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New Military Outfit

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To:The Military Contractors Of Europa

From:The Nation Of Wyvoria

Subject:New Military Outfit


It has come up in the governmental gatherings that our nation requires a military we know that in order to survive in the region of Europa that our nation must have a sufficient form of military for defense against foreign invaders. Our plan of strategy for the time being is to be in a defensive state for at this time there is no way a nation our size can handle to attack elsewhere.


I will now introduce the contract. The contract is a multi-billion dollar contract for any military contractor that can supply our nation with a full armorment this includes all forms of militaria. We request everything from naval vessals to the m.r.es our soldiers will eat.


The following is what we are looking for:


*Note all that is being asked must be supplied for a quantity of an entire army.*


?Basic Battle-Rifle

?Basic pistol unit 9mm

?Basic Camoflauge Unit Bdu digital is not needed.

?2 year supply of mres

?NBC units

?Military Radios

?Light infantry vehicles

?Medium infantry vehicles

?Basic Tanks

?Basic Airforce (cold-war era)

?Basic Naval Fleet


If the contractor has other ideas for the contract that will be fine. Please understand due to the nation being quit new our financial situation needs to be stabilized however we will pay off anything that will be bought.


Thank-You for your time.



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To: Kingdom of Wyvoria

From: Social Democratic Confederation


In the interest of keeping sovereign nations sovereign, the Confederation would like to offer these retired military weapons to Wyvoria!




user posted image


Caliber: 7.92x33 mm

Action: Gas operated, tilting bolt

Overall length: 940 mm

Barrel length: 419 mm

Weigth: 5.22 kg

Rate of fire: 500 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds


The TR-19 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. The receiver and trigger housing with pistol grip are made from steel stampings. Trigger housing with pistol grip is hinged to the receiver and folds town for disassembly. Gas drive utilises long piston stroke, and bolt is tipped down to lock into the receiver. Gun is fired from the closed bolt. Charging handle is attached to the gas piston rod, ejection port has a dust cover. Recoil spring is located inside the wooden butt. Handguard were made of stamping.



user posted image


Crew 2

Troop Capacity 12

Combat Weight (mt) 10.1

Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.22

Height Overall (m) 2.06

Width Overall (m) 2.82

Max Road 80 kmph

Max Off-Road 60 kmph

Main Armament 14.5mm autocannon

Price $700,000


Production of the IVF-77 began in 1963. When fielded, it proved to be among the best infantry transports in it's time. Since then, it has laid the groundwork for future IFV's and is a direct parent of the modern LAV series.



user posted image


Weight (pounds) 17 tons

Length 22'4"

Width 13'6"

Height 12'6"

Forward speed 45 mph

Reverse speed 10 mph

Main Gun 152mm cannon/Missile Launcher with 20 HEAT-T-MP rounds and 8 Shillelagh missile rounds

Coaxial machinegun M240 - 7.62mm

Commander's machinegun M2 - .50 cal

Sensors and Fire Control M129 gunner's telescope, magnification 8x 8? field of view (FOV), M44 gunner's IR night sight

Price: $750,000



The M499 was developed to provide the Army with a light armored reconnaissance vehicle with heavy firepower. The main armament consists of an 152mm M81 gun/missile launcher capable of firing conventional ammunition and the MGM-51 Shillelagh antitank missile (20 conventional rounds and 8 missiles). Due to problems with the gun-tube-launched antitank missile, the M499 was not fielded widely throughout the Army. The gun would foul with caseless ammuniton, gun firing would interfere with missle electronics, and the entire vehicle recoiled with unusual vigor when the gun was fired, since the 152mm gun was too big for the light-weight chassis.



user posted image


Weight (pounds) 20 tons

Length 23"9'

Width 14"9'

Height 15"5'

Max Road Speed 45mph

Main Gun 105mm

Price: $400,000


Withdrawn from service in 1977, the M308 provided the Confederate Army with a simple, easy-to-maintain and cheap-to-produce sefl-propelled howitzer. By modern standards, the M308 is an ineffective howitzer of it's class, lacking the electronics and guidance of later designs.



user posted image


Crew One

Role ground-attack

Length 57 ft (17.38 m)

Span 29 ft, 3 in (9 m)

Weight 13,387kg (loaded)

Maximum Speed 1.6 Mach

Maximum Ceiling 22km

Price 1.1 million


The S10 was the first Confederate military jet to use the turbine/rocket engine. Designed in 1955 and brought into full production by 1957, the S10 is still a legendary plane in the Confederation. Although long out of service, modified S10s have been quite effective in less capable airforces.



Also, we can supply you with our surplus uniforms, MREs, radios for little cost. In an effort to cut the cost of maintaining reserve hardware, the Confederation is practically giving away it's unused gear.

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Titan Force Industries would like to offer up some of our wares


Assault rifles

user posted image

Sturmgewehr AR-51?

Company:Heinrich & Karl Inc. H&K?

Service: 1995-Present

Type: Bullpup

Weight 3.6 kg (7.94 lb) empty

4.6 kg (10 lb) with grenade launcher

Length 694 mm (27.3 in)

Barrel length 400 mm (15.6 in)

Cartridge: 6.8 x 43 mm

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire 500-650 rounds/min

Effective range: 200 - 800 meters

Feed system 20/30-round clips

Sights: 3.0x

Cost: $1650.00 per unit


The AR-51 is the standard assault rifle of the Cypriceos Royal Army. It combines heavy knockdown firepower, good range, weight, and size. It's been tested in all kind of environments and can take a licking and keep on ticking and won't jam on you. It's bringing sexy back.


But if your looking for a cheap weapon then:

user posted image

Sturmgewehr AR-49?

Company: Heinrich & Karl Inc.?

Service: 1950-Present (Minor Roles)

Type: Semi, or Fully automatic

Weight: 4.09 kg (9.0 lbs.)

Length: 1,026 mm (40.4 in)

Barrel length: 450 mm (17.7 in)

Cartridge: 7.62 ? 51 mm

Caliber: 7.62 mm (.308 in)

Action:Roller-delayed blowback

Rate of fire: 600 round/min

Muzzle velocity: 790 m/s (2,600 ft/s)

Effective range: 500 - 750 meters

Feed system 20, or 30-round detachable box magazine

Sights Rear: rotary diopter; front: hooded post

Cost: $900.00 per unit


The AR-49 was a very reliable rifle that has lasted almost 50 years in our army and is used by National Guard, police, and Royal Guard. It used to be the standard issue rifle up until 1984 but it still has a role and still has awesome knockdown punch and good range.


We have the perfect fighter plane for your army:


Northridge Becker Aerospace? :JF-7 Tyrfing?

Role: Fighter-Bomber or SEAD

Service: 1960-Present (Continues to be updated/upgraded)

user posted image

Models for sale:

JF-7Z? (Fighter-Bomber, Carrier-Capable)

JF-7G? (Wild Weasel anti-SAM site aircraft, Carrier-Capable)



JF7-Z?: $11,500,000.00 per unit

JF7-G?: $17,500,000.00 per unit

Crew: 2

Powerplant: 2? Michael Koch MK917A axial compressor turbojets, 17,845 lbf (79.6 kN) each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.23 (1,472 mph, 2,370 km/h) at 40,000 ft (12,190 m)

Cruise speed: 506 knots (585 mph, 940 km/h)

Combat radius: 367 nm (422 mi, 680 km)

Ferry range: 1,403 nm (1,615 mi, 2,600 km) with 3 external fuel tanks

Service ceiling: 60,000 ft (18,300 m)

Carrier-landing equipped



1 x 27mm M?ller Autocannon (400 rounds)

Up to 18,650 lb (8,480 kg) of weapons on nine external hardpoints

4 AIM-9 Sidewinders

4 AIM-7 Sparrows or AIM-120 AMRAAMs

F-4Gs carry electronics and AGM-84 HARM anti-radiation missiles


Bread and butter of the CRAF during the 1960s and into 2007, the JF-7Z variant has been upgraded by the CRAF for increased radar range and AIM-120 capability with foldable wing tips. It's still a capable aircraft to this day.



user posted image

Panzer IV: Thor?

Company: Richthofen Tanks Inc.?

Service: 1979 - Present (Upgraded over the years

Crew: 4

Weight: 62 tons

Speed: 72 km/h

Distance: 500 km

Armor: Composite: 1 layer of steel, tungsten, and ceramic compound/plastic filler

Main Gun: Richthofen? L55 120mm (42 rounds)

Secondary Weapon: 2x7.62mm MG-50

AA gun calibre: 12.7mm MG-131

# grenade launchers: 16

Cost: $3,800,000.00 per unit


The Thor battle tank is the main tank of Cypriceos. It comes with smoke grenade launchers, advanced navigation systems, fire fighting equipment, radiation protection, laser range finders, advanced fire control system, infra-red/nightvision sightings for both the gunner, driver, and commander. Superior mine protection. The L55 Smoothbore gun allows this tank to hit targets at over 5,000 meters.


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