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Cold War OOC Thread

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Mod Comment: Ren, remeber mobilisation and transportation takes time. Likewise, also remember you can't just shift your economy from a peacetime economy to a wartime economy over night. Also remember a shift to a wartime economy will mean that your civilian population will suffer a loss of consumer goods and such. I'd also watch your numbers.
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Berlin Airlift? No? These planes will leave many different airports, and not all at once. Plus they've been getting ready for a while. All that is needed is to physically load all the gear and go. Unless you think I needed to mention that specificity earlier...


OOC: Confederation has been mobilizing since the piracy thing... see news thread.

Berlin Airlft? Distances were a might smaller...as were the circumstances.


From your thread:

The President declined to comment on why the surplus of troops were being called up, but he did note that the military was not being mobilized.


Calling up troops for training and mobilising your military for war are two vastly different things. Furthermore, this kind of stuff needs to be discussed in OOC before you do it. So, yes, you did need to give advanced OOC warning.

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Forgot what I said... hmm. Changed the post. 75 planes ready to go in two days.


**CNN NewsFlash**


President Panos raised the naion to DEFCON 2 ealrier today, as well as ordering the military to mobilize and certain industries are to prepare to re-tool for war-purposes. We'll have more on this stroy and more on Channel 21, 6:13 news.

Mod comment: Thank you, however a week (min) would be more realistic (as would a few number of planes). Secondly, and this applies to all but mods, please refrian from using coloured type. Colours are used by mods to show it is a mod comment. Just proceed your comment with "OOC:" This will stop confusion. Thanks.

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