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WCN Wyvorian Central News

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||Wyvorian Central News||


Good Day and welcome to WCN's first regional broadcast. Today after passing through The House, King William I has enacted WL-56 which enables Wyvoria to increase Wyvoria's military size from just an army to Wyvorian naval forces and also for Wyvoria to have an Air-Force. King William has enacted the following forces.


?The Wyvorian Royal Infantry

(Main Military Unit - Army)

?The Wyvorian Royal Cavalry Forces

(Tanks Light-Heavy Weight Vehicles)

?The Wyvorian Royal Naval Forces


?The Wyvorian Royal Air-Force

(Helicopters Airplanes)

?The Wyvorian Royal Guard

(Wyvorian Protectorate)

?The Wyvorian Royal Knights

(Special Military Unit)


After talking to The Social Democratic Confederation both The House and King William have cleared for a weapons purchase to fill the needs of the military.


Also in today's news King William has been meeting with the leaders of The People's Republic Of Red Iberic Workers, The Social Democratic Confederation, The Cathunters, and The Free City Of Miiros, in order to become a Regional Alliance. At the moment all leaders are smoothing out the flaws of the Alliance's Charter.


Into other matters The Nation Of Cypriceos denies any clam of it being a totalitarian governement and hopes to join the alliance with The Red Iberic Workers and SDC. However no comment between the leaders of the newly forming alliance. WCN political analysts say that it isn't likely to let Cypriceos in.


That is all for this day's broadcast we will now direct you back to your featured presentation.



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