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A New Dawn


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The Following Takes Place In The Presidential Office>White Palace>Derink. There Are 4 Men In The Room President Norbert Clement, Senatorial Leader Christoff Berendalti, Top Military Commander Stone Reynolds Renposan Economist Bryan Reed. The Time Is 5:43 Renposan Time Takes Place About A Few Hours After Declaration Of War.



Norbert:Well What Are We Looking At Here?

Christoff:Mr. President......I Believe We Have Gone To War?

Norbert:Damnit Chris! I Know We Are At War But What Now For ****'s Sake!

Stone:Norbert It Has Been Confirmed We Are Picking Up SDC's Fleet All Throughout The Sea Of Token. If We Don't Act Soon They Will Be Here In Derink.

Bryan:Mr. President The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium Along With The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu Have Threatened Us With Trade Embargos.

Christoff:Haven't We Always Operated By Ourselves?

Bryan:Well Yes...But If We Have Any Hopes Of Joining The Regional Market Then We Better Not Piss Them Off.

Christoff:Hell We Never Needed Them Before So Why Start Now?

Bryan:Uhh They Have Both Have The Strongest Militaries In Europa.

Stone:He's Right Chris

Norbert:Stone, If We Launch Our Bombers At RIW. If! How Long Is It Before SDC's Fleet Gets Here?

Stone:Well Norbert We Got About 5 Hours Before They Are In Firing Range.

Norbert:Can We Bomb Their Fleet?

Stone:We Might Be Able To Blow Out A Couple Ducks From The Group But That Isn't Really Going To Help.

Norbert:What Other Options Do We Have?

Stone:We Could Set Up A Blockade Around Our Eastern Seaboard.

Norbert:How Much Time Would That Give Us?

Stone:As Long As It Takes Im Sure.

Christoff:What About Those Damn Arsenal Ships You Wanted?

Stone:Well I Don't Think Using Our Main Powerhouse Weapons Is A Very Smart Thing To Do. Going With A Blockade And Hoping To Send Them Back Home At This Point Is The Smartest Thing To Do.

Norbert:Anything Else Any More Options?

Stone:Not At This Point Until SDC Declares War. They Probably Won't Do Nothing More Since They Are In Tansos As Well.

Norbert:Alright Do It Now Set Up The Blockade Nothing Else Until My Command.

No Shooting Will Commence Nothing Not Even A ****ing Musket Shot...That's All We Need Is SDC On Our Ass.

Stone:Shall We Send Anything Towards RIW?

Norbert:Bring Up A Patrol In The Konstan Sea.

Stone:Yes Right Away.

Christoff:Don't Forget To Bring Rose Her Victory Gift.


Stone Turns Around And Charges Chris Gives Him A Good One To The Mouth And Walks Out


Christoff:That Son Of A b*tch! He Hit Me! Did You See That?!

Norbert:What I Didn't See Nothing Did You See Anything Bryan?

Bryan:No Mr. President.


Christoff:What The Hell Do You Want?

Norbert:What Do You Feel We Should Do About RIW?

Christoff:I Think We Should Have Bombed Those Communist Scum A Long Time Ago!

Norbert:Realisticly Chris And Watch Your Tone.

Christoff:Realisticly Just Wait Keep Up The Declaration Just Incase Blockade SDC They Will Get Bored And Go Back Home This Might All Blow Over Just Wait It Out.

Norbert:Bryan What About You?

Bryan:Mr. President Just Whatever You Do Don't Attack The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium Or Sublime Principate of Akiiryu.

Norbert:A Capitalist From Head To Toe I See. You Two Can Leave But Stay Close Don't Leave Derink.

Bryan:Yes Mr. President





The Meeting Concludes With Christoff With A Red Mouth Bryan Priding Himself On Talking To The President Stone On His Way Back To White Bay And Nobert In A Burning Aggervation On What To Do Next.

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High Admiral Perry had made a career out of the Navy. Enlisted with the fleet when he was 17, right out of high-school thanks to the recruiting officer that hung around after school and during lunch. Perry served aboard 30 different vessels in his life. Being promoted from all the way from ensign to his current position, Perry thougt himself the best commander in the Confederation Navy, and possibly in the region. His 59 years of faultless service has earned him his rank. Having seen one of the worst defeats in his Navy's histroy, Perry knew what caused failure. The battle had left a scar in his mind, which always reminded him of what not to do, and what happens when it does.


The Southern Fleet was arguably the best group in the Navy. Being the only Fleet that had actually used the new systems and procedures of the modern Navy in the Tarragat conflict, the Southern Fleet was the most combat expirienced. The Commandership offered by Perry only augmented the tanacity of the fleet. Now he, and the entirity of the Southern Fleet was on it's way to monitor the Renposan threat. Perry's attitude of arrogance was inflamed by the prospect of being faced with a shooting war.


One of the com-techs interrupted Perry's ponderance of what impacts his leadership in the Token might have on the region. "Sir," the techie adressed his Admiral while etending his reach to offer a strip of paper to the CO, "word from Tarentum. The Renposans have been spotted activating their home fleet and assembling to stop us."


Perry took the paper and read the decoded morse message. "Office pukes think the Renposans are really going to try to stop us. Hmph. Says an image file has been sent as well."


"Yessir, It's loading onto the main display now."


Perry directed his attention to the large flat-screen mounted onto the wall as the slideshow of satellite photos began. The first few were of seemingly Renposan ships leaving port and forming somewhere in the ocean, followed by a map of the area indicating the position of the opposing ships as of about twenty mintutes ago and an estimate of where the Renposan fleet would eventually settle itself.


Perry thought to himself for a minute, looking out at 'Big Blue' from the height of the control center on his LCC-12 Command Ship. His view was routinely interrupted by the dozens of other ships surrounding the LCC as the made their way to the hot-zone.


Perry ripped his thoughts from the sea, "Inform the fleet that we are now on high-alert. Keen eyes out. The CVNs (Aircraft Carriers) will ready all planes and pilots for contact with enemy ships. Same goes for all other combat vessels, everything with a missile or tube will be ready to engage the enemy. But, no one fires without my order. Keep heading toward the enemy, inform me when we are within range of launching our planes."



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The Following Takes Place In The Presidential Office>White Palace>Derink. There Are 4 Men In The Room President Norbert Clement, Senatorial Leader Christoff Berendalti, Top Military Commander Stone Reynolds Renposan Economist Bryan Reed. The Time Is 10:00 Renposan Time Takes Place About 23 Hours After Declaration Of War.



Norbert Was Waiting For The Men To Come In At His Office. He Was Waiting To Hear Updates From Stone And What Was Happening In The Token And The Konstan.



Norbert:Good Morning Gentlemen

Bryan:Mr. President I Have The Plaza Reports For You Sir.

Norbert:Thank-You Bryan I Shall Look Over Them Later.

Christoff:Well Stone Whats The Word In The Token?

Stone:SDC Is Just Sitting There They Haven't Declared War So They Can't Fire We Haven't Either So We Can't Fire.

Norbert:Well How Long Before They Will Declare War?

Stone:Depends On What Happens Next.

Christoff:Don't They Run Out Of Fuel

Stone:They Are Military Vessals Not A Weekend Sail Boat.

Norbert:Hold That Line Those Dumb Bastards Won't Do Nothing While We Are There.

Stone:There Has Been Activity Sited In The RIW. Their Military Has Well Moved Around To Say The Least They Are Dug In And Are Prepared For Battle.

Christoff:Ah Hell Stone Roll Over Those Commies With A Tank

Stone:It's Not That Simple They Are Probably Going To Use Guerilla Warfare Their Military Is In No Way Ready To Fight A Conventional Battle.

Christoff:Let's Bomb Them Right Now Then!

Norbert:What? No! We Have SDCs Southern Fleet On Our Ass And You Want To Bomb RIW back into the stone-age. We Haven't Even Got Into A War Yet And He Wants To Bomb Someone.

Stone:Norbert I See It Best To Hold The Blockade For How Ever Long It Takes However I Do Request That You Send Someone "More" Out There.

Norbert:Find Do It Nothing Else Just Send Whatever The Hell Your Going To Send Out There. Remember Not A Shot Stone Nothing.

Stone:Yes Sir

Norbert:Chris Those War Factories You Did Up How Are They Doing?

Christoff:Well Thanks To My....

Norbert:I Didn't Ask For Your Acceptance Speech I Asked How Are They Doing?

Christoff:Perfect We Have Over 100 Million Enlisted Into The War Program At This Moment However More Are Exepected To Join Once The Real War Starts If It Does.

Nobert:Perfect I Want Everybody You Got Making Weapons Tanks Airplanes You Name It........We're going to need it alright.

Christoff:I'll Get Down There Now.

Bryan:Sir Producing This Much Weaponry You Might As Well Start A Nationalised Weapons Enterprise.

Norbert:We Will See About That



The Morning Presidential Meeting Concludes With Stone Beefing Up The Strength In The Token. Christoff Boosting War Time Producing Rates and Bryan Wanting To Start A Arms Enterprise.

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Near the old fortified and ancient city of Puerto Pollo, in a little and green creek facing the Byzantine Sea. A cool breeze blows. Two men, one corpulent and tanned in a comouflage uniform with some red-star medals and watching pensive the blue sea, the other, an old man with a green uniform and a peaked cap, he is watching the immensity of Byzantine Sea with binoculars. Below of the creek and inside a palm forest, in a little clearing, the four tubes of a SM 300 "Buho" aim to the open sky.


Did you remember when we came to fish here, in this creek? Before the civil war...-. Said the corpulent one but he does not look at his companion.


Did you know? With these binoculars I am seeing a nude Asiatic woman in a beach in the north of Ide Jima. We are near.-. Said the old man.


Impossible... Ernesto... It?s impossible-. The corpulent one came round.


So, forget it and plan the defence, I was joking! After we could talk about past times, Chaves and nude women guerrilla fighters.- Ernesto was looking at the Army Commander-. Okay, then... We have settled the Operation Red Tiger. The Orange Alert was a good decision because we have gained time to deploy our anti-air systems. If the "Buhos" have a 250 kilometers range we have covered the south coast from Puerto Naxos to western Indalia at first line and forty eight "Linces" at a second line in field of vision points. We have transferred "Gavilans" to south and western airports with some SC 17. Radars are prepared.


Any other move?-. Chaves noticed that the Operation was in good hands electing his old friend as assistant.


I have ordered all our "Raya" Class submarines to reach the limits of our territorial sea. There, they will be able to deploy their mines or they can continue to the strait and defend it.


Mines? we could not use mines...-. said Chaves.- And what does happen to merchant ships? Maybe, we need to deploy a fleet near the strait with the "Raya". Three Tipo 51, five Tipo 53 and various "Dolphins" with some submarine chasers to protect the strait. Give order to Harbors. But it is important that all the fleet is supported by air, inside the radius of our fighters.


All right my friend, I will send the order.- Ernesto showed that he had confidence with Chaves, beyond the military ranks.


I do not know but I remember now the word "Termopilae".


Strange word comrade... Where does it come from?


Nowhere, but it sounds good-. Said Chaves going around to the official car- Let?s go my friend we have to see this SM 300.




One hour after. Inside a black metal hull, little iluminated by a red light focus and coloured intermittent buttons, the shadows are moving quickly.


Pinnng... Pinnng... Pinnng...


One sweaty facing illuminated by the red light watching a greenish screen. He took off the blue cap with a red star in the middle and he wiped away sweat.


A forgotten, strange and interrupted sound flooded the big black cabin (OOC: Like Nostromo "Mother" when she was turned on.)


-A message from command! said the communications official, he standed up his seat and approached the captain-.Comrade Captain, a command order.


The captain left the radar screen and he looked at the official.


-Comrade Captain, we have and order from Command, "Red-Typhoon-Kilo. Raya Class Galagrad to point 56-75, max speed, wait for Liberation Fleet, wait for Cathunters, wait for new orders."


-56-75? This is the territorial-sea limit... Maximun speed to 20 knots, immersion towards 200 meters. National Anthem!


The sailors start to move more quickly than before. In a loudspeaker start to sound the People?s Republic National Anthem, some sailors start singing its lyrics.



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The Following Takes Place In The White Bay Executive Quarters>White Bay>Location Disclosed There Are 5 Men In The Quarters Cheif Military Commander Stone Reynolds, Cheif Admiral Of The Navy Gregor McDounle, Cheif Commander Of The Air-Force Rip Tynnol, Executive Commander Of The Main Infantry (Army) Louis Blackwood, Cheif Operator Of The White Guard Elite Arthur Norman VI. The Time Is 1:00 Renposan Time 1 Day 2 Hours After The Declaration Of War.



Stone:Alright Give It To Me.

Gregor:SDC Has Stopped Progress Our Ships Have Blockaded Any More Movement By Their Southern Fleet Sir.

Rip:The 2nd Recon Squad Has Seen More Acitivity Along The Shores Of RIW They Are Trenching In Sir.

Louis:All Divisions Are Ready At Your Command Sir.

Stone:Good Very Good Gentlemen Greg Keep The Blockade Up If You Have To Run Out Supplies To The Blockade We Aren't Going No Where They Either Are Going To Stay There And Run Out Of Supplies, Go Home, Or Fight. Are We Prepared For A Naval Battle Admiral?

Gregor:Yes Sir The Men Are Fresh All Supplies Fresh The Blockade Was Sent Out Yesterday On Your Command They Are Ready And Can Stay Out For Months Sir.

Stone:Perfect Rip What Do We Got With The Airforce?

Rip:Commander RAD Picked Up No Aircraft Based Recon In Our Area Looks Like No One Cares. However We Have Numerous E-3s Patrolling The Token Behind The Blockade.

Stone:Good How About Any Fighter Patrols?

Rip:We Are Keeping Up The Fighter Patrols And Escorting The Naval Squads In The Konstan.

Stone:Good Keep It As Is Commander.

Rip:Yes Sir.

Stone:Louis Data On The Main Infantry Please.

Louis:Right Away, All Divisions Execept The 9th Who Are Patrolling Renposa. All Other Brigades Are Ready For The Command Of You.

Stone:How About The Armored Divisions? Is Our Metal Ready?

Louis:Yes Sir As Long As The War Program Keeps Up We Will Be Fine.

Stone:Arthur What Do You Have?

Arthur:The Elite Are Ready.

Stone:Well What Have You Done?

Arthur:What We Always Have Done Been Ready.

Stone:Have You Brought Your Men Up To Speed And Set Up Your Defensive Positions.

Arthur:3 Steps Ahead Of You Commander.

Stone:Very Well. Gentlemen I Believe This Concludes Our Meeting For The Time Being However I Do Believe We See That SDC's Southern Fleet Won't Be Turning Around Soon. I Expect All Patrols To Keep Up In Both The Token And Konstan.



The Meeting Between The Military Heads Has Left Stone Easier At Mind While All Other Military Commanders Look For The Next Move Of The Enemy.

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Perry stood at the starboard-facing window in the command center of his LCC command ship, watching the technicians and intel people working like bees to make sense of the vast plethora of information flowing in from MILSTAR satellites in space. All the knowledge from the satellites, news casts and intel agents around the region had been sorted between useful and otherwise by Tarentum Command. All the useful was being beamed into the databanks on his ship and sorted again by the crew in this room.


"Admiral, the navigators say we are within visual range the Renposans. Orders?"


Perry thought a second, "Have the fleet DFG into their groups and spread out. Order the other LCCs start banking targets and relaying the information to their combat groups. Lock on, and all hands to battle stations. Everyone will be ready to fire on my order."



The Confederate ships regrouped and spread out along the 28 mile gap between the two fleets. As the fleet broke apart the carriers lined their planes on the runways, armed to the tooth with a varied arsenal of anti- air and ship missiles, air to sea torpedos, and the improvised 'hull-piering' munitions.


The command ships relayed all of their relative information and analysis to their corrsponding ships, from which the destroyers were assigned targets, locked their targets and armed their missiles. While the cruisers scanned the skies as frigates and subs scanned the depths the same.

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I've made the decision, after talking to the other Mods, to merge the 'A New Dawn' thread, RIW's 'Termopilae' and several posts from SDC's 'Restyling of the Old Ways' as they are all essentially about the same thing, Ren's war against RIW. In my point of view, it was fairly needless to have three seperate threads about the same thing. I also moved the threads into the War subforum, as that was the more appropriate area of the RP sector.


Also, there's no point in having a thread which deals exclusively with one side's actions in the same conflict and yet another dealing with another nation's. It becomes confusing for other people to keep up with the on-going events and harder for other people to join in if they feel they need to, as they won't know in which thread to actually post.


If you lot do disagree, please drop me a PM and I'll reverse my actions if you so wish.

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OOC: No problem Tag, you have to understand that I am new on this game.


Few Kilometers at North of Puerto Pollo, maybe twenty, an old Tipo 60 Light Tank "Salamandra" with a big red star in the turret is parking ten meters inside the jungle, under a big and leafy tree, and near the road to Puerto Pollo. When the operation is finished the crew, four, went out of the vehicle and they started to do another actions. Lieutenant Garc?a lighted a cigarette while he was watching to Maria, the pilot and famous by her big tits in the II Naxeria Army.


-Turn off the tank! Turn off all!-. Said Garc?a-Rafa, spread the water on the motor.- Rafa obbeyed and threw two water buckets on the rear of the vehicle-.Good, good, well done... It has to be cold, we don?t want that termographic sensors discovers our tank, do we?


Mar?a extracted a folded and green canvas while the others was searching for branches and little bushes to cut with their machetes. The Lieutenant helped Mar?a to cover the vehicle with the canvas. When the other returned with branches, bushes and palm leaf they started to cover the canvas with the natural camouflage. Lieutenant Garcia used his binoculars to calculate distance, he was watching towards a small and white village in the south, in two or three kilometers.


-There is the second line of Red Tiger Operation, a "Lince" is there, all right, we have three kilometers-. He changed the direction watching right, another Tipo 60 was being covered by his crew with tree branches between a little forest and a path of a Banana plantation, he changed to left and the same operation with another "Salamandra" was being done by his crew.- Well, I think we are within three hundred meters of them, in the same direction. Ok, now we can drink a cup of coffee. We earned it.


Maria extracted a flask of the cabin and all sat in the ground. While they had a funny conversation. Ten "Mast?n" were going at maximun speed towards the South, the last, with a sickle-hammer red flag fluttering, reduced the speed and a soldier with a black helmet with a red star flanked by two golden ears of wheat shows on top of the vehicle. He looked at Garc?a?s Group, he was serious and defiant but he did not say nothing to the tank group. The vehicle accelerated and it lost in the distance with the other "Mastin".


-Republican Guards?-. Said the Tank girl to the group.


-Yes Maria, ten thousand are coming from Puerto Naxos... Bad attitude assholes!-. Garc?a Looked at the south, feared if the Republican Guards had listened the insult, but it was impossible-.All tanks covered in the jungle or in sheds, with the artillery behind inside the deep and black jungle, trenched... Well, all are here, in Naxeria, enjoy the beach and the coral reefs! And more tourists want to come, Social-Democratics, Emakerans, Cathunters...


-Ja, ja, ja.-. The group laughed.

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Defense Secretary Ramunas left the meeting with the Iberic diplomats and made his way back up the stairs to his office. Alone inside his office he saluted the flag hanging from the wall, an old habit from a few decades in the Army. Ramunas sat at his desk and picked up the phone:


"Good day, Commander. This is Defense. Yeah... I just met with the Iberic ambassadors. They say they're ready to receive troops. Load up and have them ready for departure in foutry-eight hours. Uh-huh. Good hunting..."



Starlifters on airbases in the south and east of the Confederation began loading up Army soldiers, egnineers and heavy equipment for the bases theu were to build. A mad rush and fairly impressive logisitcal feat was being made to launch 75 Starlifters loaded to their fullest with troops, supplies and all the other mahines they would need to construct the bases they would be using in the Socialist Republic down south. Morale for the military had become quite high. Stand-off against Renposa seems like it will be a Confederate victory with or without a battle, the Air Force and Army were laoding up and working together to get a suitable presence in the People's Republic. Frankly, those who were going saw this as more of a vacation than a mission.


But Tarentum thought otherwise. This was the opening of a door to the south. The President was building the foundation for an alliance, Miiros and Damak Var were soldily within the Confederation's economic shpere, the PRRIW was warming up quickly. The prospects for an alliance group seemed to be falling together. IT had always been an unstated dream of Tarentum to be part of a bigger alliance, for many reasons. The military wanted more influence across the region, the syndical corporations needed new markets in other nations, the executive felt it needed political allies. And this alliance could very-well fill all these wants.

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First a long curved tube was showing in the surface, moving ahead to south, after and progressively a black hump like a whale, after a 75 meters long and black body. In few minutes The Raya Class "Galagrad" showed in the surface of the Byzantine Sea, creating white foam while it went ahead to the South. The first opening the hatch was the Captain with his officials, after he gave permission to the crew to get some fresh air. The machines stopped and the Captain took advantage of it, watching with his binoculars the horizon in front of his submarine.


Ahead in the South, the lush coasts of Ide Jima and farer in the East the Island of Paranoid Schizo, between them, a long but narrow Strait. The Captain went down to the hull leaving his crew, enjoying for a little time before they had to return to their positions. He went to the command post and he started to study the big naval map of the region, alone.


The Galagrad was the first of an "arrow" formation planed to the south. He had received orders from command to brought nearer to the Strait and remain in it waiting for others but it seemed that they would stay there for a long time. He had talked with other submarine captains, five, with him all the submarine fleet, of the formation and fixed their positions. Behind the "arrow" he knew a fleet was preparing and going to territorial sea, as he knew: Three Tipo 51, six Tipo 53 and eight Tipo 50. Probably they would waiting for any "?guila" recon but he did not know for sure, he would do this, sending any airplane for recon.


He called for an official to order crew to return for their positions. He would bring nearer to the strait and he would not try to cross the territorial sea of Ide Jima and Paranoid... He would try... But it was impossible. He directed to radio section and he ordered the official to know their positions for fixing in the map. He ordered the immersion of the submarine to one hundred meters.

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Panos stood in the Executive Office of the Capitol Building, looking through the window at the coutryard below. Defense sat on the far side of the President's desk in a black leather chair, legs crossed with a look of anxiety on his face.


"Sir, Perry sends word that they are at stand-off with the Renposan fleet in the Token. The Fleet is at maximum readiness and has DFG'ed. They could have the Renposan Navy at the bottom of the ocean within an hour. Shall we give the order?" Defense inquired of the President.


"No," Panos replied, still facing the window's view, "have him maintain stand-off and remind him not to fire unless fired upon. Have State send a communique to the Renposan fascists encouraging them to stand down and start talking peace. Also have him message the Varians asking permission to use their airfields. Let me know what they say."


**Encoded Message**

TO: Southern Fleet, Token Sea








To: Rogue State of Renposa

From: Social Democratic Confederation


In response to your feverish rush toward war with a peaceful, upstanding nation, The Confederation deployed a fleet to the Token Sea as a warning against your thoughts of regional conquest. Those fleets are now at stand-off in the Token.


This ideological farce has gone far enough. Stand-down your fleet, demobilize and resume normalcy with the People's Republic.


**Encoded Tansmission**

To: The Grand Commonwealth of Damak Var

From: The Social Democratic Confederation


Venerated Friends,


You must undoubtedly know that this Confederation has mobilized to confront and check the aggression of a rogue and backward nation in the south of Europa. A Naval Fleet was deployed to the Token Sea and has been met with stand-off from a Renposan fleet.


The potential for a shooting war has come to a peak and, as friends of ours, we have a request. The Confederation asks permission to use Varian air bases, should an unfortunate break-out of war occurr. Please send a reply quickly.


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OOC - SDC first of all you haven't even declared war yet. Secondly I hope that you do attack my nation I would love it "Red Defender Attacks Poor Oppresed Nation" hmm who would be the Fascist now lol "[sDC] EUROPA'S POLICE". Finally I don't even my whole navy so I don't know what your talking about. I hope you attack Renposa It will be like Germany in 1945 with a slightly different outcome so unless your willing to risk it. I wouldn't try it.


The Following Takes Place In The Presidential Office>White Palace>Derink. There Are 3 Men In The Room President Norbert Clement, Senatorial Leader Christoff Berendalti, Top Military Commander Stone Reynolds Civilian Guard George Willinski. The Time Is 8:00pm Renposan Time.



Stone:They seem that they want to stay, They are also trying to win over Damak Var's Airport.

Christoff:They want some?!

Stone:Uhh they have a population of 2.2 and a supresive military. Be quiet now.

Norbert:How is the blockade?

Stone:Relaying supplies still and bringing some out.

Norbert:Are our forces still ready to strike?

Stone:Yes the extra time has prepared us for a immediate attack.

Norbert:Perfect Keep those supplies up.

George:Mr. President the guard is ready now we are prepared to fight to the death.

Norbert:Thank-you George however I feel that that won't be likely.

Stone:George deploy the guard in every town. If an invasion is planned we will use everything

George:Right away sir.

Norbert:Have we planned a defensive plan?

Stone:Yes Norbert.

Christoff:What kind of a plan?

Stone:A plan that will give us more time.

Norbert:I gotta go and meet The White Guard at White Bay Stone keep up that blockade and well you know what to do.

Stone:Yes Sir



The meeting leaves Norbert going to White Bay. Stone keeping up the supply cycle and the blockade and leaving George ready for attack.

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OOC: Not declaring war doesn't prevent me from doing so. If you shoot first it won't matter. And the headline would read "Red Defender Downs Fascist Aggression, World Cheers!" As for the rest of your ooc... drink your lunch away? You do realize my population is about three times yours, and I out-spend you in defense by about 11.3 trillion.


**CNN Newsflash**


President Panos has ordered the Western Naval Fleet to prepare for deployment to the Token Sea. The Navy has been authorized to use all major civilian ports, as well as it's naval bases along the southern coast to prepare the fleet for departure as fast as it can. The Fleet has been put under High Admiral Martius Timour's command. We will have more on this story at 6:13.


**Martius is a play on Mars. Hint

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To: President Richard Haller (Pa?o, Emakera)

From:General Secretary Rose Amoros (Puerto Naxos, People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers)

Text: I write urgently this official channel to you because as you know we are suffering an outer aggression from Renposa, you always declared that our countries are friends and we would support in extreme situations, you know I, as General Secretary, treat you like a real ally. So this moment has arrived and I know it will be a difficult decision for you but I would request for mobilizing your army and send any support you can to my nation. We have opened our airports and our harbors to your airplanes or ships, respectively. I hope that we do not need to use violence for defending my nation. Any support we received will be returned with interest.


Thanks and Regards. I am waiting for your answer.


Rose Amoros, General Secretary.


People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.




Admiral Bolivar was in the bridge of the Tipo 51 "Libertad", the command ship of the fleet that had set sail and directed to the limits of the People?s Republic territorial sea. Inside the hull sailors was hammering, working gear wheels and timing belts frantic, in silence except the moving machinery, without stop, all for the Revolution.


Since they had set sail Admiral didn?t know what is their real destination, maybe contact with submarines or maybe cross the channel to Konstantinopoll Sea. He did not know and he was the main responsible of a lot of workers lives, this uncertainty provoked him difficulty in his labour as admiral. But...


-Comrade Admiral we are receiving an encoded message from the command at Puerto Pollo-. Said transmisor official.


-Unencrypt immediately.


-Yes, comrade admiral...


In two minutes he was examining the message:


**Encoded Message**

From: Navy Command at Puerto Pollo

Stay at territorial sea limits, patrol the borders until new order. Reference Point 56? - 80?. Alert of any strange movement in radar.

Commander Chaves.


The Admiral was not able to avoid a sigh.

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The Western Fleet departed the ports on the Confederation coast about twelve hours ago. All the components of the fleet met up at the rendezvous point in the middle of the ocean, sailed into proper formation and headed south.


Timour stood facing the sun-set on the bridge of his command ship "Lycurgus". The twilight of warm colors centering around the sun above the perfectly flat horizon impressed him. It had been a while since he last set sail. A year ago he had been Commander of the Western Fleet, and as such was stationed on land in the Naval Office building in Tarentum.


For remarks 'unbecoming' of his rank, he had been an applicant for termination from the Navy due to the publicity of his words. The only reason he wasn't scrubbing decks was the fact that his brother was in the Senate, and he had managed to sweep the issue under the carpet and divert the media's attention elsewhere.


Timour was rather glad he'd been taken down from that mind-numbing job in an office and set back out on sea. Having never been married or many friends, Timour felt more at home away from solid ground, away from the wretched gabble of politics and 'civility'. This tirade with Renposa was just what he thought he needed.

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OOC:SDC I will be going on a little outing on the 3rd which I guess is about 20 minutes away for me but yeah I will be gone...on the 3rd so we may continue this on the 4th I just wanted to let you know that out of respect I didn't want to leave you hanging on here.





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The President Dictator, already aware of the news of the Renposan agression, has just returned from a meeting with the minister of Defense, Eduardo de Lucena, and various authorities. The subject: How to react to such a threat to an ally and to the good of the hard working people of both Red Iberic Workers.


He headed to his computer, with his mind already made, and started typing a couple of messages.


*Encrypted and written in medieval Pirilese*

To: General Secretary Rose Amoros (Puerto Naxos, People's Republic of Red Iberic Workers)

From: President Dictator Richard Haller (Pa?o, Federative Popular Republic of Emakera)


Excellency, we are very aware of the situation and we will take the necessary measures. Emakera will start by pressuring Renposa into giving up its attempt on imperialism. Should further measures be necessary, we will see how much forces will have to be mobilized.




Presidente Ditador Richard Haller

Rep?blica Federativa Popular de Emakera


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Panos sat alone in his Executive Office lookong out the thick-paned window at the well-kept courtyard below. The gardeners here do good work. Perhaps I'll sign them a raise. he thought. Perennial flowers lined the cobblestone walkways that would lead one on a tour around several beautifully carved statues placed there centuries ago.


"Come in." Panos answered the hardly aubidle knock from the heavy oak door. Panos didn't turn to meet his guest as he came in. The newly forging alliance and it's complexities with Renposa gave him reason to think. Preferring aloneness over meetings with his cabinet, Panos was usually alone during the afternoon hours, trying to find solutions for all the problems facing his nation.


"Sir," Defense adressed the President, "Damak Var replied. We have permission."


Panos stayed quite, watching the gardeners clip the bushes down to perfect symmetry.


"Uh, sir? Shall I give the order?"


Panos turned to face Defense. No tie and the uppermost button undone, Defense realized this wasn't the best time. Nonetheless, he was already here. "Yes, Mr. Defense, send the planes."

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*Encrypted message*

To: Presidente Ditador, Richard Haller (Pa?o, Rep?blica Federeativa Popular de Emakera.)

From: General Secretary, Rose Amoros (Puerto Naxos, Rep?blica Popular de Trabajadores Rojos Ib?ricos.)


Our Dear Ally:


We hope that Renposa does not move to attack our lands but we have to tell you that a fleet formed by several different ships are patrolling our People?s Republic territorial sea, maybe a good idea is to form a joint fleet, both emakeran and People?s Republic, to patrol the Byzantinum Sea beyond our territorial sea. Also we have sent all our submarines to the coasts of Ide Jima. As we can know, a "patrol" of Renposa ships are directing to Konstan Sea, we do not know their formation and we will try to verify this fact. So, this is our proposal, your nation could send a fleet and with our ships patrol the Byzantinum Sea.


Exactly, maybe it is soon to send troops to our lands, we have to thank you another time for your offering, because maybe Renposa does not attack and we are waiting for Social Democratic Forces, this ally will send troops and a air force soon delegation, but we request you to study the "fleet proposal".




Secretaria General, Rose Amoros.

Rep?blica Popular de Trabajadores Rojos Ib?ricos.

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A small fleet of C242s took off from the temporary airbases in the Socialist Republic. Fully loaded and heading south, rather than empty and heading home, these twelve planes were the first of what would be many one their way to Damak Var.


The Varians had given Tarentum permission to use their airfields, which was the basis of this wing's mission. They were to land at a Varian airbase, unload as quickly as possible and head back to the Republic to reload for another trip back. the airmen and supplies they were bringing would make the deployment of the B5s en route to the Replublic possible. Once the B5s landed, they would refuel and take off with the C242's.


"Auto-pilot is on sir."


"Great. We've got fourteen hours of airtime. I'm going to get some sleep. I'll be back in three hours to relieve you. K?"


"Aye sir."


Pilot Virgiliu stepped up from the uncomfortable upholstered polit's chair and made his way back from the cockpit, down the length of the fuselage. Virgiliu laid on the cot opposite the navigator and closed his eyes. Virgiliu began drifting, but remembered he'd forgotten something. He sat up and reached under the cot, pulling out an alarm clock. Wound it for three hours and laid back down.

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The C242s landed at one of the larger Varian airbases along the southern coast of Damak Var. The pilots stepped out to stretch their legs as the servicemen and women and their cargo were unloaded. Virgiliu stood by as his transport was unloaded by airmen brought by another plane, he pulled a copy of the Pana out of one of the numerous pockets on his ruffled, light green uniform and turned to a random page.


"Great truth seems contradictory;

Great cleverness seems stupid;

Great eloquence seems awkward.


As spring overcomes the cold,

And autumn overcomes the heat,

So calm and quiet overcome the world."


Virgiliu closed his Pana and climbed up the rolling staircase into his C242. He found his cot, sat on its center and crossed his legs. Eyes closed, Virgiliu placed his hands on his bent knees and relaxed. Slipping into a peaceful trance, the tension he aquired from the long flight disappeared and he let it go. A few moments of motionless peace felt like eons before he heard the rest of the crew climbing into the plane. Virgiliu opened his eyes and stood up, ready for the flight back.

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