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Another Week, Another Bomb...

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As you lot would have undoubtedly have heard, this week has seen a pair of car-bombs defused in central London, apparently complete with the mobiles of the would-be bombers, as well as two people crashing a burning car into Glasgow Air Port.




I'm not really surprised. We've been expecting this sort of thing since the Iraq War and the spate of threats we've got from the Muslim Extremists, assuming it was them. The facts do point that way, as the Irish tended to give a warning before hand, on top of the fact that they could actually make the damn things and that proper carnage would have damaged their political goals and driven away their financial backers across the pond.


I suspect that this will lead to another round of removing our civil rights and freedoms in order to protect us from elements within our society. This recent crisis has been a government's dream, as it enables them to begin to errode the rights that we have been building up over the past few hundred years, whilst all in the name of protecting us. I'm not accusing our governments of engineering this current crisis (although they have definately stirred it up themselves), but they are definately trying to make the most out of this opertunity.

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