (0%): $0

Social Equality (0%): $0

Government Waste (15%): $9,602,079,823,750


Vital Statistics

Population: 5,342,000,000

Government Category: Father Knows Best State

Civil Rights: Some

Economy: Frightening

Political Freedoms: Unheard Of

Government Priority: Law & Order

UN Status: Non-member


UN Estimates

Exchange Rate: 1 credit = $1.74

GDP Per Capita (Estimated): $28,069

Black Market (Estimated): 63.71%

Black Market Product: $95,531,372,743,214

Black Market Breakdown:

Basic Necessities: 13.49%

Healthcare: 12.34%

Education: 11.76%

Transportation: 12.63%

Luxuries: 13.49%

Recovered Product: $26,796,550,054,471

Worker Enthusiasm: 72%

Government Efficiency: 85%

Consumer Confidence: 76%

Unemployment: 1.59%

Population Growth Rate: 0.11%

Nation Age: 913 Days

Literacy: 100%


Now this isnt showboating, this in response to the query concerning our military buildup, and how much could be spent in aquiring such or even maintain such. The Haruspex will never be played outside of what they are capable of, and most posts go through an editing process before even arriving. I'm also willing to edit if the moderators have that much of an issue if they feel it's reaching to high a level for the rest of the region.


I and the others are more then willing to work with any nation of Europa as well. Mostly for the purpose of trade, and a way to offload our surplus, and oraging, no longer used military product to any buyers that can afford them.

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