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Flag: Wyvorian

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Hello Friends,


I don't have photoshop nore any speical type of picture editing program. I have noticed that most nations have unique flags for Europa. I would like to ask any willing nation that would assist us please do. We are in a dire need for a national flag.


Thank-You For Your Time.

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I would like to have if possible vocenae is like a red flag with a more of a golden brave golden lion protecting the flag symbolizing it protecting the nation. If you can put like greek leaves around the lion showing the nation protecting it. If you can add some swords here and there showing defense. I very much appreciate you doing this for me vocenae.



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Ok, first you take the image's URL, which is:




Now drag the mouse over the URL, right click and select copy out of the small box that appears. After the copy the URL, click on the My Control link near the top of the page and then select 'Edit Avatar Settings'.


This will bring you to a page that will tell you what file types are allowed and how big they need to be, but don't worry about that. Instead, right click the blank box next to the words "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" and paste the URL into the box. Then just hit the Update Avatar button and you should be set.

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